Monday, June 29, 2009

San Diego International- Take 2!

San Diego International Triathlon (1k swim, 30k bike, 10k run)

SDIT is my first repeat triathlon, so i was excited to be able to try to better my times from last year. given my hip injury and lack of run training going into it, i just wanted to improve on my bike & run from last year and support all my breakaway-training friends...of course i wanted to do well, too, but i was just really excited to be racing my first (full) triathlon of the year...

saturday was expo time...a pretty big one! with PLENTY of walking. this race requires miles of walking to and from transition in addition to bike drop off the day before the race. james remembered the pain from last year and brought his skateboard to get around.

race morning came early and james was up too for his own race out in temecula. so, i was sherpa-less, but determined to be self-sufficient and not blow it. i (barely) made it to the race on time and finished putting my transition area together on our team racks....

i made it down to the swim start and right before i was about to get in, my hair rubberband snapped. anyone with any type of hair past their ears knows this is not acceptable. i started asking everyone around for an elastic and found one quickly! thank you, nice elastic band lady!

i hopped in the water without a warm up and we were off.

i swam easy and hopped on some feet. i didn't feel like i was expending a lot of energy. i went off course a bit and stopped to ask a paddler which buoy to go to next. despite this stuff, i actually (delusionally) thought i was having a decent 1000m swim. i came out of the water in 15:13, uh. almost a minute slower than last year. i just told this to james and he told me i need to "step my game up." and i swam "like a loser". he's right. what happened? next time i need to remember to swim HARD!

the bike started out ok and i began to pick up speed and energy and headed up the hills to cabrillo national monument. i passed a bunch of people and never got passed by any girls. i felt like i had a good ride. my time turned out 2 minutes faster than last year for 30k. yeah! i'll take it!

on to the run.....i was just glad to be running and settled into a hard, but do-able pace. i passed the girl in 3rd in my age group right out of transition and set my sights on my buddy colleen. i knew she would be ahead as she's a crazy fast college swimmer and can drop the hammer on the bike as well- so i wanted to find her! there is a loopy out and back section of the 10k run on harbor island where i had a chance to see colleen- about 2:30 ahead. i knew if i kept a steady and strong pace, i might be able to catch her. colleen's boyfriend, justin was on his bike and kept riding between us, so that helped me guage the gap :) . it was funny because he actually gave me splits a couple times, "you're 28 seconds back!" i thought that was hilarious. anyhow, eventually around mile 3 i caught up to colleen and ran hard to the finish. i felt surprisingly okay and turns out i ran a minute faster than last year in 40:37. hmmmmm...i think we're on to something with this extended run taper!

i was definitely running out of steam by the end and was oh so happy to see the finish. i crossed the line and got some ice for my hip. (it's definitely still a process with this thing- i'm now resting a few days).

(a side note about the transitions: my transitions were very "fast" in this race, but this was a combo of things: 1) i took off my wetsuit right after the timing mat, before making the long run to transition, i think this helped a lot and shaved some seconds. 2) i treated the running parts as a total part of the race and raced in and out of transition and 3) our team had ridiculously good transition racks- it turns out a lot of the girls in my age group had to run farther for their racks- so my T1 was 1:34 and most T1s were a little over 2 minutes. And, my T2 was about a minute faster than a lot of the girls in my AG.
For the race to be really fair, i would have been racked with my "age group" racks. but, there were lots of other girls in my AG (and people in general) who were also racked with a team or race sponsor, and you could also pay $ for VIP racking....which isn't totally (or at all) fair either! so, had i opted out of the preferential racks, there would have been others who still had them. it's a tough call. i think it would have been a fun race to the finish if colleen and i had been racked together, since my time was about 2:20 faster than hers.

overall, i had a blast and it was great to race with the breakaway team again. i definitely blew the swim, but had a solid bike and run. i WILL own that i had some fast transitions (i compared them to others racked with me), but there was definitely cushion time as well. i also did (finally) a non-embarrassing bike dismount, complete with the leg crossed over the top tube. yeah! when all was said and done, i had the top female amateur time and 5th overall with the pro women (who had awesome racks too, so not feeling bad here!) . the best part was....i got leid!

i was so very happy to be out there and have fun racing. i have lots of great people supporting me this year that i want to truly thank because i was so bummed to not be able to show up earlier in the season and i know i'm new to the sport and all these great people are supporting me and they really don't have to. seriously, without their help, i probably wouldn't be in triathlon, as i'm a recent graduate (hire me!) without disposable income- every little thing counts BIG time in my book.

