Tuesday, July 5, 2011

...and we're back

It was a typical Gerdes family vacation...too many similarities to the Griswolds, several last-minute decision paralysis incidents that involved driving the boat in circles, plenty of good times around the dinner table, and happy hour started every day at 3pm.

We set sail from Road Town, Tortola and hit 7 or 8 of the British Virgin Islands in one week...basically a perfect vacation (unless you are 4 months pregnant with twins a la my sister, Erica). Sailboats and pregnant people really don't mix. The boats are a bit precarious in strong wind and have multiple surfaces from which to slip, and fall. Not to mention, the constant rocking and claustrophobia must be really awesome for a nautious pregnant lady. Big props to my sister, Erica, for putting up with it all and acting like she was having fun.

3 weeks out from Vineman 70.3 is not the ideal time to take a week off  my bike and go with the flow (rather than a plan) for running & swimming, but I enjoyed the recovery and even with very minimal training, my family still thinks I'm psycho for even venturing out on the islands during vacation. Truth-be-told, those hours running (slash hiking) the hillier-than-thou islands were my mini vacation from them :) . Just kidding, family, i love you!

And now.....two weeks until Vineman 70.3. Can't wait! I'm going to try to sneak in some solid training over the next week and then have a quick/short & sweet taper for the race. It may not be my best race ever since I've been cooling it off a good deal since IM Texas, but as long as I beat Tatiana, I'll be happy. Because if I do, she has to take James & I to dinner. I'm thinking French Laundry.

Proof I took a vacation:
airplane snacks...the carribean is not close to california! 

Me & my acrylic big toenails. By Thursday, I hit one on a rock and it fell off. 

Dad at the helm. 



The "kids" at The Baths on Virgin Gorda

The Baths

The Cap'n and his crew

Me and Katie

Bitter End Yacht Club

Dan  & pregnant Erica

Jen & Marsha

Katie :)


KTFitness said...
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ktfit said...

Love this blog post, because it brings back memories when I was in the BVI in March 2010! It is such a beautiful chill place, and we went to a lot of the same places, like Bitter End Yacht Club, and The Bathes, and we had Pain Killers at Jost Van Dyke, and lots more. It's a great mid-season break from triathlon!

Teresa said...

What a blast! Sounds like the perfect mid-season break! You will still rock vineman and be perfectly ready for the big dance in Kona!!! Oh yeah!

Christi said...

What a great vacation!

GoBigGreen said...

welcome back! we went into those caves at the VG bathes and it sorta freaked me out bc i kept thinking NOW would NOT be the time for a seismic event:)
I dont like rum but i managed to like it in the US and BVI's!

Libby said...

sooooo jealous. sandy spit is my favorite place on earth!! you guys know how to do the VI right :) neil's still on st. john working his tail off but enjoying the view. happy vineman build!

Stephen Born said...

French Laundry is booked up the minute you can make reservations (3 months out?).

Both Shannon and I love Bouchon, which is both in Yountville and also owned by Thomas Keller, and you shouldn't have any trouble getting reservations or at worst, wait long for a table as a walk-in.

SixTwoThree said...

Dad got the helm. Erica definitely took the podium! I grew up sailing on a 27' sloop w/a family of six. Sounds familiar ;-)

Matt said...

French Laundry fo sho! My favorite cook book!