Friday, September 24, 2010

All Tuned Up

Last weekend's San Diego Triathlon Classic olympic distance race turned out to be my new favorite race in our so cal town. We are close to saturation down here with races almost all year long. It seems like there is always a sprint or a 10k or aquathlon or something and no way to possibly do them all. Well, next september, make room for this race. It's the BEST in town.

The Classic was far more than I had anticipated and with almost 1000 racers, no small gathering. Totally first class race with an honest and fun course. And its a USAT race when many of ours are not. And they have port-a-potties marked with "#1 only".. How cool is that?

ok- let's get busy.
The 1500 meter swim is in San Diego Bay- water quality is the elephant in the room. We tried not to talk about it. I have to admit that I hadn't put on my Zoot Zenith since Steelhead 70.3 and I haven't been in open water. The water here has been COLD all summer and there have been far more great white shark sightings than usual. Sure, open water would be beneficial for Kona training, but Kona is non-wetsuit and...No more excuses, I just haven't been.
BUT, the swim went swimmingly. My wave went off 6th and my only complaint is that since waves were only 3 minutes apart, even with my mediocre swimming ability, I spent about 2/3 of the course body-dodging. I ended up swimming well for me, 24 minutes and was pleased that most bikes were still on my rack.

The bike course was AWESOME. On our way out to Cabrillo, we headed into a Submarine base that is usually closed to regular folks. Turns out they are hiding one huge hill in there! We climbed the mile long hill twice over 40k which totally spread out the field. I felt as though I was riding well, and for me, averaging over 21mph on that course was great! I was super-motivated at the end of lap one when Macca rode by me and turned and said, "How ya goin'?" ...Of course, I responded with a geeky, "Woo Hoo!" What the heck? I am such a dork. Can I do-over?

I aproached T-2 and slid my feet out of my shoes to execute a fabulous flying dismount. Then, I realized that we had a 2-mile out and back after passing T-2 before the dismount line. D'OH! Party foul. I rode my last few miles with feet on top of shoes. Whoops. Note to self- read bike course maps prior to race! When I got to the actual dismount line, I hopped off and racked my bike, noticing there was just one other bike there. Yeah! Time to go catch her!

Or not.. I ran out of transition and settled into running full tilt right away. I shoved a shot blok in my mouth and tried to get my bearings. The run course was flat and loopy on trails, giving you good access to spotting the competition. I looked for my girl and there she was, and holy crap she was flying and I was not making up ground. I decided to push with what I had and clicked off the first few miles: 6:11, 6:14, 6:10...Oh wow, can I hold this? I think I would have started to slow, but then I started seeing friends and teammates all over the course. Kristin was running her booty off, Terry was crushing it, and so many cheers from all around. I tried to hold my pace steady and I did- 6:12, 6:17, 6:07 and then the last .2. I crossed the line knowing I had my best race and that that was good for second (in my division and overall) and was totally and completely pleased with that. My run was 39:07 and garmin had my course a little long and a little faster than that. This is a huge improvement for me, thanks coach Dirk!

I stood around talking shop with the Nytro Women girls, who had all had wonderful races as well.

Then, one of my long-time best friends in the world, came to hang out with me while we waited for awards. That was truly the best part of the day, hanging with Tracy and Noa and catching up from way too long of not seeing each other. I miss them already!

I feel all ready to go and "tuned up" for Kona. I just had one last solid weekend with some heat training and feel great about it. Now, the goal is to taper, rest up and stay healthy. I could not be more excited about heading to race in Hawaii.

For everything this year, and for helping me get Kona ready, I want to say so many thank you's to Nytro Women and our team sponsors-especially my zippy Colnago Flight that is helping me get faster, Zoot for the hands down best shoes and gear, Dan the ART man for keeping me whole (and sane!), Rehab United for making me strong and preventing injuries thus far this yea, Nuttzo for being delicious, bettydesigns for making us cute and everyone else who helps me along the way.


Christi said...

Great race! Congrats on your finish and good luck with Kona!

Beth said...

I'm relatively certain I would have said something much more embarrassing to Macca!! :) Congrats on a great race and see you soon!!! :)

Jill Costantino said...

Nice job out there! I love how many race you guys have there and they seem so fun. Watch out KONA! "Woohoo" in pure geek fashion!

GoBigGreen said...

Congrats Beth, sounds like the work is in the up and i will be keeping an eye on you and the OTHER Beth ( s!) on OCt 9. sorry you wont be up at the OC tri!

Libby said...

nice race girl!! you were flying! can't wait to see you crush kona. happy taper and maybe you'll get a do-over with macca in kona :)

Tawnee Prazak said...

i've probably already said this in another comment, but i can't wait to see you execute in kona!

kerrie said...

yup, you're a dork. total do over time. yet at the same time, i kind of hope that you've saved a little who hoo for me out on the queen k :)

Mary IronMatron said...

Congrats on your Oly, and good luck in Kona!! You are going to have such a fantastic race!

SHERRY said...

Awesome stuff! Good luck next weekend!