Friday, April 30, 2010

the days before ironman

me again. sick of me yet? all this time, so little to do! blog again, it is!

what do folks do the day before an ironman? now i know! the secret life of...

#1- get awesome messages and virtual cheers from bloggers and athletic friends. its truly amazing how thoughtful everyone has been. i hope you know how much each and every comment, note, text message, and even facebook status "like" has meant to me. if you've done ironman, i suspect you "get it" with how much this suport means. i am in the processing of writing a mental A-Z list of all of these awesome supporters. there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 26 miles in a marathon. each mile, i want to think of people who's names who start with...."A." who have helped me along the way to the ironman and who might be tracking and cheering online. each mile i want to think, "i want to keep going because _____ rode with me that one day when no one else would finish 100 miles with me :) and she might be watching on the computer". i am thankful for "Zoot" for giving me some Z people to think about. and for Yasi for being a fun internet friend solving my "Y" list. now, X and Q, if you read this and are an X or a Q- help a sista out and i'll have some thinking material for miles 17 and 24.
and of course i will think of my family and friends who don't share my delusional hobby, but i'm not quite sure they get it. haven't heard a peep from dad who will probably read this on monday and be like, "oh yeah, you did that ironman thing this weekend!" but he still gets major props on mile D (that's mile 4) for being my biggest life supporter.

#2- google chat with other soon-to-be-ironwomen in nearby hotel rooms while sitting in bed. they say this is all a "science". this conversation with rachel is let's just say, not so scientific. it's like soooo toally ironman, like oh my god, like i'm so, like, confused
achel: i'm bored.
3:37 PM
me: bored?!?!? i cant figure out how to pack these crazy bags and i'm jus tnow deciding what the nutrution plan will be. so much calculation. how muc?
Rachel: my roommates are watching robo cop
me: much calories on the bike- 1400?
Rachel: lol, haven't started the bags yet
3:38 PM
me: EW robocop
i just realized have to drop all the bags in the am and katya is taking me to sand hollow and wants to go early
Rachel: as for calories...i think i am trying for 1800
me: good call. i have no idea! never tried to run a marathon after riding !
Rachel: i think my tri nerd bento box holds 2200
3:39 PM
(with 1 bottle)
me: like in bars?
oh i see
Rachel: 1200 calories, i use carbopro
me: what do you put in special needs? i put in a snickers!
Rachel: in the drink
i'm putting gushers lol
me: and popchips
Rachel: and socks on the run bag
yum popchips
3:40 PM
me: i'm putting on socks before bike and before run i think. 2 pairs!
Rachel: for sure me too
me: and i am wearing a full bike kit and changing into run shorts and top
overkill? i'm terrified of freezing
Rachel: after the swim today, i amtoo
3:41 PM
i was going to wear bike shorts under the wetsuit, which i've done before,
but going out wet may be too cold
and i have tri shorts for the run
me: i've got bikini bottoms and a sports bra i will wear the sports bra the whole time. swap bikinis for bike shorts
Rachel: i was just going to wear the tri top the entire race
yeah, that was my 2nd plan if too cold morning of
3:42 PM
me: put on cycle shirt over sports bra. can stuff junk in cycle top too
Rachel: yeah
i'm more and more leaning towards that plan
it's nice that it's a fresh water swim
me: yes- the bright side!
3:43 PM
Rachel: lol
hmm, maybe i should start thinking about those darn bags
3:44 PM
why is everything so complicated?! this sport is messed up
3:45 PM
me: i know. the bags are driving me nuts
immodium? people take that, right?
i have it. do i need it? who the F KNOWS?!?!!
Rachel: elizabeth swears by it. my coach made me pack it, but i didn't
3:46 PM
i've never taken it in my life
me: me either! nothing new on race day. but what if! i don't want the poopy pants!
Rachel: ugh, i know.
3:48 PM
3:49 PM
stupid q much breakfast to eat? 500 cal?
3:50 PM
Rachel: i don't know how many calories are in anything
so i never really pay attention to that
3:51 PM
i eat oatmeal, brown sugar, and banana
however much that is.
plus a gu before swim start
me: but do you need more for a bigger raCE?
Rachel: yeah, i suppose so
me: thats like what i eat.
Rachel: but i don't want to barf
me: i am planning on oatmeal. banana. yogurt. = 400
3:52 PM
then bringing a bar with me on the bus. i hate gu
so like up to 600
Rachel: yeah
me: BARF :) i love that word

#3 make videos about the ironman fashion show. i swear it took me longer to plan my race attire than it did to buy my wedding dress. watching this video over again, i might be in the wrong profession, i wonder if they are hiring mimes.

have a great day- good luck to all those racing Wildflower, Sprint Sprint in San Diego, and Alvcatraz. and especially thank you to the many many volunteers at all these races (especially the ones at Ironman Saint George ) that spend their time and positive energy out there to support. gracias!


