Saturday, October 23, 2010

take it off....season!

After, Kona I took six full days off. Okay, there was ONE yoga class, but that's it. I took my down time seriously. On the 7th day, I ran. I had no choice but to run. Colleen was getting married, I was a bridesmaid. Thus, part of my duty was to escort her on decompression runs leading up to and the day of the wedding. Well, this is a duty I am certainly equipped for, but the o'dark thirty wake up calls were rough....But- anything for the bride! Running felt great. I kind of felt tapered since I hadn't done a lick of exercise in a week.

Me + Colleen...

The wedding was amazing and I'm so happy for Justin & Colleen. I'm also a little jealous- as they are currently touring France by bicycle for their honeymoon. They're hitting a lot of major tour de france climbs.

Other than that, I've been relaxing, eating a lot, and starting to get into our off-season strength building routine. I know there are two reasons I was not injured last season: 1) Good coaching from the Dirkinator and 2) Rehab United strength program. Bryan's programs have us lifting heavy (for measly triathletes) this time of year to build a strong body, bones and core to support us all year long.

James doing kettlebell swings
Kristin getting her squat on

Trevor doing some slider lunges

Also have been easing back into riding with coffee (+muffin!) rides along the coast.

I'm loving my new Betty Designs cycling kit- perfect for halloween! Now that Betty is selling her kits online at her website, I'm sure my wardrobe of cute cycling outfits will expand..Some girls buy purses and shoes- some buy lycra.

A little sunrise bike commuting.

Other than that, just chilling out. I only made it to the pool once, but I'm thinking I will have to go a bit more if I ever want to live up to the Splish suit (&matching cap) that Shelby sent me (in an awesome care package for no reason other than to say "nice job" in Kona- pretty darn thoughtful and totally made my month!) .

Other than that, just living life and enjoying. I tried my first cyclocross race and had 45 minutes of painful fun. James prepared me well with a little cross lesson and lots of tips. I'm also running quite a bit. Sure, I should spend time on my bike or in the pool and work on my weaknesses, right? Hmmm...maybe starting December.


Libby said...

you are officially a rockstar if you can have a good run one week after kona! I LOVE that cycling kit, definitely will be checking out betty designs! glad you are enjoying the offseason. excited to see what's next for you in 2011.

Christi said...

I love your cycling kit and swimsuit! I would definitely rather shop for athletic wear than other clothes!

Keep on keeping on with the off season! It sounds like you are having fun!

GoBigGreen said...

Enjoy the down time and no structure Beth. That is what December is all about IMO. I have to check out the kits. I am in need of some new fun ones!

GZ said...

Groovy socks.

Yasi said...

I wish I had a rehab united here. I need to get major muscle definition, and some speed sure wouldn't hurt either. That's a sweet ass cycling kit! I also love that Splish suit, I have the same one sans cap. You're golden Beth, take off from the pool till December :o)

MissFancyPants said...

I heart that cycling outfit. I think I may need her to design some things for my friends and our small little club, love the skulls, can't find cute cycling/tri stuff like that.

Jill Costantino said...

Those socks ROCK!
Enjoy your well deserved off season. Looks like you guys are up to some FUN!

X-Country2 said...

That cycling kit is adorable! Enjoy your off season.

Swede at Heart said...

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Carmelo said...

i simply like your Betty Designs cycling kit too..very nice pics..Great race.Congrats.

--brooks running shoes

Rachel said...

6 whole days? Jeez, I've taken 6 MONTHS off! Oops. Time to get back at it. Good to see you're doing well.

IAN said...

This actually made me jealous. I am looking forward to "off-season". When can I join in for one of those coffee and muffin rides?