you know, sometimes its just a little discount, or a little extra time or TLC, but these things are huge to me: so thank you thank you breakaway training, zoot sports, lululemon athletica, betty designs, hi-tech bikes, and i know its odd to have more than one bike shop, but the dudes at B&L (james' bike shop) have been so great to me this year, dealing with all my daily "issues" as they're so much closer to my house than hi-tech and they are honestly just all really cool guys, our new fave, Nuttzo nut butter and also dan the man selstad, for keeping me a little less creaky than i would be without him.

i also have some buddies that have let me borrow gear and thus have also been great sponsors this year- trevor is keeping me honest on the bike with the power tap, and matt helped me bigtime for honu with zipps and a bike case. and last but not least, my training supporters, who offer advice, or even humor me with a workout or two even though i can't quite hang: so thanks mac, katya, james, colleen and the greater san diego community for letting me hang on your wheel. having people like this helping me become a little more of an athlete instead of a trainwreck without a coach is the most valuable thing of all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

getting race ready or not

tomorrow is a race day. san diego international triathlon was one of my two favorite races last year. (the other was orange county triathlon). it couldn't be that these fond memories coincidentally coincide with winning my age group at both. or maybe just a little. but seriously, i just really like the courses :).

anyway, ias of today, 'm in no shape to run a 10k but i'm going to go out there and try my best. the last time i even ran 6 miles was in april. it's going to hurt. and it won't be pretty. today in my pre-race 20 minute run, i did some 20second pick ups and they felt AWKWARD. i felt like i was all over the place and couldn't get a smooth stride. hopefully i'll settle into some kind of semi-normal gait in the race and just finish the thing out.

earlier this week, i decided to participate in the San Diego Triathlon Club's June Aquathlon. free race, food, and good times catching up with some of my favorite folks. a good 200+ people showed for the 1000m swim and 5k run ( a nice little intensity workout during race week!) . the swim was pretty choppy and to be honest- i didn't feel great in my wetsuit.

pre mass-start (race pictures by osamu at opix- nice ones!) ..they always trick us and everyone is standing around talking without goggles on and they someone yells "go" and its total chaos.

i've spent so much time in the pool this spring and pretty much none in the open water and it's showing! i had trouble feeling smooth and getting a good catch with my wetsuit on. so, something to work on this summer. i came into T1, and by the transition times, looks like i must have stopped to take a dump and put on lipstick because i think i had the slowest T1. i couldn't find my towel w/ my run gear placed on it, and i really sucked removing my wetsuit (again, another reason to get more open water practice).

then there was the 5k run on sand. i latched on to craig zelent for the first leg, knowing he could pull me along well out of my comfort zone, then he dropped me after about 5 mintues. i passed several girls and didn't get passed by any. my time was slower than normal, 20 minutes and change, but what can i expect having not really run in 8 weeks. i was just glad to be out there and that my hip didn't hurt. the results have me as 4th lady , but i think there was another girl or two out there without a timing chip on.

post race i hung out and watched the feeding frenzy :) ....

so the aquathlon was good times, but now two days later i am feeling sore. whoops. not the best on the day before a race....i tried to spin it out this morning along the coast with james...

but yeah, still a little sore. its okay though, i think it benefitted me more to do a hard effort for a 5k to get used to the hurt for we're off to the race expo!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

running, "butt" not fast.

great things are happening all over this here world. kerrie pulled an ironman out of her butt and won her age group at ironman coeur d'alene. i think this is just one small step of vengeance towards crazy SUV lady who nailed her last year on her bike. can't wait to see what she pulls out by the end of the season. rachel ross and katya- well, i am oficially ignoring them becuase hanging out with celebs in maui (after killing it at alcatraz) and gallavanting along the french riviera (before ironman france) is just too torturous for me to read

although not terribly exciting, i do have a couple not-so-secrets...
1) SECRET TRAINING ALERT: i've been back running for two weeks. well, i wouldn't say "running", but definitely jogging for very short periods of low intensity 2-3 times per week (we're talking 15 minutes or so and up to a whopping 30 minutes).
it's crazy that at the end of april, i was in some pretty darn good (for me) run shape. i ran better at the la jolla half marathon than i expected- just seconds off my half marathon PR on a really tough course. but, things went "downhill" from there. pun totally intended. the downhill mile of the la jolla race was the start of my femoral stress reaction and illiopsoas tendinitis. but i did (almost) as the doctor ordered and didn't run for about 8 weeks. granted, i threw in some major cycling, but i didn't run!
but i'm coming back. very very slowly. pretty soon, i hope to be able to run pretty like super photo man john segesta makes it look like i'm running in these photos from a luluelmon ambassador shoot...

