Sunday, November 29, 2009

bride-to-be on a bike

a piggy bank! [possibly my favorite keepsake from the day-o-fun described below]

friday after thanksgiving, katya and i had an afternoon ride planned. often, if i don't knock my workout out in the morning, i lose motivation, as was the case on this particular day. so i texted her "not so motivated today..." hoping she would give me an easy out :). instead, she replied, "we won't go too long and we'll make lots of stops." dammit! it was a bit chilly and windy out, but I'm not one to bail, so i threw on some unmatched cycling clothes (unfortunately this included the capris that james thinks look like i took a dump in the pants). Katya showed up at my place and gave me a cute little wedding card with a "Free frozen yogurt" card inside. score!

it was kind of random since my wedding is in a month, but i just thought it was nice. we hopped on our bikes and headed to the coast (about a half mile from my place). i assumed we were going to head north, but i asked her what she felt like and she said , "south". ok. whatever. damn, i am pretty easy going! someone asks me to ride and i don't even bother asking where or how long or anything i'm just always so glad people ride with me. so we turn left onto the 101 . and head up the little hill in encinitas. i see a few girls at the top, next to Berry Happy Frozen Yogurt. one has a blue zoot top on and looks like colleen. but Colleen told me she wasn't riding, so it's not colleen. WAIT!!!! yes it is! Why is she with Kerrie and Kristin and Caroline and WHY was I not invited??? Oh, I was pissed!
"SURPRISE!!!", they yell.
ahhhhhhh about friends who know you well. a surprise bachelorette party on BIKES that starts at a frozen yogurt shop. GENIUS! it was totally unexpected- I had told everyone not to bother with a bachelorette party or a shower or any of that (because i honestly get really uncomfortable when people "bother" about me.) luckily, i have awesome friends who put something together anyhow and it was the most fun i've had in a long time.

FIRST, was the frozen yogurt. self serve, of course!!! but, i only got the fro yo after they dressed me up like a lulu in a tutu, veil, a couple of sashes and a flower headband. i was a good sport for sure. no complaints!

i also was given a little orange backpack for collecting clues and treasures...because this was a SCAVENGER hunt biking backelorette party...with lots of special clues, written by Edgar Katya-Allen Poe-Meyers.

each of the clues were on cute little blue paper scrolls that a little elf had planted all over north county from la jolla to encinitas. along with the clues were little prezzies and trinkets perfect for a bride to be...the first scroll said this:

"What to do for a most athletic bride-to-be? Why a biking scavenger hunt seems the best activity! something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... here's your list for a first step towards wedding bliss! To complete each task, all you have to do is ask: "Have you something here for me? the MOST beautiful bride-to-be?"

and then i was given the first clue.....and we were off! at each clue location, in order to get my goods, i had to ask, "Have you something here for me? the MOST beautiful bride-to-be?" again, i was a great sport, I must say! the clues led us all over North are a couple of the clues/stops...

Clue # 3: Flat tire, broken chain no prob. for the guys at this shop. if you don't know them, it's your loss... you need to head here for that _________ to toss!

Off we went to B&L! We quickly found Matt wearing my garter and I was proud to do the honors. Sexy legs!!!!

the girls at the bike shop Clue #5 Hill repeats or during the La Jolla Half,
resting the top always brings a smile and a laugh.
At the peak you will find treasures of all kind- words of wisdom for many years of happiness to come!

and off we went to the top of Torrey Pines! darn it, i had to climb up. they may be nice friends, but they didn't wait for me on the climb! even caroline, fresh off of IMAZ smoked me on the way up. but at the top, i found my clue and we took a little photo opp-

at the last stop (the Brigantine) I got one final scroll....

"don't think you're leaving without a toast. here's to the beautiful bride who means the most!"

AND after this, I found out that our little ride was just the beginning of the day-o-fun. i was given just enough time to shower and change and we all met back for a yummy dinner, all girled up at Pacific Coast Grill.. the girls had also planned a dinner shower with cute (and sexy!) gifts and a HILARIOUS game...they had emailed james a list of questions about us and I had to guess his answers. let's just say we won't be going on any newlywed shows anytime soon. He had some fine about these:
"What is Beth's favorite physical part about you?" James: "Everything"
"What is your song?" James: "Low, by Flo Rida" (you know...Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur....) sweet. glad he took it so seriously!

after dinner and wine and fun, we went home. yes, home. no nasty bars at 2 am and licking shots off mr. smooth's shaved chest, no fireman knocking at the door, no you-know-what straws and necklaces...none of that.... all of it was JUST MY STYLE. THANKS, GIRLS!

