Thursday, June 23, 2011

on Island Time...

This week has been all about doing the stuff I rarely get to do for nine months...

Sleeping in until 7.
Eating salads or shakes or something other than a microwaved sweet potato w/ cottage cheese for lunch.
Bikini (noon) masters swim.
A real solid NAP.
Magazine by the pool.
Running 16 miles at noon instead of after work.
Mani/Pedi afternoon. (Where, by the way, I got 2 acrylic big toe nails to replace my missing ones! They look so real. Seriously!)
And generally being on Island time. Stuff happens when it happens, if worries, mon!

The list. goes. on. I'll stop here before you start hating me too much. One of the highlight's of the week was Tuesday's 8am date for an east county (HILLS) ride and run with Julie.
Whose ridden this road? Awesome, eh?
 8am? No stoplights for 3 hours straight? Don't mind if I do. This is the life!

Although I was carefree, SOME of us had to work...Julie did a little bizness on her phone while I knocked out my first interval. This pic would be a good cell phone commercial. Great reception out there:)
 Then she showed me how to apply stage makeup while riding a bicycle.

Her cycling kit is awesome, eh? Of course it's another Betty Designs number. Don't you think you deserve one? You are working all summer, slaving away, while jerks like me are flaunting their summer-o-fun right before your eyes! The nerve!
Well, if you want to browse...go to and if you can't resist - use the discount code bettygirlwalsh for 10% off any order....  But, since this blog post is just plain MEAN, I'm cooking up a giveaway with Kristin (better known as Betty) to redeem myself.. A tanktop, wristband, and water bottle - 3 of my fave betty items... But first I need to think of a darn contest (that is not too difficult). Next week, I am going sailing in the British Virgin Islands..Maybe whoever can guess how many Painkillers I drink on vaca? Hmmmm...nope, trying to keep it triathlon related...And you know, I'm trying to relax here. No need to strain my brain. I'll keep thinking slowly.
Off for a bike ride!


Running and living said...

Oh, I have a husband who has summers off, so all my hatred goes toward him:) How about a contest on who had the suckiest, most painful heat induced puking run in a half ironman? I' be a top contender. Just kidding. Enjoy your summer and can't wait to read so winning race reports!

A World of Gratitude said...

I beg to differ. Working with students of any age is a never-ending reality during the school year that some understand, and those who don't... well, they would if they ever spent a day in our shoes!

With my MS kiddos tucked into summer, I've...

*run on trails I haven't in a long, long time

*spent an afternoon kayaking on the bay

*successfully had outside training time 3 days in a row (yoga teacher training plus school crazed up the schedule!)

*co-taught my first yoga class

*planned a bunch of future yoga classes

*leisurely made granola; quinoa-apple-lemon salad; grocery shopped mid-day

*researched recipes at a decent hour for Saturday

*made it to a 6:30 meditation class (with an hour drive there)

*watched my mint plant grow

*enjoyed every moment, and slowly accepted that this... is what is needed to refuel my body, mind, and spirit for August/September- to next June

Enjoy each moment. Thank you, too, for the post! It's a smile in the heart of understanding! :-)

Beth said...

Oh, no one should hate you, teachers work harder than ANYONE during the year, you deserve your summer off. I work hard now but not as hard as I did when I taught public high school.

MissFancyPants said...

boo hiss...haha - I can't hate you-I work at home....I would never be able to go back to an actual job that has a "schedule" time of being in. Enjoy your time off, I am sure you earned it.

Libby said...

have fun in the bvi. we used to live in st. john and neil is there right now working for the summer. you teachers kill me :) have fun and have TOO many painkillers- try one with meyers instead of pussers. much better :)

wqkar said...

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