Thursday, October 8, 2009

thoughts of the week

some thoughts this week:

1) swimming has been a mental test this week. it seems the world has evacuated to kona and i was left solo in my lane on tuesday and leading my lane today. tomorrow is friday. friday at the pool means 8 in a lane- draft city USA! hopefully people will show up, i am a mental midget in the pool alone :)
2) last weekend's mission bay triathlon was fast and fun. it's always a big day in san diego becuase its the "orginal" triathlon ever from the 1970's i think and sells out months before the race even though its just a short sprint. the best part of the mission bay race was seeing my friends and being with my breakaway training team and most of all, i got to see Laura, a mom from my old school, TEAR IT UP in her first triathlon- she was 6th in her age group (and fastest run split!) it was so fun to see her out there, smiling and moving FAST!
my race was good and over before i knew it had started. but it was worth the hard push and gave me some confidence heading into my last race of the season. i had an awesome swim [for me] (4th out of the water of 115 girls in my AG) and passed the 3 ladies on the bike. i still gave it my all on the run becuase it was a blind course (no chance to ever see anyone ahead of you) and i didn't want to cruise it in and find out i was a minute back on first or something. i ended up winning my age group by over 3 minutes.
me and felipe (2nd overall!) at the finish line. i can't even begin to say how lucky i am to get to race with the breakaway team.

3) since then, i've had not so much motivation. i feel like i should be "peaking" and putting in some stellar workouts for SOMA half ironman in 2+ weeks, but i'm more in maintenance mode. i think my volume is low-ish- just enough to get by. i'm just doing enough not to regress i think :).
4) you'll notice in #3 i said i think my volume is low-ish. i must admit that i haven't tracked a lick of training since vineman 70.3. james downloads the powertap data from my rides, but i never see it (he hides it in some secret database!) but even that data doesn't include some of my easy rides and no mountain bike rides so its not any kind of training log.
i haven't been clocking the swimming or running at all. i usually run without a watch. but i pretty much know if i've run 45 minutes or an hour by looking at the clock when i get home or by asking my friend. i guess the odd thing is, i just can't be bothered by the details. i've always been a big picture kind of person and i know in my head i'm doing lots of the stuff i should be doing. probably not enough intensity, but i get out there and get it done. and if i swim 57 minutes instead of an hour, well, who gives a crap? it'll be interesting to see how SOMA goes on my non-planned or recorded training. i mean, i have a rough idea (like i swim 3 times a week), but if someone asked me how many miles i usually run per week, i'd have no clue. somewhere between 15 and 30? how many hours i train? probably 15-ish? no worries. i think its all there. i haven't been logging any long runs lately, but i think i'll make it.
5) i have major Kona envy. can't stop thinking about all my friends (real and internetty) racing the Ironman World Championships this weekend. i don't necessarily have race envy- but i just want to be there. the whole experience sounds so amazing, and i'd love to cheer on caroline, tatiana, charisa, kerrie, bree, patrick, ian, ...ggooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! i'll be watching them on saturday for sure.

p.s. thanks for the random list idea, beth s.!


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Amen sister! You will go fast at Soma.

Jill Costantino said...

I hear you on the Kona ENVY...I've got it too. It's nice being on FB and blogging this year though because you see a lot more than you would just watching on tv.
You will ROCK at Soma! Can't wait to read about how much A$$ you kicked.

X-Country2 said...

I want to make it to Kona some day just to be a part of it all. Congrats on another killer tri.

Sue said...

Been thinking about you!!! Got you a surprise from kona:) will mail it when we get hm. Chloe races the 5k her, came in 2nd!! Next yr for sure..hugs from kona

Caroline said...

Thanks for the shout out! Wish you were here too. But I'm collecting some good Kona stories and can't wait to share 'em w/ you on a fun ride once I get back! Mwah!!! and Mahalo for each and every workout we did together to prepare me for Sat! Much love from Kona!!!

Beth said...

Oh know how you feel about Kona! It sounds like an amazing experience. All the more motivation to get ourselves there...ASAP! :) Enjoy your SOMA taper - woo-hoo!

Ryan Denner said...

I hear ya - I used to track all that stuff, but then I stopped about a week before WF. I have no idea what my biggest cycle week was leading up to RAAM - unless I look at the stuff CV sent me.

In a sport saturated with obsessive people, it is good not to obsess. (that kinda sounds weird if I raed it, but whatever!)

Charisa said...

Good luck at soma!! You will kick butt!