Friday, November 27, 2009

all in a week's work

it's been a heck of a week off, and gobs of fun were had. yes, gobs. i did have a bunch of work to do at home (a school psychologist's work is never done!) - so i spent a few mornings writing psycholgoical reports on my couch. but, i thoroughly enjoyed being able to just sit and work with my coffee and the Today show on in the background- so no complaints here...

other than work, i got back on the bike a bunch of times...i start next monday with coach Dirk, so i just worked on getting back into the swing of things. on monday, i rode the coast with james..
as you can see, i love it!
wednesday i rode with katya and colleen on a nice easy (for them) ride through elfin forest. just gettin' in the base miles on a beautiful thanksgiving eve in sunny southern california.
and this video below, is par for the course for me on these "easy" rides....see, i told you this ain't easy for me!

wednesday night was a hoot. james sent a last minute facebook invite to everyone in town to meet up at the Encinitas Ale House for some pre-holiday drinks and good times. good times were certainly had by all...especially me!
my fun was short lived, however, and in the morning, i was brutally reminded why 4 drinks is 3 too many for me....waking up on thanksgiving, i could barely get out of bed, but i knew i had work to do at the super secret Ride n' Tie race- 12 miles of mountain biking and running with a partner in leapfrog fashion...there are other rules of the game, but they are super secret and i wouldn't dare expose them on my blog. however, katya, did a nice job of doing just that (she'll probably be banned for life). so read her recap before she is forced to destroy the evidence by the Ride n Tie powers that be...

well, i made it to the top secret starting location. my partner, colleen, and i were Ride n Tie newbies. other teams had strategies galore. we had just one- matching lululemon outfits!
the race turned out to be a blast...colleen's first time on a mountain bike and she flew by me at one point as she was riding my sweet pink mountain bike and yelled, "I'm getting a mountain bike for christmas!!!". this was the certainly the most fun i've ever had in a race and colleen and i were the female champions- earning coveted turkey sombreros. good thing we were the only all female team :)

besides being great fun and a great workout, i also ran off my hangover, which was a big plus as I headed home to host my first thanksgiving....james' aunt, uncle, and sister came over and everything went great. phew!
ok, so now we're all caught up until thursday...but the REAL fun began friday- can't wait for my next post! but, gotta go off to my last wedding dress fitting! sure hope i fit in the thing with all this turkey and pie in me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

D is for Dirk

first, what an awesome day my friends had out at Ironman Arizona today! i had a blast watching from my computer and couldn't be more stoked for Linsey, Tatiana, Caroline and all the other amazing san diego atheletes.

ok, back to me! :)
so, i spent 2 years messing around and figuring that just getting out there and swim/bike/running on a consistent basis and occasionally jumping into workouts with other people way faster than me would eventually make me faster. and it did. to an extent. but here i am 2 years later and realizing that

a) i'm not going to get that much faster just messing around and

b) ironman is no joke. especially the hilly one i signed up for in st. george, utah on may 1, 2010.

here is the bike profile. ouch
i have some friends who have gone out and rode/run the course and they say they bike course is tough, but the run is tougher. double ouch.

so, i put on the big girl pants, and have sought out some help. enter coach dirk. he is very german. he is fast. he is local! he coaches fast people (exhibit a) & (exhibit b). when i first decided it was time for the coach, i was quite nervous and a bit sad. nervous, d'uh- he's going to kick my ass. sad, mostly, becuase i will no longer be allowed to just hop onto any random chat session like those i regularly enjoy with my lovely girlfriends katya, colleen, & caroline.

but today, as i clung on to the tail end of the group ride and accepted charity pushes/shoves by the team Jamba Juice guy up all the climbs, i was quite glad. because when coach Dirk asked me my "Goals" for 2010. my first one, above ALL others, is to not suck on the bike so badly that i can't properly enjoy a fall group ride (that was not a smashfest for anyone but myself. they were all chatting away and i was DYING). goal number 2 i sent to coach Dirk was to podium at st. george and qualify for kona, of course- no big deal. yeah yeah, i know...but hey- THINK BIG! and write it down. Oprah and the guy from P90x would both agree. write it down. but, i digress.

anyhow, bring it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tri-Strength off season program

just a quick note- i sometimes get questions about my off-season plans and getting ready for next season, so i thought i'd share one of the things i am excited to be a part of. Rehab United has some incredible facilities, highly trained therapists/trainers, and really unique and exciting programs. Earlier this year, i went to Rehab United for some physical therapy (which turned into awesome strength sessions once i was ready) and realized that their focus on injury prevention and strength building was key. And I also learned that RU is definitely NOT just for rehab.

I learned a lot of cutting edge, functional strength training that I took with me. i'm really excited to go back now to begin a triathlon-specific functional strength program with Rehab United and am stoked because james will be working out with me! We also get to hang with some of our favorite Xterra pros- Trevor Glavin and Lesley Paterson. If anyone wants to join the crew at RU, it starts tomorrow (Carmel Valley location) details here. I can't wait! let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

orange at heart

me and mr. easy-on-the-eyes brazilian, felipe loureiro....

the past two years, i have been more than fortunate to be a part of the breakaway training elite team. felipe & luke took a chance supporting me when i had done just two triathlons in 2008. i think they could see that i'd do my best to not blow the great opportunity :). anyway, i ended up with a lot more than training gear and race support. i ended up with a triathlon family that was was always there, supportive, positive, and flexible. i ended up as part of an amazing team that shows up at every race in bright orange and basically, i must admit, dominates.

