Tuesday, August 3, 2010

steelhead 70.3

steelhead 70.3 was a nice side effect to a fabulous trip to visit my sister and brother-in law in chicago.

we also got to explore southern michigan which was awesome (in the summer of course!) . we were very lucky with an incredible place to stay near the race site. my sister's friend from work had a beautiful house right on the lake in benton harbor, MI. super relaxing, homey and perfect. thank you, KATIE!!!!
the view from Katie's...

Rather than go the typical race report avenue, i'm just going to share and email exchange (no edits!) between me and coach Dirk the day after the race..

From the coach:
"Looked at race results yesterday. Shit, you AG was tough. 4 minutes and 4 slots. Do you think the maga miles over past couple weeks cost you some speed?" (i told you no edits- he needs spell check, huh? :) )

From me: (you will notice that i did not directly address his question of the mega miles because i a) forgot and b) don't know the answer)

"haha. yes, i was 10th overall including pros (small pro field) but 4th in AG. tough group, i just have to get faster!

didn't help that i crashed on the bike- took a 90 degree turn at mile 23 in pouring rain and skidded out on the gravel and flew off my bike. had to reset my brakes (both rubbing) and the chain and get my s%$t together. i also stopped another time to reset my brakes that were rubbing - they weren't releasing well will the rain for some reason).
anyhow, no excuses! that's all rider error anyway and i probably only lost a total of 2-3 minutes. not enough to win my ag (winner beat me by 5).
i didn't run very well. the run course was tough (definitely more like vineman than o'side hill-wise and lots of twisty small paths where is was hard to get in a rhythm. but regardless, i felt not that great. i may need to take in more calories on the bike- was feeling kind of low. i took in about 450 cal total on the bike.
i threw up on the bike 2 times in the beginning so prob. lost some calories there. i think my HR was too high after the swim to take in calories and was hard to take in and digest.
i'm switching drink before kona- i just ordered some powerbar perform and will start testing it when i get home.
overall, the race was fun.some errors, but still a PR for me.
even better, james went 4:08 and won his age group! pulled out a 1:18 run.

the new goal is for both of us to win our AG at IM Texas & stand on the 30-34 podium together. can we make that happen?
have a great sunday!

finishing up the run..

the team at the finish

that email pretty much sums it up except for a few things-
1) the swim - i swam 30:15. i beat james by SIX seconds (winner winner chicken dinner!) . too bad we weren't in the same wave, we could have pulled each other around as we both swam alone

2) it was POURING rain pre race, during the swim, and the first half of the bike for me. my first rainy race. guess i have gotten lucky!

3) that goal- IM Texas is a real goal and i have my sights set on that even more than Kona i think. Kona will be a blast no matter what and i am just lucky to experience it this year and take it all in. i would like to do well, but by no means think i can come in on the podium there. and for my first time there that's not what matters (although i will try my hardest to do as well as i possibly can and i do believe top 10 in my age group could be a nice long shot goal and i will not sell myself short and say i'm just going for the experience. i am going for the experience and i'm going to LAY IT DOWN! ). the reason i am more excited about IM Texas is that i get to race it with james in his first ironman and i am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY that he is fully sucked back in to the road triathlon world and loving it. dream come true! we are sharing so many more experiences and miles together now and i could not be happier.

another reason to set my sights on IM Texas...his award is bigger than mine.. not gonna let that happen again! kidding, of course.

4) my total time/splits for anyone who cares and for me to have for future reference were
swim: 30:15
bike: 2:37:46
run: 1:30:34
total: 4:42:56

4th/137 age group 30-34
10th/634 total women
so i'm very happy with my first top 10 at a 70.3.

saturday night after the race, we headed back to chicago & hit the town with my sister and one of my BFFs from college. Just so happens that she is dating a triathlete from Team Timex and he was showing around another Timex teammate..good times with spandex lovers! ! we stuck around for dinner and beers, but made our exit just as they were ordering Red Bull Vodkas...i heard it was a late night! i always miss the fun stuff!

andrew, james, brother-in-law dan, me, heather, mark

on sunday we took a final spin around the lake before packing the bikes....next stop- Virginia!


Teresa said...

Wow..way to recover from the crash. Riding in rain does weird things to brakes (which is a scary thing). You did a fantastic job!! tn

GZ said...



You deserve a bigger award for that.

Mary said...

Love the email race report. You did awesome! Congrats!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Can you hear me clapping?.....Love the race report. You are like the heroine of a chick lit book.Your blog reads like my favorite chick lit authors...instead of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Takes Manhatten, it's Beth takes triathlon, goes fast and has fun. Keep up the good work!

Beth said...

Congrats on a great race (despite the crashing!!) Beth! And congrats to James as well. You guys could do some SERIOUS damage in the couples division. :)

SSB said...

Nice job out there. And congrats to James too! Too bad about the crash. And the puking. Neither are ever fun, especially in a race. You're gonna crush Kona. And really crush Texas.

GoBigGreen said...

Good job in tough conditions. And I love that James is back at it too. I still laugh thinking of that video thing you did where he was totally harshing on Triathletes. hahaha you ought to pull that out and laugh at it:)

Amanda said...

Wow! Nice work on the 10th OA finish! D*mn 30-34 AG. And after throwing up and crash.
I don't think top 10 AG at kona is a far reach goal. at all. you rock, sister. and you're only getting faster. it's inspiring.

Yasi said...

Fantastic job to you and James! I think your goals for TX are great as well. You'll rock Kona, no worries there. Have fun on the rest of your East coast trip! I'm leaving out of PHL on Saturday afternoon, let me know when you're around! Awesome pictures, I'm still digging the brown hair too.

Christi said...

Congrats to you and Jim!!!

Courtenay said...

the maga miles... i'm going to have to use that sometime. but i don't really do maga miles now so it might be a while.

have fun in VA! even though it's august right now (HazyHotHumid) i am jealous! hi james!

Slater Fletcher said...

first thing that I look up on the results was who won the swim. Rub the domination on the chicken dinner

Seriously, team Walsh is going to need a warehouse for the podium hardware. Congrats on the double PR's

bty - Dirt is not spelling things wrong. He is German!

Charisa said...

Crazy race - you did awesome! And you beat James in the swim - whooooo hoooooo that is huge :) Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Colleen said...

you are a freakin rockstar!! all the elements to a race and you still dominate. true inspiration!! have fun trip!! and come home soon! xoxo

Running and living said...

You are so fast! How does one get so fast in such a short time? So inspiring! And you do it while looking good, too!

idropboys said...

really girl you have to learn how to stay on your bike :) Great report and welcome to the puking on the bike club. It's actually not that easy. Cheers and get home soon so we can ride!

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Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

Wow, you got back your bike after your crash and you still managed 4th? You are freaking badass. Good job! And you threw up? Wow. You are so inspiring!

Jill Costantino said...

Nice job out there and after a crash - WOW SUPERSTAR!
Congrats to James too! You two are a speedy team!

承王蓁 said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.........................................

kerrie said...

i think it must have been the maga miles too! i hate those 30+ year old bitches, don't they have anything better to do?
enough about the no podium thing in kona. whatever. i'm counting on you to be there on the run.

Matt said...

very impressive race, 10th OA which got you 4th in your AG, thats harsh. Great race!

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