Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going Up!

That is the only way to go from here....UP! I lost a sufficient amount of fitness from October to January && properly placed myself in a position where every workout = progress!
Part of going up includes climbing up all the hills we can find out here. Just keep going up up up.

Going up Part 1
One of my very first athlete-friends, Bethany, is also going up. Sadly, she's going up to Northern California for a too-good-to-pass-up job opportunity. I met Bethany in 2007, when I first joined San Diego Track Club, before I met James. We've pushed each other through many-a riding and running adventure. Last week, we enjoyed our last ride together for a while- and it just happened to include three times up the biggest hill around. GOING UP!

We met some amazed folks at the top of Double Peak. They couldn't believe we had ridden bicycles up the hill (even once!) They asked to sit on our bikes, took pictures, lifted them to see how heavy they were, etc. it was awesome. They treated us like we were Lance Armstrong!
Here is one of our fans checkingout Bethany's s bike :) , Bethany in the background. She thinks he looks like "The skinny neighbor dude on King of the Hill". I've never seen it.

Thanks to those fun new friends at the top of Double Peak to remind us that what we do is pretty darn cool!

Going up part 2

The first full week of Ironman training is now complete and I'm confident that UP we will go. CoachDirk has been excellent and is even more involved in my training than ever. On Thursday, he came down to Rehab United's Sports Performance Center to watch the biweekly beatdown of weights and functional strength. I thought it was awesome that he was interested in seeing what we do down there (since it's hard to explain!). It's also very cool that Bryan (RU) and Dirk are collaborating to help James & I be the best we can. Goes without saying that we're super lucky.

Another advantage of having my coach local is that I get to try to whip him into shape! I realize I'm going to have a lot of long aerobic rides on the schedule and I don't want to always (or often) get caught up in the group go-go-go mentality (like Saturday, but that is a whole different post...I planned a "mellow" group "endurance" ride that ended up being a hammerfest and I got dropped quite quickly. It was funny/ironic because I had organized the whole thing and about 20 people showed up and then I ended up solo!)
Point being, I don't want to be one of Joe Friel's Christmas Stars. SO, I recruited Dirk and Tati to get out there on a truly aerobic ride. Dirk's just getting back into it, so I don't know how happy he was 15 minutes in to the climb up Mt. Soledad, but the view from the top was worth it.
Me & Dirk & The Powerbar that saved him :)

the monument at the top of Mt. Soledad. Not sure what it is a monument to...Tati was going to google it...

Had a blast with both of them. I even let Dirk in on some of my training secrets, like what a "Muffin Ride" is. And, Dirk filled me up with many Dirk-isms (i.e. secret German training tips and life lessons in general). Hopefully many more days like this to come (not sure if he has caught on yet that my grand-master-plan is to whip him into shape to be my ride partner extraordinaire :) . And as for now, we're all GOING UP!


Christi said...

Great rides! Keep up the great Ironman Training!

krystyna47 said...

Your friend Bethany has the exact compression socks I've been looking for! (They are compressive, am I right?)
Where did she get them, do you know?? Anyway, thanks as always for the interesting blog reading. :)

rr said...

I kind of want to move. I love riding up to the top of Soledad, and cold weather = many more cute clothing options.

rr said...

Also I'm ignoring the TX question. Stalling, really.

Teresa said...

Awe! What fun....I am sure "the D" is enjoying every moment.....I can't wait to hear stories!


Michelle Simmons said...

I got dropped on the group ride this weekend as well! Nice to know I'm not the only one trying to actually ride aerobically right now. :)

GoBigGreen said...

Yes nobody needs a champion in January. Luckily snow and sub zero is keeping me right where i need to be, well not really, inside :(
My hubby laughed again ( pretty dang loud) at the latest video. He has been patiently waiting for James to talk more smack about Tri. Sorry honey, not this year!

endurancegirl said...

i'm so jealous you got to ride with Dirk!! I mentioned it to him and he said he got dropped on every hill....good for you girls :)

MissFancyPants said...

I just get jealous that you get to go riding outside during January - boo hiss...LOL

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