Monday, March 21, 2011

In Season!

One of my favorite parts about springtime in San Diego...

Fresh local strawberries!
Not only is it berry season, but it's triathlon season! It seems like a lot of people are taking their first dunk in open water and doing their first T1s and T2s of the year. In our house, race day is just around the corner. Two weeks until California 70.3 and as of yesterday, the "big" training for the race is done. (well maybe i need to at least try on my new Zoot Prophet wetsuit and head to the blue abyss....grrrrr!)

Now, I just need to play it safe and head in there sharp and fresh . Good thing I've got Dan the ART man in my corner- working out the junk! In case you didn't know, according to Dan, a good psoas should feel like a tender steak. Mine, apparently feels like one that was left to chargrill on the stove overnight. 
Dan- doing his work! 
 We're still hitting the strength workouts at RU's Sports Performance Center, but they will taper over the next week as well. Bryan has periodized our strength program and we just finished a nice "endurance" block (more reps, less weight, more functional full-body, more constantly-moving-aerobic stuff). Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to pump the iron, but life's not all that bad for James:

The boys bailed one day & James was "stuck" with Katya & Kristin
Over the next two weeks, we will gradually taper and fine tune for California 70.3. James & I are both getting super excited to race and we're hoping that all the rainy weather is coming now (it is!) rather than in two weeks. Hope all is well with everyone out there...Up next- another blog giveaway! Ok, now I am boring even myself. I apparently have nothing funny, witty, or interesting to say so I'll take off now. All this training may have cooked my brain. Am I turning into a dumb jock? If so, hopefully I'll be a smokin' fast dumb jock in 2 weeks!


Teresa said...

You are so ready girl!!! So excited to see you kill it!!

Running Bums said...

Woohoo it's racing season! Good luck and can't wait to see you guys kick ass!

Ingrid said...

Couldn't agree more about racing season! I took my wet suit out of hibernation last week and felt like a kid in a candy store. Good luck in the taper, almost to the finish line and even closer to the start line. Woohoo!

Yasi said...

Team Walsh is going to kick some major A in two weeks! It'll also soon be the end of the dreadfully long month of March and we can soon look forward to a break from work!

Christi said...

I can't wait to hear about your race. I believe Team Walsh is absolutely ready!

Jill Costantino said...

2 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks! You guys are going to ROCK out there! Looking forwarding to tracking online! GOOOOOOOO!

MissFancyPants said...

I can't wait to hear about it! I am sure you will be awsome@ I wish open water was ready in Jersey, hopefully in another month and half.

ajann0924 said...

you guys are going to do so awesome at cali 70.3. you both put in so much hard work.

def wish it was warm enough for OWS here in Philly, we had snow today, and possibly tomorrow, ugh.

Running and living said...

Enjoy the taper! You've worked SUPER hard and rest is all you need to crash the competition. Can't wait:)

Aha said...

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Shawn and Tracy said...

You have put in some great training and I'm so excited to see you race! Best of luck and hopefully I will be there cheering you on! On a side note, cut up a fresh strawberry into your yummy!

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