Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me + the Muffin

I debated naming this post "Me + the Muffin" or "The McDonald's Ride". I thought of "McDonald's Ride" because my slogan of the day was Have it Your Way. Well, I just looked it up and Have it Your Way is actually the Burger King slogan. So I'm sticking with "Me + The Muffin" but as you will see, today's ride was all about having it my way.

The plan was to ride 100miles alone. Not because I was supposed to do it alone, but literally all of my friends + husband were off racing (or recovering from racing) and I was party of one. I realized it would be "good for me" but I also wanted to be sure it was fun. I asked for advice on Facebook (great idea #1!) and got tons of motivating input. Bree reminded me to take my ipod and lucky me, James had just suprised me with the pretty new pink shuffle, so I loaded up with good tunes and podcasts.

Just a note- I only use an ipod riding when I am in a safe area and ONLY one ear -the right ear away from the road- at a low volume so I can hear everything around me. I used it about 90 minutes total today. just on a big climb and then to listen to a podcast the last hour.

On facebook, I had received everything from specific goals/targets to hit (thanks, KP!) to suggestions to sing Disney tunes (good one, Sonja) and things that reminded me I was very LUCKY to be able to do so (TN!!!). I picked a hilly route (dirk's orders) but did not disclose (ok- I have a paranoia- since I do not know every "friend" on facebook, I thought maybe I shouldn't post my exact whereabouts..just in case...I know, morbid). I ended up planning a route out to temecula and back through Couser and Rice Canyons- hillicious!

Sunday morning, I woke up at 7:45. YES! Maybe the latest I have slept all year!! james had already left hours ago for a MTB race and I snoozed (having some crazy dream that I was racing IM Wisconsin but woke up 2 hours late and started the race anyway and was miserable)...I think I was having guilt for sleeping in with a long ride on tap. Usually, my friends like to start butt early- like 6am. So sleeping in and taking off as I pleased was most definitely my way. Woo Hoo!

I skipped breakfast in favor of eating on the road. So I drank two huge mugs of coffee, checked in on gmail, facebook, twitter, athlete tracker and off I went. 8:30! gasp! And to make it even more MY way, I stopped at mile 2 at Pannikin Coffee & Tea for my ride partner. Mr. Ginormous Blueberry Bran Muffin. Me + Muffie set off.

after a little chalk inspiration outside the cafe. Reminding me I can have it my way on occasion, but to always remember that in the grand scheme- it's not all about me :).

30 minutes into my ride I looked down and saw this...

Ruh Roh! The watch battery died in my beloved Suunto so I had no Heartrate. R'uh Roh! This was supposed to be a HR ride, but you know what? MAKE IT WORK! I definitely wasn't heartbroken (And I'm sure my heart was not broken as well and would continue to function without being monitored). And I got to ride by feel. FUN! Was actually glad this happened- could happen just as easily on race day.

Back to my muffin. I planned to eat a half or a third within an hour, but two plus hours later, I was jamming and finally stopped (getting a bit lost, whoops!) to have some bites. YUM! At that moment I realized that I could quite possibly make the whole ride on one ginormous muffin and maybe some type of caffeinated beverage..(Speedfill, on it's maiden voyage, was filled with powerade zero). OK. Hear me out. I know you need to train with the fuel you race with, yada yada. BUT, I have been training with Powerbar PERFORM for the past month and its been working great. I also have been good about training with my race fuel especially for longer brick workouts- because it's really all about how your stomach will be on the run. So, I cut myself a little slack today and went with party food :). After all, it was MY party today, and no T-run. So I took on my Muffin challenge. no bars, no gels...just a HUGE delicious muffin.

Anyhow, where were we....a couple unplanned detours later (its amazing I never pay attention because I'm always in backseat in groups) , I was in Rainbow, CA- an "unincorporated" city.

I couldn't even find a convenience store, but asked some guy at a church and he pointed me in the right direction. Okay, got to the convenience store and was sketched out of my mind. There were 3 dudes in there that looked VERY rough and I walked in and they all pretended they were looking at food on the shelves (but it was like all old food and the store was almost completely bare). Then they left without getting anything. THEN, I am paying for my water and the cashier guy (also very sketchy and at this point the only other person in the store and maybe within a one mile radius in ghost town central)...well, mr. cashier asks me where I came from (can't believe it of course) and asks then if i'm alone, etc. oh geez. So, I go outside and am checking my phone quickly and then he comes out and stares at me for a second. I got super freaked out and hopped on my bike, pedaling away, only to see the 3 dudes that were in the store parked one block away with the car still running. SKETCHY!! Too bad my HR monitor was broken :) Maybe I busted up a drug deal, I don't know, but I took a few quick turns and hoped I was out of the "situation". I calmed down as I hit Rice and Couser canyons and enjoyed descending at my own grandma pace and then was happy to see I was climbing really well all the way up up up....