breakaway is so much different than your typical- coach-writes-plan-and-athlete-executes-plan type of thing. sure, the plan is a part of it, but breakaway also has 4 group workouts per week (and we're not talking 2 or 3 people, sometimes up to 40!) and there is always someone your speed. its a true team. last year, i moved up to north county san diego with james, & i wasn't able to attend the group workouts as much (ok hardly ever) anymore and i really really missed it. but, i just couldn't justify driving 20 miles for a track workout during the week. so, i missed out on a lot of the daily, week-in-week out fun. but when it came race time, all my orange peeps always welcomed me as if i had been there every day.

last week, a bunch of us gathered at the dinner for the San Diego Triathlon series awards and i got to celebrate with my teammates (not in orange for once!)

at the dinner, i had a chat with felipe. he didn't know it, but i almost cried. i talked with him about some new opportunities next year that i'm excited about. i won't technically be racing with the breakaway team anymore, but he told me i'll always be part of the family (or maybe i told him that, but whatever. i'm not going anywhere! ). orange is my favorite color after all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday array

good morning! it's really starting to be fall around here and i'm trying to embrace the brisk mornings. james loves it, so i'm trying to channel that energy. the off season is in full swing with all kinds of fun stuff like...

dressing up like a cat for a 6k cross country race. it was the last race before the finals (next weekend) so i thought it would be a good workout since i've fallen off the running train...the race was in Cuyamaca, which is basically BFE.
the start (photo courtesy of/property of BSK/Running Center team)

i knew i'd not be super fast after not running, so i decided i'd dress as a cat and at least draw the attention away from how slow i was running. and, it was halloween.
(photo courtesy of/property of BSK/Running Center team). i had a tail too.
as if the cross coutry race wasn't enough to raise my heart rate, in the car ride home from the race, i discovered something NOT-awesome had happened to my engagement ring. wish i had been wearing a heart rate monitor when i looked down and saw this:
the gaping hole is where the big diamond should be. but it wasn't there and and it could have fallen out in a million places. it was someone's lucky day- just not mine!

despite losing the diamond, the off season good times continued. i did what normal people do on saturday and actually met friends for brunch at Claire's on Cedros- it was worth the 30 miunte wait. yum. turns out we all got the memo to dress in head to toe luon (that's lululemon code for fancy spandex) paired with ponytails, large sunglasses, and flip flops (we were directly post-workout afterall).if you saw us standing, it looked like we stepped out of the same rainbow brite lululemon closet. some may think we're too lazy to get dressed for real. i call it north-coastal-san-diego-active-chic.

colleen, me, kirsten
(p.s.- i have not taken off my Run: Spirit tights from lululemon since i got them. they're the same ones rachel just wore when she got 5th place at the Nike women's marathon. don't be scccrrrrrrd of the high waist. they're the best.)

while we waited for our table at brunch, Colleen practiced her aero position at the bike rack
we had a fine time. it's nice when my off-season coincides with my friend's taper and we can do normal people things like spend 2 hours at brunch. speaking of TAPER- i am so excited for Colleen's race next weekend. Both she and Kristin are going to tear it up at Clearwater 70.3 Ironman World Championships. YEAH YEAH!!!!

another off season objective is to actually ride my mountain bike. i had not ridden it since the last race in september, so after work on thursday we headed out for a short local spin on some trails. i wondered if i could hop the curb....

guess not! note so self: work on curb hopping skills...

and here is my shout out super plug for purchasing diamond rings with insurance and lifetime warranties....see what james brought home on thursday:

all's well that ends well!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pump it up

as soon as SOMA ended, i began my off-season. better known by me this year as "operation wedding arms". with all the endless cardio over the course of the triathlon season, my guns have gotten a little weak.

so, my only workout goal the next 5 weeks or so, is to do 5 or 6 strength workouts per week. i'm fitting in a little triathlon maintenance- 1-2 masters swims, a couple runs, a spin class here or there and some fun rides on the weekend. but other than that, pumpin' iron!

it's also just a great excuse to get out of the old routine and try somthing new. i am worlds biggest SUCKER for a flashy new group class at the gym. in the past week, i've done lots of random strength workouts/classes including:

GRAVITY.....these machines can do everything. awesome class...

GLIDING...this class was funny, especially when i slid onto my butt. but i swear it was crazy hard too. and fun!

and i've been going to HOT YOGA...the class i go to is a definite strength know how much holding this ukatasana burns the quads?
up next are TRX fusion class and sculpt pilates and within a couple weeks, james and i will be attending twice weekly strength classes at Rehab United. i'm REALLY excited about this and can't wait to do some awesome functional strength training consistently over the winter and spring. i worked with Rehab United throughout my injury earlier this year and learned some amazing stuff while rebuilding strength. i can't wait to see some gains when i'm starting already healthy! prevention people!

so basically, i'm trying squeeze in all the fun new workouts i can, and build a little strength base for next season.. which starts december 1st...with my new ironman coach! more on that later, i'm scared, but excited.
but before all that, operation wedding arms in full effect and enjoying the off season. i've already cooked dinner twice this week and its only tuesday! world record!