speaking of these running photos- i'm interested to see which one they pick to put up in the store. unfortunately for the photo pickers, their selection will be limited as my butt decided to take a "starring role" in many of the photos... just peeking out to say hello! not too much, just enough to make it not so blow-up-poster G rated approproiate.
hi there, right cheek:
hi again!

wait! the left butt crease wanted some camera time too!
2)i'm racing this weekend. yeah. so it will be a rough run, but i'm signed up for San Diego International Triathlon and I can't wait! this was one of my favorite races last year and i wanted to come back and crush it. but at this point, if i just crush my swim and bike times, i'll be happy.

3) i'm also racing vineman 70.3 in a few weeks. a great excuse to head up to wine country again and see if i can plow through a half marathon. i was pretty doubtful, but then i look at comeback performances like kerrie's ironman run last weekend and linsey corbin (smokin' at boise 70.3!) after her recent running hiatus, and i guess anything is possible! never say never.

Friday, June 19, 2009

road kill

yesterday's palomar/wolford/cole grade ride was a (funny) disaster. a s%$t show on my part, if you will. i was a little out of my league with the friends i was riding with, but on a good day, they just would have gotten a little extra rest. and hey, i'm worth it becuase i'm fun to talk to :). usually.
well, things started out fine. lake wohlford- no problem! they waited just a couple minutes. we headed over towards palomar, descended into rincon and i was ready! as we started palomar, i told the team i would be up in 1:30-1:35- similar to my one (and only) other climb up that thing. things went downhill (well, uphill) from there. Katya was chatting to me about our master business plans and ways to make our millions and i pretty much let her know through my huffing and puffing that she should take off... she was totally willing to be my domestique as she was taking it very easy, but i quickly realized that this one was better attempted alone. things went from bad to worse. it's an 11 mile climb. about mile 3, i was CONVINCED there was something wrong with my bike. there were crazy noises (or just some derailleur rub) that were amplified by the crazy voices in my head. then, i ran out of water. at about mile 7 about halfway up. then i threw up. twice. just water and the banana i ate at the bottom (this is probably tied to running out of water- drinking too fast?)...the throwing up made me MAD. i got mad at that damn banana i ate at the bottom (see my spiral towards loopy thinking?) . i got off my bike to check on the crazy noises. hmmmm.. nothing wrong. as i hopped off, i took the other banana in my pocket and chucked it towards palomar abyss. because i was MAD at that damn banana. stupid throw up banana. i got back on and kept climbing. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaly slowly. my feet just wouldn't turn over the pedals and each little steeper section felt impossible. i wanted to cry. but instead i threw up again. just water. my watch told me i was over 1:30 and i realized i wasn't even quite at the top. i got off my bike again (maybe the 4th time?) and tried to call james. NO SERVICE! i kept waiting for a mirage of them descending down to find me (even they couldn't have expected i'd take this long!) i was about a quarter mile to the top and i see a little man in a red kit come flying down, JAMES!!! wahoo! he offers me water. i take it. he asks if i want to go to the top- heck no!! so james climbed back up to get the group (we were ridiculously close, i must have been in real trouble to not even second guess my decision to finish the climb). so i crossed the street, descended to a safe place and sat my butt down in the dirt on the side of the road to wait for the crew. i sipped the water and realized i couldn't eat anything. and noticed about 12 gnats and flies started flying around me and wouldn't leave. at that moment, i realized...i was ROAD KILL!

anyhow, team "not road kill" made it back and we continued on for the long descent. at the bottom of the mountain, i had a coca cola. a real one. i haven't had a coke since 1999, but since i couldn't eat much i went for it....and actually, when i got home, i found an unopened pack of peanut m&ms in my jersey. nothing like impulse shopping while you're bonking! i didn't really even remember buying them!
after the stop for the coke, we continued on up cole grade...(not easy when you are still convinced your bike is broken!) but somehow i made it. when we got to the flats, james pulled me along and we eventually made it home, 65 miles and 6500 feet of climbing. paul's bike computer said he went 66 "and a half or so" miles ( that 66.6?)..and 6600 feet of climbing...hmmm. sounds like the devil's ride to me! glad i didn't go that extra several hundred feet, phew. see that's why i didn't make it to the top. i didn't want the curse of the devil ride. maybe because i already had it!

