Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make like a grape and CRUSH it!

You know, life really is TOUGH around here, so I need to get away.
exhibit A:

Moonlight Beach afternoon

You know, it's really hard to apply sunscreen absolutely perfectly AND when there are only 4 trashy magazines and 9 ladies lounging on the beach, there are bound to be some cat fights. When, oh when, will life cut me some slack? :)

Taper time is in full effect (even if it's only 3 or 4 days). In regular pre-race ritual fashion, I headed to Best Nails to get my best nails, d'uh! Tatiana is still delusional, thinking she will beat me and trying to steal my Race Day Magic secrets, so she joined me for her first EVER mani/pedi. Too bad for her wallet, she loved it. Between her new mani/pedi habit and the Encinitas Whole Foods, she's in trouble!

Pretty in Pink!

Other than that, I'm off to pack for the big week ahead. It starts with Vineman 70.3 and ends with a few extra days at a Healdsburg, CA cottage so James and I can relax, float in the Russian River, enjoy wine (& beer) country and ride bicycles.
Our little cottage- 3 blocks to Bear Republic Brew Co for James

See you next from Sonoma, CA! Vineman 70.3 is on Sunday and I'm stoked to ride and run through the Vineyards and look for a PR on that course. Also, James & I organized a post-race get-together at Russian River Brewing Company on Sunday eve post-race 'round 6pm. Come one come all! Let me know if you need details. 


SSB said...

good luck this weekend! don't tell too many people about the pre-race pedi/mani it's been my secret for years.

Man I wish I were going this year. So bummed I had to cancel. All the cool kids are there. Well, except those of us cool kids from Hawaii who aren't.

R said...

Have fun while you're in NorCal! I'll be out there in two weeks to volunteer for the full Vineman/Barb's so I'll miss seeing you.

Christi said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope the race goes well and that you have some nice relaxing down time after it is over!

Kim said...

um why cant me and my friends look like you and your friends at the beach?! holy sixpacks!!! aw, i will miss vineman this year - good luck!

Yasi said...

You're going to do awesome this weekend! I just can't jump on the pedi bandwagon, I'm too scared that the callouses I built up will be shod leaving me prone to bad blisters!
Excited for the RR.

MissFancyPants said...

This is gonna be too much fun!!! Can't wait!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

So much summer fun! Good job capitalizing. Best of luck this weekend and have fun hanging out up north. Looking forward to the race report.

TATI said...

You mean make like a grape and BE crushed. Grapes dont do the crushing. :D