Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a weekend at the races

the solana beach triathlon came and went faster than i can eat a pound of frozen yogurt. well, that's not true. but it was a blur! it's a pretty short sprint that you spend way more time preparing for than actually racing.
one of my buds from Vanderbilt (heather) flew in to race the triathlon (and have some san diego good times) so we spent the weekend seeing san diego by bike, eating at all the delicious cali-fresh spots, and attending a couple racing events

Day at the Races #1- the horse races at the del mar racetrack- friday night!
right after heather got in town, we suited up for an endurance evening at the race track and met up with a bunch of my triathlon friends.
okay, this is not necessary, but it's my blog- so - it bugs me sometimes that guys give "triathlon" girls a bad rap...saying we're manly or not hot. well, looking at my "tri" friends in this picture from the races on friday- i'm pretty sure they're not all dogs here in san diego. fast and cute to boot!

(heather, katya, colleen, me, cory, molly, christine)
i also love how my girl friends can get out and have a good time (as we most certainly did at the races) and then wake up and kick pretty much any guy's butt. at least 3 of those girls can swim 25 minutes or less in a half ironman.

okay, back to the weekend. saturday morning after the fun times at the race track, heather and i dragged ourselves out of bed to see the san diego coast by bike. we did a little more riding than i'd usually do before a race, but we were just having a good time and the race was just a by-product of our girls weekend.

heather- loving it! apparently the weather here is better than the rainy chicago summer she's been having. apparently the weather is also too good as she got the MEGA burn wearing this top. it looks like she is still wearing it after she takes it off.

after the ride, we headed home for a quick t-run. then we grabbed james and headed down to the race expo and to do a quick swim at the beach where sunday's race was to be held (Solana Beach). we had heard the surf was big, so i wanted to build my wave entry confidence. well, that didn't happen. the waves were double overhead- a huge swell for san diego and i got TOSSED. i lost my goggles and was just not a happy camper in general. but heather didn't seem too disturbed so i thought i best just suck it up. if the chicago-an could handle our cali waves, i had to not be so scrrrd.

before our "swim"... Day at the Races #2- Solana Beach Triathlon
the waves were kickin', but not nearly as bad as the day prior. still some solid surf and currents though.

i was happy that my swim coach, colleen was racing with me. even though we're in the same age group, shes till was nice enough to give me some good tips (and calm me down). there were 150+ girls in our 29 and under wave. colleen and i started a good 15 yards north of everyone else. we were encouraged to start farther south due to currents, but colleen and i knew we could fight the current and picked a straighter line to the buoy. i think it was a good call and i got to avoid the combination of fighting legs, arms and waves and just had to fight the waves.

me and colleen in our matching zoot wetsuits...uh- where's my cap? i think i wore one. the swim wasn't too bad, except i blew it coming back in to shore. i wasted a lOT of time looking over my shoulder every stroke, afraid the "big one" would come to get me.

after the swim, the rest was just fun. i felt fine on the bike (it was so short!) and the legs ran ok for my current run shape. i ended up 2nd/99 in my age group and 5th overall. a good day at the races.
the BEST part of the day was watching Heather, my sandbagger friend, get 2nd place in her age group!!! yeah yeah! i was so pumped for her- she is getting strong and fast and becoming super motivated for the sport.

after the race, it was my lucky day. heather and i were treated to massages at la costa resort and spa.....we sat by the pool and enjoyed the spa life. i am the dork that get so excited about the little things at the spa (water and tea with citrus floating, fluffy robes, free apples, all the fun products in the bathroom.. love it!) .

by the dipping pool..

monday i squeezed in a mid-day pool session with the girls. my only question for the girls was, "how many triathletes does it take to put up an umbrella?"


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Cute post. I love it. Summer fun.

D said...

Your life is awesome. And so is your new title picture. SOOOOO jealous... wants me a mtn bike!!

Terrish B said...

I love seeing the big surf in your picture from the race, that looks like an entertaining swim! What a fab weekend :-)

GZ said...

"how many triathletes does it take to put up an umbrella?" - with shots like that we hope as many as possible.

That surf shot is awesome.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

X-Country2 said...

What a great weekend! I can't believe those waves though. That's pretty crazy.

Yasi said...

Your weekends are ones to be envious of. That surf looks intense! You're a total bamf for rocking it.

RR said...

fun weekend and congrats on the race!

Sherry said...

Fun stuff!

And yes, we lady triathletes CAN clean up well when we want to. :o)

Congrats on another great race!

Kerri said...

LOL! Love the umbrella pic! Good times!! :-)

Sarah said...

That is some SURF!!! Now I see what you all were talking about...damn.

Good job at the race and love all the fun summer pics. Hope the running continues to get better!

Colleen said...

and there is my butt. =) haha!! i guess that is what i get for laggin on getting you the other pictures...

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi, omg can't believe we missed each other at the carlsbad store. have a few questions for ya...email me if you can....chat soon ;-)

Andrew said...

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