Friday, April 15, 2011

Tucson take 2!

Back in February, James and I had plans to roll out to Tucson for a few days to visit with Hillary & Maiki and log some quality cycling miles. Last minute, plans were cancelled and I moped a bit, but got over it by recruiting friends at home to play "camp".

Time for some spring break redemption! This week, James ended up being able to take a last minute day off and last night we made the trek out to T-town! This ends up being perfect timing as Ironman Texas is in 5 WEEKS!!! And it is going to be HOT HOT HOT. Good thing it's in the 90's out here...yee haw!

James gives T-Town 2 thumbs up. Or, he would if he wasn't holding his phone. 

Day 1 so far has been the best! First of all, I had the best night's sleep last night at the Biscay-Twieselk Desert Oasis Resort & Spa. I may never leave.

When I woke up this morning, fully rested, we all enjoyed some coffee and computer time..And then, off to the trails! James, Hillary and I hit some of Tuscon's finest (and rockiest) paths. And within 10 minutes I took a mega digger. Blood everywhere, a couple minutes to collect myself and we were back on track :)
Double mint!
After the run, we hit the casa for some quick breakfast and then James and I drove off in search of Mt. Lemmon! We'd been hearing of the 25 mile climb for years.It. was. awesome. And REALLY long. Since I climbed alone (James went ahead), I had to entertain myself, which gets old at about mile 18... But we had perfect weather for the climb and the descent.
At one spot on Lemmon looking down
At the top, we skipped the famous cookie cabin....I thought I had spied some frozen yogurt at the bottom where we parked our car.


It was called KONABeri..Hello! I had to have some  :)

James couldn't resist...

Back at the Oasis, we whipped up a Vegan feast for our hosts: Butternut squash & black bean enchiladas with avocado/mango/spinach salad. good times and now it's past my bedtime. These pros stay up late! Goodnight...more tomorrow if I'm not too hobbled to type. It's going to be a big day!


Terrish B said...

YAY! glad you are having a BLAST!!

Bria said...


Jennifer Harrison said...

LEMMON is the best ever. SO glad you had your virgin trip up there! Keep enjoying Tucson for sure!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Yeah! So happy for take two. Mt. Lemon looks awesome. I so want the recipe for the vegan squash enchiladas. Yum! Sorry about the dinger, ouch.