Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today was smashing in more ways than one. A leisurely wake up call straight into a seven hour long smashfest. Close to 6 hours and over 105 miles riding with team Tucson (Hillary & Maiki- better known as the German Cycling Machine)...We rode out to Kitt Peak. It's about 40 miles to get to the base and then 12 miles up up up...We let the boys ride ahead and used the 12 miles as a gossip/therapy session which made it fly by. Much more entertaining then Lemmon!
The bottom of Kitt Peak
Maiki, Hillary, and my finger...near the top. 

Seriosuly? my pose is ridiculous. I apologize.

We got home in the heat of the day (98 degrees!) and set out for a 70 minute t-run. This was not one of my finer or more beautiful moments of running as I slogged along quite slowly. But, for some reason, through the hills, and heat, and dehydration- I was still loving it! 

Then, just when I most needed it, the Ice man delivered! Thanks, CAT! Ice baths & naps for all!

We topped off the night with a perfect dinner al fresco at Maynard's Kitchen. 

Keepin' it euro style...Espresso for dessert.

Ok, it's past 10 pm AGAIN. 3 nights in a row is for sure a record for me. Tomorrow is one last ride then home again. We "forgot" to swim this trip, but the riding & running make up for it, right?


Sue said...

knew you would have a smashed wkn! Sounds fun and hard. Dream are doing it well! xo

Shawn and Tracy said...

Sounds like an awesome spring break trip.Best of luck in your next race....I have a feeling it's going to be something impressive...cause that's how you roll ;-)

GoBigGreen said...

Tucson is made for riding and running. The pools are too hot:) Thanks for sharing i am living vicariously thru you this weekend as we are freezing our tails off here.

Teresa said...

So awesome all around ;)


Christi said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend!

IAN said...

I am jealous you got to go to Kit Peak!! Sounds like a good weekend and training is going good.

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