Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wheels and Heels.

Last week I noticed a trend from Dirk's athletes...Many were tweeting and blogging "biggest. week. ever". Mine wasn't my biggest ever (since I've done some gnarly 35 hour crash weeks during school vacations) but it was definitely top 5. The good news is that this week I am feeling pretty great. I am not smashed as I used to be had I put in a 30 hour week and actually am feeling fitness coming along. My run paces are not necessarily faster, but they're feeling easier, and I'm throwing in some solid (but not mind blowing) rides on the bike. I swam 10 days in a row and am taking a break today to write this blog, attend a work meeting, and remind myself its okay to rest. BUT, I must say, that the more I swim, the better I swim. The 1:30 lane feels easy to me now, where even a couple months ago I was struggling to hang on. I've been leading some and may even try to lead an entire (4000yd) session. GASP! So, progress. Good! Woo hoo!
Training progress is easier when you can promise yourself a one-hour nap in return  for nailing the last 3000 meter running interval. Proof I cashed in! (Yes, I watch tv in bed. tsk tsk!)

Last weekend was an intricate balance between training and social life...two very important things! Over the weekend we managed to have a dinner party with friends, attend an engagement party, and attend a baby shower while riding almost 200 miles, running 26, and swimming 5 miles in the Friday to Sunday time span.

baby onesie for the baby shower! (I found these at Going green at an early age. 

My other contributions to the baby wardrobe. Yes, the parents-to-be are cyclists , i am not that crazy to think they care about my hobby

San Diego boys at the engagement party. plaid shirt, check. flip flops, check. spikey hair, check! 

8 hours of swim bike run straight into my favorite (vintage!) marc jacobs 3 inch heels for the party. I say vintage because I actually bought them (new) over 10 years ago and still wear them. One of my best cost-per-use purcahses of all time. 


Jill Costantino said...

Those are cute shoes - you are a VERY brave woman to wear those after all of that training though! Can't wait to watch Team Walsh kick it at IM Kona and Vegas - woohoo!

Teresa said...

Your a superstar getting it all in! WOW! Love the kicks!!! :)


GoBigGreen said...

Are you watching the Bachelorette? Only quality program on these days, ( not)!

Love the heels!

MissFancyPants said...

Ahhhh!! They r the shoes I have too - but mine are broke and unfixable!! You r an animal - awesome and sure u will kill it at Timberman!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Never ever stop rocking the high heels! You will kick it in your upcoming races. The baby clothes are awesome! The parents love them. Have fun at training camp.

Libby said...

love the heels!! hope you are having tons of fun in vegas!! you guys are going to kick butt in vegas and yes.... dirk is in a mood to write some epic plans!!!

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