Thursday, September 30, 2010


yeah, i TOTALLY wish i was talking about my abs.. or maybe parmesan cheese.. but no, last week i ended up with two shredded car (not bike) tires. apparently when you never check the tread on your tires and go WAY past the safety zone, you might get yourself in a pickle.

on wednesday i started to hear a clicking coming from my front left wheel. like something was stuck on my tire. it sort of went away. then i came out of work and found a totally flat tire.
turns out the tire had been self destructing and cords of rubber whipping off the tire were the cause of the noise. oh well.

AAA to the rescue and i was on my a track myself. OH JOY! anyhow, made it work. that night, i decided to get new tires right after kona and even looked them up online friday night with james. i'm so proactive!

saturday i drove 2.5 hours to the desert to meet whit, kebby, kathy and their entourages in borrego springs, ca. we planned this weekend as final heat training a couple weeks prior when it was chilly in coastal san diego. also, in borrego you can get long semi-rolling stretches of road- no stops- which is hard to come by back in san diego. as the weekend neared- we noticed that temperatures were set to rise up to 105 in borrego. OUCH! well, we would manage.

i talked to tatiana the night before i left for borrego and she reminded me of something very important: "you're 2 weeks out from Kona- do NOT leave your race in borrego springs. "

so, as i was driving down Yaqui pass (picture Tour de France type twisty sketchy winding roads)
2 hours from home, i heard that familiar clicking noise from my OTHER front tire....CRAP! of course there was no cell service where i was- so i descended carefully into the borrego valley and barely made it to the training casa. as it was still early (7am) it was too early to deal with the tire, so we hopped on the bikes and set out for some heat and wind and aero training.

i had so much fun! i stuck with the speedy ladies for the first half of the ride.

this is Kebby who just qualified for Kona at IM Louisville. she is starting an apparel company- called SOAS (phonetic for psoas). and her stuff is super cute.
About 2 hrs into the ride, heading up a sneaky grade and into the wind, my heartrate climbed into the 160s and wasn't budging down. i decided it was time to listen to tatiana (thank you!) and i "let" them go. "let" is used loosely as i probably would have been formally dropped within minutes of my decision anyway...

back at the training casa, i had to save my planned tempo-brick run for the next day and deal with the car. there are about 3 stores in borrego- it is a quite deserted desert town. one of the three stores happened to be a tire store. and the guys hooked me up (and they also told me that it was freakish that both tires blew in one week). anyhow, another disaster averted! i got very lucky. there is really NOTHING in borrego. we even buy our water, etc at a hardware store because there is no convenience store. how they have a tire store was beyond me.

i'm hoping this time i got my tire shredding out of the way before the ironman, rather than during, as i did in saint george. but you can't count on anything, i know that. knocking on lots of wood. and thanking julie for getting a flat on our sunday ride (in my mind that was the "3" of things coming in 3's).

one last thought about borrego springs: they have some very particular speed limit signs. 15 and a half? really?

Ok, this time next week i will be about to wake up for Ironman Hawaii! woo hoo! but now, time for some taper workouts....and work work work. the only not-so-fun part about working at a school is the very limited time you can take away while school is in session. so, while my friends are swimming to the Coffees of Hawaii boat and Lava Java-ing i'll be at my desk (jumping out of my seat) until wednesday night!


Jill Costantino said...

I just knocked on my wood table as I read this! Hope James is updating FB on race day for us. Are you totally ready to ROCK? Can't wait to see the new cute race kit too! Woohoo GO BETH GO!!!!

Christi said...

Good luck at Kona! I think you have all the tire shredding out the way so have no more fears of that!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Good Luck in Kona! Woo Hoo! You have seriously satisfied the tire gods. All the evil is out of the way now.

MissFancyPants said...

Good luck!! You are going to do awesome - can't wait to hear all about it in your upcoming posts!!

Ryan Weeger said...

atleast the tire guys were a little more "normal" than your last out of town store encounter! ill be rooting for you in kona beth, you will BEYOND crush dreams, I think maybe Soulcrushing

GZ said...




and 15 and a half? WTF?