Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If it Ain't Broke....

2010 has been pretty awesome. . I feel like I've learned and grown a lot in triathlon, but even more so in the life department. My first year of married life is almost complete and I must admit that its actually getting easier. The first few months, James and I both realized that we would be living forever as a couple with two people who are both always right. Maybe a bump or two in the road. But, I think we've settled in nicely, as we're both learning to let things go a little more.

In triathlon, I trained and raced with the Nytro Women's triathlon team, a group of 9 ambitious amateur women supported by some incredible sponsors.

Our first year was a success and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to continue with the team next year. I briefly considered branching out with James to do our own little team Walsh as we'll be racing together almost 100% next year. One day, I do want to race as a team with James. But, he knows how important the social aspect of training is to me, and how much motivation I get from my inspiring team members. And, James couldn't promise me this....

After all, it's all about the outfits! Also, three of my favorite training partners- Julie, Tatiana, and Molly are joining the team next year. It truly is an amazing thing Kristin & Nytro have put together and I am so lucky to be a part of it.

We'll be kicking off 2011 with a team training weekend in February in Palm Springs, CA which will kick off my race season...
which looks like this so far:
2.12.2011 Tour de Palm Springs (Century)
2.13.2011 Palm Springs Half Marathon
4.2.2011 California 70.3
5.21.2011 Ironman Texas
6.26.2011 San Diego International Tri
7.17.2011 Vineman 70.3
8.21.2011 Timberman 70.3 (this is a maybe...not sure if my bank account will agree with this one, but it is on my "to do" list and my mom may be racing it!)

After these races, there are some big question marks...If James and I qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas (9.11.11) or the Ironman World Championships (10.8.2011), there is no question that we will be there. We might need to get a couple of roommates or have some bake sales or something, but we'll make it work!

So, lots of racing to be had in 2011 and no better person to prepare me than the one and only Dirkinator. Again, if it ain't broke.....I learned SO much from working with Dirk last year and I know there are leaps and bounds of improvements to be made. I trust him. I believe in his style. I love laughing at his German-isms and I especially love it when he reads my emails literally and takes them seriously when they are not. And I know that with his guidance, this will be the year that all those bike miles finally kick in!

So yeah. All is good around here....Except for the fact that it is Tuesday but all day I thought it was Thursday. LONGEST WEEK EVER!


runninggunner said...

Sounds like you've got some great plans for 2011.

D said...

Looks like we'll get to party at least once next year! Hopefully this time James can keep his shirt on :)

Christi said...

I love the race kit!

Congratulations on a great year and good luck with the coming year! I cannot wait to read all about your adventures!

Yasi said...

Your plan looks fantastic Beth. Maybe I'll have a bake sale over here to get me out west. I'm having the same problem with the days this weeek. I wasn't even in school on Monday and yesterday I was already wishing it was Friday! Ugh. Hope the week goes by fast for you.

RR said...

Great season - cant wait for IM Texas!

Triathlete23 said...

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Emz said...

That race season is amazing.

you rock.

allison said...

Awesome! I totally feel you on the longest week ever. It's only Wednesday morning?

bex said...

sounds like you have a great thing going on, beth!! i know you continue to inspire me.

I'll be there for the exciting enduro-weekend in February... choking your dust, that is.


keep up the awesome work!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Awesome plans. That is one hell of an outfit. You gals are hot and fast!

GZ said...

I know you like the tri thing and you gotta do what you love ...

... but I think you have a pretty good shot at getting into the OT trials for the Marathon in 12 if you want.

And most important, I think it is awesome that you and J-dub continue to love it and live it.

Coach Joe said...

Looks like an amazing 2011 ahead for you. Best wishes. I'll enjoy following your journey. Oh, love the lululemon wear. I'm an ambassador for lulu and really like their line. :)