Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LOVEly August

August has started out pretty darn perfectly. Last week I put together another very solid week of swim bike run including a nice Fri-Sunday block of 240 miles of riding (with some runs and swims)...I had the lovely Miss Katya Meyers as a partner-in-pain for the entire weekend, which was extra special as it was her birthday!

It was really a four-sport weekend as we did a lot of SWIM-BIKE-RUN-PARTY! Friday night was Katya's b-day party and Saturday night we attended Sonja and Blaize's unreal and so freaking beautiful hilltop wedding. It was great to see their love shine through all night long- they were glowing and so were all the people they brought together.

Despite spending 30 or so hours with Katya, there is no photo evidence...but we do have a couple from the wedding...

Of course had my compression shorts on under my dress.  After all, the  bride is our local Zoot sales rep. Represeting! (Well, and had a 7 hour training day pre-wedding)

Kristin & I. Check the view! 

husband & me with an odd shower on my face. 

Coolest party favors ever- Pint glasses with a tandem bike and  inscription "better together"... Also had keg of IPA on tap. 
The insert/placecard (name on other side) inside the pint glass... Why didn't we think of this. So cool!

That's all for now. Big updates this week! I am currently in the sauna Las Vegas for a 3-day training/scouting trip for the upcoming 70.3 World Championships on September 11. We have been scouting the course, swimming in bathwater, eating at Whole Foods and drinking wine and talking talking talking. Not your typical vegas vaycay, but we're loving it! More tomorrow! 


SixTwoThree said...

Just love the tandem glasses! Enjoy the training out there. I know you'll make the most of it!

MissFancyPants said...

I love the glasses!!! Haha...And of course the hidden compression!

Megan said...

Those glasses are a great wedding favor. I think races should start doing that too, I have too many race shirts that I don't wear... cute dress, by the way!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous dress! And so jealous of you in Vegas at an all-girls training camp. Sounds like a blast!


GoBigGreen said...

I have never been to Vegas ( says the girl from MN!) and cant go this year, got some plans in Wisco:) Love that dress! ( Your's!)