Monday, June 6, 2011

it's all relative

Last weekend I got to spend some quality time (27 hours of it!) with my family on the east coast. I have blogged here before about how my family is the coolest, but they really are. We're a  motley crew with vastly different strengths and interests, but we get along great and LOVE our time together. Dinner conversations with the fam are NEVER dull.

The occasion was Jennifer's college graduation from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

My pretty sister! Yes, I know I will be over-wearing this dress this spring. Yes, I also know my sister and I look nothing alike...okay,technically she's my step-sister, but all sister to me.

Now that Jenny is out, my parents are finally without-child-in-college for the first time in FIFTEEN years! All four of us kids graduated from great schools and were encouraged to follow our "calling" or lack there-of. My eldest sister Erica, was the enginerd brain at Cornell. She later remembered she is the most compassionate human on the planet and went back to nursing school. Brother is the music genius who went to NYU's music recording program.  I was the one who wasted several years partying too much while getting good grades & not being sure what I wanted to do at Vanderbilt (before figuring it out and spending 4 more years in grad school). Now, Jenny joins the team as our resident family artist. I'd like to give credit to us kids for making it through higher education without too much trouble, but I'm quite certain at least 50 percent credit goes to Dad & Marsha for supporting us every step of the way.

My visit to Providence, RI was short and sweet- A red eye from San Diego on Friday night, graduation and partying on Saturday, and a return flight Sunday afternoon. (After waking up early for the sketchiest run of my life. Note to self: STOP running outside unfamiliar cities by yourself! This run was such a bad decision that I actually called my sister midway so she knew my whereabouts.)

This morning (Monday),  I even rallied myself awake at 5am for masters (Where I swam in the 1:25 lane the whole time!!!), a productive day at work, and a hardcore session at Rehab United post-work. This got me thinking....hmmm...two transcontinental flights and some partying are not asnearly as tough for me as a hard weekend of Ironman training. It's all relative...or maybe I'm becoming tougher. Which got me further thinking about ranking some tough things you can do on the weekend. If you were ever wondering about where Ironman training ranks on the "how much it wrecks you scale", I have an answer (or MY answers...we may agree to disagree) ...


1. Getting a manicure, walking the dog, and going on a chatty run with girlfriends
2. Saturday trip to Costco & throwing a SuperBowl Sunday party
3. Doing your taxes & running a 10-k
4. 8-hour Half Ironman training weekend
5. Bridesmaiding for a weekend at a destination 3-4 hours drive away
6. 2 transcontinental flights, minimal sleep, some beers
7. 10-hour Ironman training weekend
8. Sherpa-ing (not racing)  a full Ironman
9. 15-hour Ironman training weekend
10. Moving your apartment with a friend and a U-Haul

What kinds of things do you think are tougher than Ironman training? For me, I'd also put "cleaning my house" at 8.5,  but I know my allergies to house cleaning are worse than most so I left it off.


Terrish B said...

Beth :) Thanks for making me smile!! I love your post.... I am so happy for your family. I am very proud of everything that you have accomplished and still continue to accomplish... all while staying beautiful and smiley!! Hugs from afar... T

GZ said...

Providence has a great rail to trail bike path that goes around the bay.

Love the list ... there are a couple I could sneak in there in my own version that would include camping with cub scouts.

As always, enjoy your posts and your living it.

beth said...

GZ- camping with the cubscouts. HOLY. 9.5 at least!!!

Running Bums said...

Great! We have to move next month! I guess I will have to grow some lady balls for that one!

MissFancyPants said...

Sounds like a great family weekend! I would say since I haven't trained for an ironman but only a half as of yet - toughest yet - running a 3 day meeting with clients, while trying to fit in training session at the crack of dawn at a hotel and still having to keep up with the big boys having drinks/dinner after meeting, working on your computer at the room AFTER drinks while having to have your brain on 24/7 - classify that as a 9.5

Beth said...

Your list made me laugh. I'd likely put cleaning my house at least at an 8.5. Luckily like you I have a very good husband who puts up with this (and does more than his share).

Yasi said...

I'd definitely have to put all four classes of my special ed kids in one day very high on the list, especially right before a long weekend or break. Impossible. I love that dress, keep rockin' it! And, you have an awe-inspiring family. I always say the same thing about my half-sisters - they may be my half sisters, but I full love them.
Way to go.

SixTwoThree said...

Well, there may not be a huge family resemblance, but this pic seems to show similar mannerisms I believe. Cute post! Girl, if I'd known you were going to Providence, I would've warned you! Since I haven't done an IM, it's all new territory to me. I'm imagining it might be up there with throwing a garage sale in a heat wave to raise money for an injured friend's rehab. Or writing a 270-page book about nanotechnology, inorganic chemistry, physics, and microbiology in three months when you know nothing about any of those subjects!!!

Mer! said...

This post is so true!! It's all perspective.

I'll be honest, people always talk about training for Ironman and labor and maybe it's because my labor was easy (only 15 minutes of actual pushing :), BUT....there has been nothing to tire me more than Ironman training. And I have a toddler!!!

I don't know what it is, but something about the training that just left me absolutely wiped.

That being said, with a 4:50 a.m. toddler wake-up call this morning, my six mile run closely resembled the "feel" of Ironman training!!

Congrats again on your races this year!!!!

kristinschleicher said...

hey, nice to meet you yesterday! shoot me a FB message if you ever want someone to tag along on a ride :)

endurancegirl said...

i love your blog--you are so entertaining!!
i have to say, i'm with you on the house cleaning being AT LEAST an 8.5. :)