Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day in the spring break life...

I'll spare you yesterday's glamour of passport renewal, the dentist, two trips to the grocery store, laundry, blah blah blah and get to the good stuff....but first, say "AH!"
Yes, I really did that when the hygenist wasn't looking!

That was yesterday, back to TODAY! Today was, for me, what spring break is all about. It's no secret that I take any 3-day weekend or week off of work to fit in a training camp-like block. This works for me because it let's me pile on the miles and then when it's back to work, I rest and don't worry about having limited week-day training time. On typical work weeks, I probably work out less than people think I do. I do some targeted intervals and such, but no long monster sessions. Just typical stuff. I save the big days for weekends and other days off. 
Today was a goodie and pretty typical for one of my bigger days of "camp".

I slept in a bit (6am) and then was in the pool by 6:30am. I missed the warm-up and hopped straight into 5x200s on my base interval, then a broken mile of 3x100, 2x200, 300, 2x200, 3x100, a couple 50s kick and then 1000 straight pull w./ paddles and a buoy by myself. Knocked out 3700scy in just under an hour, hit the jacuzzi for 3 minutes to warm up, showered at the Y, threw on my bike kit,  and hit the road.

I had a cycling date with Julie, Brian, Noko,  & Lynn out in the mountains of east county. I can ride and run from my house by the coast, but there are about a billion stoplights and lots of traffic to get anywhere decent. On most days, we still ride from home for convenience. But, when I have the time, the trek to east county (about 30 minute drive) is well worth it. I can ride for 100 miles without ever unclipping. Today we had a climbfest- over 6,000ft in just under 4 hours including 2 hour-long climbs. Ooch! But, wow...crisp fresh air, open roads, and great company made the miles fly.
Skyline Truck Trail...So pretty you forget how much your legs burn..almost.

When we got back to the cars, Julie and I headed out for a 30-minute t-run before the Starbucks "reward" at the finish. Ahhhhhh......

It was already almost 2pm, so I hopped in the car and headed to RU Sports Performance Center for a strength session, making a quick pit stop to pick up something pretty for my weekend host- more on that later! I was pretty worked from the 3 earlier workouts, but determined to fit in a good strength session before heading out of town for the weekend. I lift 2 times per week at RU and really try not to skip any except for race weeks.

It was mentally challenging to buck up for this last workout, but I'm  glad I went. A great session of pain made just for me...and Alexa, whoever that is...she wasn't there when I was.
Can u crack the RU code? Thanks, Bry, for taking it a lil easier on me today! 

After the RU beat down, I was HUNGRY! Slater calls me "volume monster" on my break camps (though my volume is nothing compared to his Ultraman & epic adventure races)- and it was time to feed the monster! James and I are making a push to fit a lot of plant power into our diets over the next six weeks, so I was torn. I was craving frozen yogurt, and well, I had worked out for over six hours! BUT, we had a deal to try to make at least one green shake per day and I hadn't had mine yet. I WANTED frozen yogurt, but I felt like I SHOULD have the green protein shake.

So, at the advice of Beth on twitter, I decided to go for both :)
A tiny yogurt to get me through the Interstate 5 North "parking lot" of afternoon traffic.
And then a green monster in the Vitamix when I got home.
Almond milk, L-glutamine, hemp protein, local strawberries, kale, beet greens, spirulina, chlorophyll, and (horror!) a packet of splenda.. 
More gray than green I suppose
 Now, I've got to deal with the aftermath of a 4 workout day

No room for passengers in this front seat...Non-caffeinated beverages need not apply

So that's it, a razzle dazzle day in the life when I'm off work. Rinse, repeat as necessary and you've got yourself a home-grown training camp! 

Once I unpack today, I need to re pack for a weekend of riding, riding, more riding, and some running out in the Arizona desert...Next update from Tucson!


Matt said...

Sounds like a killer day, impressive! and a little jealous, only 2 hour climb we have is still under the snow..
chlorophyll...more like borafill..sorry couldnt resist! Have fun in Tucson this weekend! sounds like some big rides are in store...

J.P. Patrick said...

Yum... a grey monster. Just finished organic juice and smoothie development at the new place. Get that boy and come see me!

Beth said...

I'm glad you went for both!! Very clearly the right answer...especially seeing as how small that fro-yo is. :)

Awesome training!! And I'm sure it will continue in Arizona; have fun with more volume in the sun!!!

Oh, and the car? Mine looks exactly the same after a day of living out of it. :)

Christi said...


Charisa said...

Have a great spring break!! :)

R. said...

Ahhhh I feel like much less of a weirdo after reading your blog! Most of our family and friends think we have serious issues. Long weekend, time off or even taking a day off means BIG TIME TRAINING! That loop looks amazing. In OC we have some long bike paths but they are by in large flat. I usually try looping back up Santiago Canyon, but most of our truck trails are all mtn bike only.

Teresa said...

love how you are getting it all in (frozen yogurt and all)!


GoBigGreen said...

I cant tell you how much fun that sounds! And not to whine ( but i will) I just wish we had more than 3 mos to put that sorta day together. Not that i cant do it all in 30 deg weather i just dont want to:)