Monday, April 11, 2011

not so Gran Fondo

Sunday was the Gran Fondo San Diego...a first class cycling event in SD the way the euros do it...lots of style, a little flash, and lots of wine & prosecco. The event is sponsored by Colnago bicycles, and as Colnago is Nytro Women's bike sponsor...we got the VIP treatment. 2 years ago, this was my first century ever! (I just re-read that post and laughed as I said, " also decided that for me, century rides in general are like disneyland. it's fun to go, like once a year. its an all day event, you'll be tired and hot, but its worth it. however, who wants to go to disneyland a couple times a month? i really admire those who sit their butts in the saddle for that long week after week...but i'll admire from afar." Not quite sure I stuck to that plan! 

Back to this year....
The day started on the line, leading out the Ducatis & Ferraris.....

Kristin ready to chase that Ferrari

molly, me, kristin, julie, & sara ready to roll! 

All was grand and going smoothly until mile 8-ish. A launched water bottle over some train tracks caused Julie to go down HARD. A bloody nose, aching head, and some killer road rash (that looked way worse in person)...and she got back on the bike

One of the many battle wounds she sustained. Worst part was her pretty new kit was in shreds!

Seconds later, Polly's rear tire literally CAME OFF. and was hanging by the chain. She skidded all over the place. We thought all was well until 5 miles later, she flatted. Turns out she had shredded her tire and needed a whole new tire. Julie's hubby John to the rescue (how many rides has he saved? The guys has EVERYTHING) and he had a whole spare tire for Polly. 

We finally made it to the rest stop at the Olympic Training Center, when Polly & Lori both realized their rears were flat. Seriously? Luckily, super mechanic Greg was there and changed them quick and good. However, we are still only one hour into a 6 hour ride people! and that one hour had turned into two hours. 

After that it was smooth sailing. We climbed up, up, up, Honey Springs all the way to the top of the Great Western Loop- 6300 feet of up. I was so excited to descend and have down/flat for the last half of the ride. Oh, it certainly was my lucky day- we were treated to 50 miles of STRONG headwind heading home. I hung tough and even pulled several groups of people (yes, me! ) around Otay Lakes.
Actually, scratch that...I hung tough until the last 10 miles. Then, Polly & I weren't tired, we weren't bonking, we were just over it. so we soft pedaled and gossiped until the finish. 

107 miles later and I sure was happy to see the VIP tent with plenty food & booze. 

Sara....don't mind if I do...
A long day in the saddle, but another bail of hay in that Texas barn. And in the end, it took a while (over 8.5 hours "elapsed" time for 6.5 something hours ride time), but everyone made it home (mostly) in one piece. be safe out there on your bicycles!


Christi said...

Wow, that sounds like a rough ride. I hope everyone heals well!

Teresa said...

Ouch!!! Glad everyone is on the mend.


Libby said...

what an adventure! wow! I think I would have quit after THAT much going wrong in the first hour lol... btw so jealous of your kits! they rock!

Matt said...

I should have gone to San Diego this year. Instead I stayed and rode theFront Runner Century. It was brutal 62.1 miles in rain, snow, and wind. The average temp was 36 degrees. Next year I am going back to San Diego.

ADC said...

Wow, that sounds awesome. Apart from that bad luck for the ladies.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Hah, so when Julie and I touched base Sunday night about training she failed to mention she was bunged up!!! And I remember that first century ride of yours. What a ball and a good laugh becuase I so remember you saying those things and now you log more miles than anyone else.