i'd like to take the time to thank the "team". james, jaako, paul, and katya were really champs for me. i like to consider myself a "non-liability" on rides and have never been in this position before. (i do NOT quit and have had very very few bonks). i even made it through last weekends longer and harder ride without a problem. looking back, i'm not sure what happened- either i a) had a bad day b) had some reaction to the bee sting i got 3 days prior (i'm allergic in a non life threatening way-just swelling and redness and such)- my heartrate was ridiculous throughout the ride- and i've done all the climbs before without any type of problem or c) who the heck knows. james was sick all week, maybe i had a little bug. but whatever, it happens.

i hope today is a better day. i'm off to ride with the girls and the route planned is perfect that if i'm not feeling it, i can just turn around and have my own out and back at my pace. i thought 6am was early to start a ride, but considering i woke up at 4:30 and have been blogging and whatnot, i guess it's perfect.
-----------------insert 4+ hours here.----------------------------------------------
okay- back from the ride with the fast girls- tati, kristen, and colleen...they were killing it! i told kristen she was going to get a ticket because a cop saw her littering...dropping watts all over route 76!
and its only 10:20 a.m. nothing like a solid 4 hours all done and plenty of time to get things done the rest of the day. the ride was fun, but i'm beat! i hung in there for the most part which made me happy considering yesterday's fiasco. this was my view today......hanging on.

this one i did some swervy camera business...

so with the rest of the day, i'm going to get my hair did and then head to the padres games with james and his sister steph for her birthday (man, she is a catch- i would NEVER request baseball on my birthday. only in james' wildest dreams! before that, i just might get the new iphone...darn darn, i dropped mine (the OG iphone) and cracked it this week. i swear i didn't do it on purpose.


i am ammending my list of "things to do this summer". i forgot

10) plan a wedding. (wow. i really have to get on this one)

11) update my blog at least 2 times a week, maybe 3. i really LOVE blogging and the people and information i have found in this strangely wonderful community. i kind of fell off the blogging wagon this spring due to limited time- i really want to get this one back to a place where i talk about training, racing, and life. a lot more! i think the random and funny things i learn and experience in training would be helpful for others starting out and i want to make sure to let others know about some of those learning moments and hopefully help people avoid embarassment as well.

today i'm off to climb mt. palomar with 4 other people who are much faster than me. in fact, as we speak, two of them are planning to make it to the summit, probably eat lunch, then descend down until they find my struggling booty and 'help" me climb the rest of the way. they say they'll be my domestiques. i wonder if it is proper to give your domestiques a knuckle sandwich?!? (i've been telling james a lot lately that i'm going to give him a knuckle sandwich. cracks me up. makes me feel like a 4th grade boy on the little league field).

we're leaving in like 20 minutes and i'm still waffling (another great word!) over whether to take the road bike or tri bike. road bike is better for climbing, descending, and drafting. tri bike would be good only if i get dropped in the flats and need to hammer back to the group. but, my tri bike has the powermeter and it is more race specific for my upcoming races. hmmmm....the reason i'm leaning towards the road bike is that last time descending palomar (which takes about 45 minutes) i all of a sudden found myself out of control, with my aero bars pointed straight to the ground. it was so steep that i had to do a slow speed crash and wait for someone who had a tool to tighten my headset. so basically, i am scrrrrd to descend on that thing again.
ok. i'm off!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

