Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i smell summer!

this weekend reminded me that summer is approaching. although the weather wasn't too summer-ful, i really started to feel the triathlon season in full swing. lots of activities with lots of great people.

thursday was the first Triathlon Club of San Diego Aquathlon of 2010. A 1000 meter choppy ocean swim with a 5k beach run makes for good times.

katya and i had an awesome t-shirt sighting.our lululemon sweatshirts are cute, but we got nothin' on this guys attire. says it all.
and i got to hang out with speedy nytrowomen manager/friend/hot momma kristin. she's gearing up for Honu 70.3 and all i can say is watch out, ladies! kristin is a truly BALANCED athlete- strong in all 3 sports.

so that was thursday. i don't even remember friday. probably included swim and yoga as usual.

saturday was another TCSD event- the May club triathlon. 800meter swim, 12.5 miles bike, 4 mile run on fiesta island. With over 200 participants, chip timing, and full breakfast (eggs, oatmeal, french toast, lots of Kashi (one of the race sponsors) and fruit), you definitely get your money's worth. oh, wait. it's FREE! i felt great at the club race and raced well. i think i've shaken off the Ironman cobwebs! woo hoo! dirk has me doing a lot of short speedy stuff this month, which is fun, but it hurts!

ok, back to the TCSD triathlon. the brekkie was perfect to refuel before a 3 hour ride up the coast post-race (We are long course triathletes, you know). unfortunately, i had forgotten to pack my un-aero helmet for the t-ride and ended up looking like this on our ride up the coast.

thanks to julie, jen, tatiana and JD for putting up with me. i'm sure all the roadies on the coast got a good laugh. when james saw the picture he said i was no longer part of the family.

sunday we woke up to crazy winds. i ran an hour on the treadmill and then decided to give the roads a try. 4 of us had planned on riding, but we were down to two. it was one of those maybe better off inside days and i came THIS close to bailing. but i rode down to katya's and we decided to charge it. she promised to pull, and i promised to pull "in spirit". i also promised to stay fueled so at least if i flew OTB (off the back) it wasn't because i was bonking. i figured i at least owed her that for a 4.5 hour tow, so i ate up! we made our way up lake wohlford and out to valley center. every time i'd almost lose her wheel, i'd try to remind myself that there are millions of guys out there that would kill for my view (of her bum!). but, as hot as she is, i fell off on the steeper parts. one day, one day. we finally made it home and i was smashed.

now, back to business this week. james brought me home a great little surprise today. will blog about it tomorrow!


Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

"One day, one day" ....I think thats your favorite line. You are always so positive. One day might be sooner than you think.

Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

I keep telling myself that too: one day, one day. although I'm nowhere as fast as you, I'm getting better day by day. I know that it won't happen overnight, but it will happen!

Thanks for being a great motivation to keep at it!

Christi said...

Love the aero helmet! That photo is very funny!

Xavi Garcia said...

Wow what a helmet...is not too long! lol

Cheers from Hong Kong!


X-Country2 said...

That helmet is pretty hot. I bet you did get a few funny looks. :o)

jameson said...

i am still not happy about that whole aero helmet situation. you are on probation. if it happens again i am taking your bikes away until you learn to dress appropriately!

Yasi said...

Your SD life, so nice! It's definitely feeling like summer in these parts. And that sounds like an AMAZING breakfast spread! Any endurance athletes dream.

GoBigGreen said...

OH! You are right near the LJBTC! MIss that place.
I love Kashi, sounds like you are back at it Beth, super!

kerrie said...

i don't think we could ever ride together...not just because of your little helmet faux pas, but because i never pull. i don't think we'd get far, lol.

now, don't you wish you were doing honu?
everyone is doing it.

Beth said...

Hilarious about the aero helmet!! Oh well, better than no helmet obviously. Gotta do what you gotta do! :) Sounds like you are nice and recovered from IM and ready to roll!

Jill Costantino said...

Love the aero helmet! Yeah for summa - will you send some of it to Vancouver - it feels like fall here!
Totally unblog related - CUTE addition to your family!