The rest of the ride was uneventful except for the guy I saw on the unicycle going straight uphill, the rednecks who barked at me out of their window and the homeless guy in Leucadia who told me I had a nice butt (but he didn't say butt.. anyhow, thanks- i'll take a compliment where I can get it!) . I have to say I really enjoyed myself and was happy to see I rode just as fast (slow?) as I usually do when riding with friends. And I felt just as strong at mile 100 as I did at mile 1. WOO HOO!

Oh, and the great muffin experiment?

Well, 100.37 miles brought to you by Pannikin's blueberry bran muffin and Starbuck's finest convenience store invention...(Julie's FB advice was caffeine, caffeine, caffeine). well..CHECK!

That's it! Well, unless you count the Speedfill FULL of diet coke. Whoops! Hey, my way, remember? AND they had crushed ice at the Deer Springs Arco. Who can turn down crushed ice? The diet coke was just an excuse for crushed ice, right?

Hope your day was as great as mine. Congrats to everyone who raced especially my Nytro Women teammates Colleen (finished her first IM!) and Kristin (3rd Overall at TriRock), Charisa who PRd and was 5th at IMWisconsin, and Beth S. who just outright WON the Olympic at Rev 3. So inspiring (And such a time suck at my rest stops today :) !!!

finishing it off my way....a pumpkin chia glutamine protein shake and my beloved Zoot CompressRx tights....aaaaaaaaaaahhh. okay, past my bedtime. My way is over bright and early at 5am tomorrow.


Slater Fletcher said...

well, except for the creepy guys that sounds like a perfect day of adventure. Riding a century, getting lost, some starbucks kick, random muffin love and. . . "ride by feel. FUN!"

epic stuff

Teresa said...

What a day! And fun indeed. Glad you are so safe. Those men sound scary! Loved the muffin idea. A donut sounds great too! Ha! Way to be your suer strong self and bust out your solo ride! Kona awaits! Tn

Beth said...

Sounds like a fun day!! :) (well, besides the sketchy guys in the convienence store - glad you made it out alive!)

I think it's perfectly fine to not use your race nutrition EVERY SINGLE RIDE. Afterall, you don't want to get majorly sick of it before the race! Although with such a great ride, you might consider Diet Coke and blueberry muffins for Kona! :)

Great job Beth!

Christi said...

What a great ride and you did it all your way! Congrats!

GoBigGreen said...

You should have said "No i chicked the mens bike team, they are on their way.... STAY AWAY."
Fun ride Beth, good to go!

allison said...

Nice! If you're ever on your way back up here hit me up and I can map out some of the good stores on Google maps :)

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

to bad it wasn't a PUFFINATOR muffin, haha. oh and too bad we don't live closer, we could have hda puffin eating party! Hope the training is going well.

t-odd said...

You probably would have been safe disclosing your exact whereabouts. I was very busy that day.

I'll miss those solo 100 milers - for a little while anyway.

Kona's right around the corner and you're going to be SO ready.

kerrie said...

that sounds a lot like my ride...of course it was just by feel, and not nearly as long, but i did it fueled on red bull and a yummy piece of fudge i bought at some random gas station. and i had the exact same thought - "i bet i can make it through this ride just on this fudge" and i did. i got home and was quite pleased with myself but GG told me it was the dumbest thing he had ever heard of. whatever.

Colleen said...

good job on your ride!! minus the creepy guys at the store it sounds awesome. can we do a recovery ride soon?

Karen Ann said...

I have to say that, although I am not even nearly a tri-athlete like you all, I truly enjoy reading Beth's blog! Beth, one of these days you should plan to ride from Tockwogh to Waterman's.....and then have someone drive you back all full up on crabs! Great story....glad the sketchy men were just sketchy. All the best to your training as it surely inspires me sitting here in Philly waiting to get back to SD!!

idropboys said...

laughing my arse off....i say go for muffins and diet coke in Ironman- it just may work for you! Glad you had a good ride- we all need to do 100 miles alone just because we can!

A met a girl in New Orleans who packs (yeah a gun) on long rides and runs....I'm just sayin maybe something to consider