Sherry said...

Beth, you had me grinning from ear to ear while watching that video. My husband actually asked me what I was watching b/c I was laughing with you. I told him, "super fast Beth from Cali! She's amazing, but she's never done an Ironman, so she's running around in 'what if' mode!" :o)

I want to wish you LOTS of good luck for tomorrow! You are going to kick some booty... I just know it! Have an AMAZING race, savor each and every moment. You've worked so hard for this.

Good luck, Beth... Go! Go! GO!

beth said...

OH, I've got it! Z is for Zack, as in GZ! mile 26 thinking of GZ!

SSB said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Chloe said...

Lululemon speed shorts are awesome - I've ran 2 marathons in them :) I'm sure they will work out awesome!

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is OCD and have to talk through what I'm packing!!

Good luck!!

GZ said...

Beth - kind of you to say, but come mile 26, you think of whatever you need to get it done. In fact, in mile 26 you might need to think of 26 reasons altogether. I have certainly invoked thoughts of BGW and JW while on runs to make it through.

Have fun tomorrow and live it lady.

BrainD_Swi2148 said...


Mary said...

So..message from your computer cheerleader...I can be your x or q...or whatever you need :) I think you already have alot of M's! That conversation with Rachel is hilarious.

X-Country2 said...

Hey, I'll be your X! I'm a total fan girl of your fab CA life, mad tri skillz, sweet equipment, cutie husband, and awesome opportunity right before you.

You're going to do so awesome. GOOD LUCK!!

Lyndsey said...

Between the video-immodium-and barf comments, i think i laughed so hard that i now have a sideache! No joke! Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear all about it! Love the snazzy outfits!

Jill Costantino said...

GO Beth - Watching your progress right now - 2nd out of the water WAY TO GO!

Teresa said...

Super behind on blogs, but that video is pretty is all about the outfit! Cute!


lellaliveslearns said...


I'm a long time reader and first time commenter! GOOD LUCK! well...I guess your already done hope you did awesome, which im sure you did!

I'm planning on doing my first tri in october and one of the first things I thought was "I'll have to ask california training for some tips!!" Your such an inspiration, and of course, I LOVE all your clothes! I was cracking up watching your video!

rhodespedal said...

Got up this morning to check everyone's results at St. George and wanted to give you a shout out. Hella awesome job! Congrats, Ironman! :)

GZ said...

This old man finds the prelimn results dang hard to read, but I think I see 2nd in your division? :)

Running and living said...

I was tracking you and could not believe your first bike split; then I figured something was up. Way to recover though, and wow, fastest run in your AG? Congrats!

Yasi said...

:o) Thanks for the shout-out. I guess having a 'Y' name has its benefits.

Way to go on your run Beth! I was thinking of you all day yesterday. Sorry about the bike, but way to keep going strong! Hope you had a nice restful drive back to CA.

Courtney said...

I love love love that conversation between you and Rachel. It's like all the same stuff that goes through my head!!! The calories, the outfits, the bathroom issues, the special needs bags. Priceless!

Rachel said...

wow. you outted me! that was hilarious. and btw, i did barf. 4 times. awesome.
in hindsight, i think i ate too much at the very start of the bike. rookie mistake. but i'm not doing another one. :)
best of luck with your summer training. it will for sure be better than this winter crap we endured.
congrats, ironman.

IAN said...

I think packing might be half the battle of an IM. I can't imagine 2 transitions. Great video. I laughed my ass off

Jamie said...

This post totally got me amped up for the day I get to ask all those fonfused/stupid questions and plan out all my special needs bags!

I was following you throughout the day and can't wait to read the full report(s).