Sunday, January 30, 2011

blood, sweat, and big gears

It's been one of those weeks where there has been so much going on and so much I want to post, but one thing at a time. 

On Friday, I headed to The Wolf Studio in Solana Beach for a cycling blood lactate test. Alan and Corina have a really nice setup there and they are total pros. They've been doing this forever in Europe and recently moved here to open up their sports performance center. The testing and entire experience was top notch. Check them out on facebook too! 
Ok, back to me :). I thought I was going to head in, pedal, get some blood taken and head out... Then, coach Dirk showed up to surprise me and see me in pain (how thoughtful :)!) . Dirk is more involved in my training than ever. He is super in-tune with where I am at and where I want to go this year and that is huge. 

So this is how the testing went....(pictures courtesy of Alan at the Wolf Studio...quite the photographer!) 

Hop on and warm up easy for 10 minutes

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Pedal fast- keep the cadence up!

Every three minutes- your finger gets pricked to draw blood. The blood is tested by a machine for the percentage of  blood lactate.

Pedal harder, pedal faster, every 3 minutes the watts increase by 25. Btw- like the new wheels? Reynolds is sponsoring the Nytro racing team this year- SWEET!
get in the zone. don't let up! See "the Man" in the background. 
More pricking and turning up the intensity until you can't handle it anymore. Apparently, I can keep pedaling until my blood lactate percentage is 13.7.. that is A LOT. however, that has nothing to do with my actual performance on the test. 

We spent some time checking out the data after the test.

What did we find? Well, let's just say that there are wide open spaces just waiting to be filled with some serious improvement. The good news? Well, honestly., there wasn't too much. I did not miraculously turn into a cycling superstar just by taking this test. BUT, looking on the bright side there is some good news:
1) We've got a nice baseline going into the 2011 season. I'm stoked to return to the Wolf  Studio in six months so see  what gains I have made
2) I have an amazing coach that is committed to helping me make those gains and cut my losses on the bike and 
3) This was a good reminder that when all else fails- at least i can run 'em all down :) 

James got his dose of pain too. Check out his blog for the deets....


Heidi Austin said...

sounds painful in so many ways... and so jealous of all the cool testing centers you have in cali... jealous!!

Teresa said...

As if that test isn't bad enough....and the "D" has to show up...please!!!

You are going to rock 2011 and i will be cheering for you like crazy!


Christi said...

You go girl! I think you are also going to rock 2011!

GoBigGreen said...

At least you didnt have to wear a mask and have a tube sticking out of it, maybe finger pricking isnt any better:) Good job Beth!

kerrie said...

i just have to say that Dirk doesn't look overly impressed in the second to last pic...and as for James, it looks like he's all baby-oiled up for the photo shoot, lol.
after all this biking, i don't think you are going to have to worry about running anyone down!

kristinschleicher said...

dude I think your hubs was on my flight OAK to SD last night... I was tempted to ask but I thought it might be weird... yes? no?

MissFancyPants said...

I would probably pass really looks interesting!