twice the hurt

this weekend we headed up to the O.C. to chill with Team Tall and watch the Angels crush the Padres...
if he wasn't distracted by the sweet potato fries, i'm sure james would have been crying his eyes out.
Team Tall (ryan and sarah)- loving it!
i joined in the fun, but kept things pretty mellow knowing i had one of the hardest rides i've ever done on tap for sunday. i went for the "double" Great Western Loop (one lap has almost 5,000ft. of climbing) in both directions. somehow on sunday morning, i suckered james into coming along too. it was pretty intense. 85 miles and more hills than you could EVER imagine. luckily, i had bethany to keep me company, and we pushed eachother when things got tough. we both ran out of water near the end and took a left at bonktown somewhere near the end, but we dragged ourselves to the finish and it felt great. somewhere around mile 50 we started reminiscing about learning to ride our bikes together less than 2 years ago. we agreed we've come a long way.
this is my LAST week of school! i can't believe it's almost over. i had great year as a full-time intern and am sad to leave my school (but not the mini paycheck).
on tap for this summer:
1) become a certified personal trainer (why not?)
2) find me a J.O.B. - piece of cake in this market, right?!!?
3) return to being a runner (already in the works...more on that soon, don't want to count those chickens)
4) find us a new place to live (we're thinking coastal north county...just something simple where we can grill/entertain outside (little deck or yard) and the triathlete musts- washer/dryer/dishwasher/GARAGE!!)
5) get into crossfit or P90x...time to get strong!
6) every appointment : hair, dentist, doctor, physical therapy, ART, car (the check engine light has been on since spring break)
7) catch up with lots of friends
8) travel- vermont for a wedding in july, sonoma for a triathlon, and possible chicago to see my lovely sister
9) hatch the business plan for my soon to be multi-million dollar brilliant idea...i'm kind of serious about this one. i have a couple friends i'm going to try to rope into my master plan as well.
9) cook for james. i owe him. big time! and invent delicious ride snacks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mud on the tires...

james definitely beat me to the punch on the awesome race and weekend recap so if you have a minute (or like 15 becuase its long), check out his blog.

mountain biking freaks me out. so when james told me that sarah (ryan's fiance) was going to wo-man up and do her first mountain bike race at the santa barbara bicycle festival, i froze. i mean, i was going up there too, to spectate, because a real mountain bike race was still way in the distance. you see, i have very questionable technical skills and had ridden my mountain bike only once since february (sorry, james and no you did not waste money on the nice gift for me- it's totally coming back in the rotation). so i wasn't going to race. well, that is, until sarah was. i mean, how could i be the only scaredy in the group? if she could do it, i could do it? right? so last week, i decided i would maybe possibly try to do it. first up, get back on the bike. james took me out on the trails at lake hodges on thursday and it was fun, but scary. and he told me to "get over it and stop being a baby" when i walked my bike because it was close to a death ledge. he says it wasn't sketchy (and it wasn't- to him).
cruising out at hodges....
so, test ride went okay, and i brought my bike up to santa barbara with the crew. i thought i could try to pre-ride the course and see how it was. i was going to make a game time decision

well, on saturday we did a pre-ride of the santa barbara course- and you know how it was (from my shaky arm point of view)? scary, sketchy, loose, twisty, steep, death trap. but that damn sarah kept charging down the hills. so i HAD to follow. it was an odd feeling to be so highly anxious for what felt like such a long period of time and i was stoked when the first lap was over. but james told me i had to do a second lap. NO! at this point, i wasn't going to race. it was too scary! but lap two came, and went much better! i was awkwardly "cruising" some turns, holding on on the descents and making some tough switchbacks i had missed in the first lap. when we rolled back to the parking lot, i signed up for the CAT 3 race the following day.

james, ryan, and sarah out on the course...

race day came, but not too early- i like a 9am start! i lined up like i had a clue what i was doing. i noticed the girl "all kitted out" in blue was in my age group (she's not in the pic below, she's off off to the right) and and knew she would be tough. all the CAT 3 women started together so it was a mix of ages.
on the start line...i'm the hussy with the unzipped yellow jersey....

the race started with a huge fire road climb of about 5 minutes. i went off pretty fast and halfway up the hill realized i was in the front with two other girls- blue kitted out girl in my age group, and an older lady who could climb her face off. i followed the wheel of the older lady and started getting nervous for the descent. the first descent freaked me out on the pre-ride- really bumpy and steep tight switchback turns. the girl in blue and the older lady began the descent and i let them go first, too scared i would make a fool of myself if i was in front of them. well, little miss blue promptly crashed about a third of the way down the hill (this is the point i also realized that everyone else was just as bad as i was at descending- yeah!) ...i quickly checked if she was okay (glad she said yes) and dropped on down. i knew this was my chance to get out of sight...

so i plowed on down and then hit another climb.i checked back and the rest of the field was gone. older lady was first off the front, i was second, and blue girl wouldn't give it up in third! she stayed about 20yds behind me for what felt like forever....3/4 through the first lap, i dropped a chain like a total rookie on a steep climb and quickly ran my bike up the hill. while i fumbled like a loser for a few minutes, blue kitted girl passed me. oh, it was ON! i was going to GET her....before the end of the first lap, she ate it again on the descent (i really was sruprised anyone was worose than me at descending...)...and i was able to pass her for good.

