Monday, February 21, 2011

Training Camp

Hello from sunny Arizona California!
This week's "training camp" has gone grassroots, homegrown, downhome, stay-in-town and smash yourself. I have this entire week off school, so for months, we had planned a pretty cool trip- 4 days in Phoenix chez Tom, and then 3 days in Tucson at the Biscay-Twieselk Desert Oasis & Spa...I was bubbling over understatedly excited to ride new roads, run new trails, conquer new montains, and inhale the scent of 'fast cyclist' from those around me. (Is there one? Does it smell like chamois?)  

Anyhow, training camp in AZ was scratched last we because husband must stay in town for work. Which is totally understandable because one day we will be rolling in the big bucks because of 'sacrifices' like this, right? So last week I scrambled to muster up a last-minute getaway..The lure of training camp away from home was biting at me. I tried to recruit Tatiana to head to Kona with me, but in the end, I was destined to stay home...And so it is, that I have to face the realities of catching up on life-ly chores (take the car in, go to the dentist, maybe hit the DMV if I'm feeling aggressive). Woe is me to actually have to DO something besides train on my week off! Oh look, here is the laundry I get to fold right now! How many pieces of lululemon do you think are in there?

About two days worth of training clothes :) 

So, training camp. The forecast was pretty dismal for San Diego- LOTS of rain all week and highs only in the 50s. I was a grumpy wanna-be-pro-triathlete. But, knowing that the weather "forecast" in so cal is usually more of a weather "guess", I tried to stay positive...
Friday night big storms came through but we woke to sunshine. Bonus 5 hrs in the saddle and the Tour de Bris (There was a lot of junk in the road from last night's rain).
James telling the weatherman to "come see him"
Rain rain go away?
Follow that up with an hour run and call it a good day!
running down the WINDY  but sunny(!) coast past Swami's beach
Sunday's forecast again- rain. Again- storms at night, clear by morning. Time to back it up with a bigger day! 1 hour swim, 5 hour HILLY ride hanging on to James & Dirk, and then 50 minute run.
Coach Dirk and I earned our Starbucks! And no pastry for Dirk this week!
Not bad for a homegrown weekend right out my door. The plan this week is to ride as much as possible and put on that training load I can't normally do with my work schedule...It will be taken day-by-day with the weather, but things are looking up!
Next up, 2 hour run & masters swim today. I need to rest the cycling legs to get worked on Tuesday in east county with fast girls that make me shiver in my shimanos. I'm scared- please go easy on me, ladies!

If anyone wants to join in the pain cave for the rest of the week/weekend, let me know! I need some more "campers" - enrollment is low!


Teresa said...

love your attitude and hard work!! your training camp sounds like a blast and i am signing up for the next one that better be in less than a year cuz I can't wait that long!

Enjoy the week!!!


GoBigGreen said...

I would love to let me shovel out the latest addition to my driveway and i will be there ASAP:) have fun, wish i could make it:)

Sleeping in your own bed is ALWAYS best!

Shan said...

Pick me, Pick me!!! I'd give anything to be training outside right now...have a great week off from work!!!!

SSB said...

oh man, thanks for reminding me I have to go to the DMV.

endurancegirl said...

i'll be right over...and we can watch the bachelor tonight too! :) ahh, i wish!! instead i am in the palm springs airport going back to rain/sleet/snow seattle. l-a-m-e. 4 days of california sunshine and i'm ready to join the club!

Colleen Walseth said...

if Im feeling better ill join you on Wed!

Jill Costantino said...

Sounds AMAZING! Living the dream:)

MissFancyPants said...

I say you start your own camp and you can have us bloggers from all over come and join you!!
FYI - Recently did laundry and had about 80% lululemon...I think I need to go see someone on the addiction.

Christi said...

I hope you have a great week!

Matt said...

sounds like a great week, way to make the best of the weather conditions!

Thats alot of laundry..would hate to see the water bottle pile..

Charisa said...

Enjoy training camp!! Good to see you this am on the bike - had just started an interval, so figured I best not stop-mid-hill-set :)

Keep it up!!!