Sunday, May 1, 2011

Triple what?

This weekend was the beginning of the LONG taper for Ironman Texas (our long taper is really just a 2 week sharpening phase, still with lots of work (very specific work), and then a 10 or so day actual taper when it feels like you're not working out as long or much). Now, this Sat/Sun, we still had a little over 10 hours of workouts, but it really seemed like "only" 10 hours in our crazy little messed up world.

Saturday was the workout that had been looming on the schedule that I knew was going to require mind over matter. It didn't "look" too hard on paper, but something told me not to trust that paper. The workout was a brick where, after a warm up, we had a certain amount to ride (20k) and then a 5k run off the bike THREE times. Sounds not too bad, right? Well, with the wattages (is that a word?) and paces we were trying to hit, this turned out to be the toughest workout of the season.

James and I headed to Fiesta island. It was great to have him there, even if he was about a mile ahead of me all day. It was just nice to know that someone was suffering in my general vicinity along with me. Fiesta island is a wicked little 4 mile loop that looks harmless enough, but can suck the life out of almost anyone with it's ripping headwind and unchanging scenery. Do enough loops here and its time to question your sanity. But its an uninterrupted 4 mile flat stretch that is perfect for time trials of any sort
this is supposed to show how its really windy. eh, doesn't look so bad.

The results of the workout were half "fine" and half good. It was one of those days that I reminded myself that it's not about each individual workout, it's the sum of all workouts that will get you that Race Day Magic. Not that I'm justifying that it was okay to miss my power numbers on the bike, but I gave it what I could on that day in that place. And, let's face it. When, I'm not in a race, holding "race-like" numbers is reeeeaaaally hard for me- I just can't get that eye of the tiger for my lonesome self doing crazy repetitive loops of some barren island. Instead of thinking, "I should go faster! Nail it!" I start thinking, "What's for lunch? Why am I doing this again? Riding in circles.... really?  mmm....smells like chargrilled burgers...these people on the beach are having WAY more fun than I am.." Anyway, those thoughts were mostly during the bike portions of this episode in workout mania. I had some nice glimmers of hope each time the run came around, and was able to hold just under 20 minute 5ks off the bike within a given heart rate zone. That, I like.

So, the workout was "fine" and I was happier than ever when it was over (and my partner in crime was as well!). Thank freaking goodness. I'll take a 5 hour ride and one hour t-run any day! The real joy is that we get to do this workout again next weekend. BUT, the reps go down (can I get a "woot!") and I know that with a little less to wrap my head around, I will nail it next time.

quick recovery soak. glad its over. the SOAS tri kit was perfect for this workout. 

So, 3 weeks until Ironman Texas! The real long stuff is over (except for a couple 2-ish hour runs I just noticed on my schedule this week) and it's time to sharpen and hone that Ironman pace with lots of race specific workouts. I also have a couple bigger swims to get under my belt. I've been consistent with swimming masters 3 to 4 days a week and my swim feels solid, but I have yet to log ANY swim over 4,000-ish yards and I know I need a couple of these for confidence. I saw a 4x1500 main set swim on the schedule. Huh? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 
Other than that, dishes are done! Looking forward to the big taper in about 10 days. (Can I get another "Woot! Woot!"?) 


Beth said...

Woot woot!! :)

4x1500? Ouch!!! Great work Beth! So excited for you to nail IMTX in a HUGE way!

Libby said...

go girl!!! you got this. sounds familiar. I wanted to cry when I saw the 4x1500's. It was at the end of the hardest weekend dirk has ever given me and I got finished with 125 miles/15 mi run sat, 115 mile bike sunday and sat down on the floor and passed out. then the pool closed while I was collapsed on my tile floor. oops.

Running Bums said...

Totally agree--it's so much better to have someone to suffer with! Even if they are too far ahead to even check out their backside ;)

Matt said...

almost there, getting stoked for you 2! yeah, I know that 3x one well too..that middle one was the hardest for me..but the last one you know its last :) 4 x breaks in bwtn?

Jordan said...

Nice work. One of Chris Hauth's favorite workouts to *teach pacing* is the Dave Scott Triple Brick... 20mi ride, 5mi run, 20mi ride, 4mi run, 20mi ride, 3mi run... takes a lot of focus.

You guys will be strong for Texas!

Heidi Austin said...

so excited for you to race texas! definitely considering signing up for this race next year. can't wait to hear how it goes.... hope your taper goes well.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Can't wait to track you in Texas. Nice outfit too! You didn't swim in that water did you?

chris mcpeake said...

group suffering is always better then being alone