Lap 2 of the course I just maintained my position and had a lot more fun. i had totally dropped blue girl and older lady was way ahead....i just kept charging away and crossed the finish just over an hour! 2nd in my category and 1st age group. wahoo! what was even better was that sarah had a great first race as well and we got to share the podium!i think the best part was seeing james and ryan act like proud parents at a violin recital. they were taking pictures all over the place and cheering like crazy- they loved it!

after that, it was on to spectating. ryan killed his race, and james had a pretty amazing race. james dropped his bottle of nutrition on the first lap, but came back with a solid race for 1st in his age group in CAT 1.. yeah!
it was a great day for the team (as james calls us, team tall and team small)
seriously, mountian bike racing is FUN. i just need a little confidence (maybe i should try getting out there and riding it more) - can't wait to build some SKEEELZ!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

race report odds and ends

james pretty much captured it all in his hawaii 70.3 recap as the sherpa supreme (from race taxi to personal chef to bike mechanic to race caddy....he killed it!) ....

so i have just a bit to add...
woke up race morning and just LOVED not having to bundle up to head to the race...james caught my "last one out the door" moment- still throwing on the clothes and a little more coffee in hand..

loving my new race top (thanks, kristin!) and my new speedzoot (thanks to eli and jake, i got the 20 incher- over the knee- in the knick(er) of time!) this thing is seriously like a wetsuit...i doubted my ethics racing in this thing. unfair advantage to the max! i take every second i can get :) headed down to the race start....
SWIM (1.2 miles)
and we were off! by far the craziest swim start i've been in. mass start and no room to breathe. this swim start video gives an idea of the craziness..

after the start, i did my best and fought through but it was NASTY! especially at my pace, which is the pace of apparently half the field. there was a time i left the draft just to get a breath of fresh air..i came out in 32:XX...not too bad, but i think in my head i was hoping to go 30 minutes. whoops, way off..32- i'll take it!
ran up to T1 and did T1 stuff.

BIKE (56 miles)

james took a little video out on the course. i'm not sure if i'm in this, but you get the idea. AERO 4 EVA! (i think i am getting that as a tattoo...

the bike was really awesome. the first 30 minutes i felt NOT great. i had the big knots in both my glutes (like my last race- i think maybe these come from swimming/kicking hard then riding?) anyhow, after 30 minutes, i settled in and had a blast. i purposefully underfueled so as not to get any crazy ideas about running the half marathon. overall, on the bike i didn't feel fast, in fact, i got passed a lot, but i rolled into transition and this was my bike...
yeah right! that was chris lieto's bike (he smoked the ride). anyhow, i broke 3 hours and that was my main mission. i rode 10 minutes faster than my previous (and only) half ironman and came in at 2:50:XX...and the course wasn't super easy.

i hopped off the bike, threw on my running shoes, ran over the timing mat, faked out james in a full on sprint, and then pulled over and gave in my chip. i want to have a season, here! i soooo wanted to be stupid, but i did the right thing. i've now been off the running for 5 weeks, so in a week or two i'm hoping to be back at it since i didn't do anything super dumb like run a half marathon to cause a big setback.(turns out i would have had to run 1:32 to be in contention for first place/kona slot in my AG, and on that course on that day, not many people ran in that i think i made the right call)

so i hopped in the pool, grabbed a drink, and went to cheer and chat (all things i love, so i was pretty happy) and wait for the finishers!

probably talking about how i wished i was running with julia....

after everyone came in from the run death march, we hung out at the race for as long as it took to get some really ridiculous sunburns...check out jaakko's!!! killing it!

later on, james and i did have a pretty awesome post-race dinner.....seriously. check the ahi, scallops & bok choy..

and the seafood salad...lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, deliciousness...

topped off with several too many "hawaiian martinis" (okay, this thing is stoli, stoli vanilla, malibu , and a pineapple cube...i think this is the skinny martini but they didn't write that on the menu for some reason :) - i should fill them in)