Saturday, December 26, 2009

it's hammer time

Christmas came and went and was awesomely spent with my husband to be. james now insists on (lovingly) calling coach Dirk, "the grinch", as i had a 3 hour ride and 1 hour run to complete on Christmas Day. i was also supposed to go to masters swim, but lucky for me (thank you baby jesus!) the pool was closed. we managed to squeeze in some gift opening, and perhaps the lovliest gift came by e-mail:

when my brother and his girlfriend want to show me how cool they are by simultaneously going green, saving money, and making big fun of me- they send me the latest christmas/wedding gift...
the gift of song. in my inbox on christmas morn was an email titled "Original Wedding WorkOUT Jamz by Brotha Bear and the KTD Connection". inside was the MP3 complete with our very own copy of the lyrics and sweetest album cover ever, check out our creepy "shhhhhh!" faces in the background

"Beth and James en love"

when I don't know what to do
when i think i've lost the race
running out of steam
runnning out...
your the light oh your the light i see
when i'm feeling slow
i cannot believe in anything but we
your the light oh your the light in me
"beth and james in love"
i cannot believe in anything but we

when you don't know what to do
i will run
i will run for you

i'm the light i'm the light you'll see
when you're feeling low
i cannot believe in anything but we
i'm the light I'm the light you see
betth and james in Love
i cannot believe in anything but we


When you don't know what to do
I won't let it go
You're the light you're the light in me
I won't let it go
I cannot believe in anything but we
You're the light you're the light I see
Beth & James in Looove

fortunately (for you) i do not know how to upload the MP3 for your listening displeasure, nor do i have the time. because today is nuts.
somehow i need to ride 4 hours, swim masters, pick up my wedding gown and pack it, pack everything else, make placecards and menus, go to the bank, get a mani/pedi and who knows what else...because bright and early tomorrow- we leave for cabo san lucas to get MARRIED. see you in 2010 as Mrs. Walsh!


Yasi said...

That sounds like such an awesome gift, funny and sentimental! Have a wonderful wedding and happy new year!!

D said...

You know, it seems like just last year that you guys got engaged! Oh wait... hehe :)

Have an amazing trip and an even more amazing wedding!! <3

Beth said...

Hope you guys have an amazing trip to Cabo and an amazing wedding! Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures! :)

Nicole- Geek Turned Athlete said...

Yay!! Congrats!! I hope you have a great time and beautiful ceremony!!

runninggunner said...

Looks like a pretty cool gift.

Good luck on your wedding. Have a great one.

MJ said...

Congrats! Have a great time in Mexico and a wonderful wedding!

kerrie said...

have a great wedding and don't worry about the workouts...and remember: the whole point of the wedding is the after party ;)

Melissa said...

Have a great wedding! Exciting.

Gloria said...

Many happy blessings to you both...Cabo is the most romantic place to get married..Your wediing will be perfect..

JanuskieZ said...

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