Saturday, September 10, 2011

Take a chance - Vegas 70.3 Pre race!

Las Vegas, NV is a city that revolves around taking chances, beating odds, knowing when to chest your cards and knowing when to go "all-in".

We took our first chance to double-down on Thursday night back in San Diego. We were scheduled to leave San Diego Friday morning and drive out to Las Vegas with our 8 billion pounds of gear. Then, a ginormous power outage stopped EVERYTHING in the entire San Diego county and reached all the way to Mexico and Arizona. Word on the street was that it could be a long time before things were back on. My school was even cancelled for Friday! So, with a little cajoling, I convinced James to hit the road a night early. Now, James is a PLANNER. He is a "makes his list and checks it twice" kind of guy. I am a more "shove it in and see if it will zip" then "buy whatever you forgot at the expo" kind of girl. So, to throw this Type B plan into his Type A mind was a little wrench, but by 6pm we were in the car! After passing myriads of drivers stranded with no gas on the side of the highway (no fuel pumps in power outage!), we made it out of the dark Zone and headed to the bright lights of Vegas. Turns out our first gamble was a good one. We arrived by midnight and were able to sleep in a bit (okay, 7am). Extra great bonus of arriving a day early? Time to ride a bit of the bike course! James hadn't been out here yet, so I showed him the key spots. The course is pretty awesome. And James confirms that it is hard. We had a bit of tricky wind that tried to wobble me, but I am working on staying strong in the aero bars...
one of the (few) flattish sections of the course...

My pretty bike handler

After the bike ride, we showered and hit registration. Ok, I admit, I LOVE an Ironman expo and I ain't ashamed. For me, it's not about the gear they sell in the tents. I hardly walk into the tents...Instead, we just hop from friend to friend, catching up with all of the great people we have met through this sport. Ironman expos are kind of like a good kind of college reunion (without the booze & cigarettes)- and we get to do them a few times a year! This time, we were lucky to bump into the Corbin's and the Rouse's (the rouse's are ultra man studs and awesome all around people).

me, linsey corbin, & kimmie rouse
James & Jake- Zoot's finest! 
Our San Diego neighbor and one of my pick for podium pro performance, Heather Jackson (Haych Jay!!) 

Post expo, we hung at a family dinner. We're super stoked both James' family and my mom came out to spectate in Vegas...lucky kids!
Today was the usual pre-race running around. We went to the pre-race swim down at Lake Las Vegas- the water is 80 degrees- no wetsuits required! James & I are stoked to wear the HOT off the presses Zoot SpeedZoot. Wow. The suit is incredible.
We walked down to the swim...
Sure James, this is totally normal. 
Swim venue- I love a dirty lake swim! 
I spent some time scoping out the competetion...
30-40 babes. Sarah P., me, Hailey, & Jess...Hailey is sporting her sexy Kona abs already! 
Speaking of competition, did an article handicapping the age groupers at this race and I got a little shout...Sarah P. is the favorite to win the W 30-34, but the rest of us will just have to try to beat the odds!

Next, we prepped all our gear bags and had a big brunch with Brandy and MJ. Huge fluffy omelettes all around. I hope some of MJs world champion speediness and/or wisdom rubbed off on me. I tried to play it cool, but ended up picking her brain about training and racing- couldn't resist the opportunity. I'm such a chamois sniffer :).

After that it was back to Lake Las Vegas to drop off the bicycles and gear bags...The bike paparazzi were out in full effect and all the brands were there taking bike and gear counts- totally makes you feel like you're at a World Championship event...wait, we are!

T2 from the changing tent
Team small! overlooking T1

Heading back to the hotel, we hung in the shade at the pool/bar with the family. We are LOVING out hotel- Green Valley Ranch Resort. This is definitely the place to stay if you do this race.

This place does not suck! 
They even have beds by the pool for lazy and/or hobbled triathletes. 

and now there is nothing left to do but chill. In the 70.3 booklet, it says that the course "will separate the very good from the very best" and I agree. No matter where the chips fall, I'm just lucky to be here!
p.s. betting on betty designs ends at midnight Vegas time tonight! 


SSB said...

good luck! I love GVR. Spent so much time there when I lived in Vegas. Before I knew what triathlon was.

bettydesigns said...

Typically, I don't like guys walking around in speedos, but I'll make an exception for this one. Got get 'em Team Walsh!!

SixTwoThree said...

So glad your families are there to witness you guys in TOP from. You're gonna make them so proud tomorrow! I just know it:-)

Rhona said...

Good luck, hope the race went well!

Just wanted to let you know that we are running a contest on our website to win a Swimsmooth DVD (worth $60) - to enter you just have to do a race report - it would be great to ahve one about the Vegas 70.3. If you're interested have a look here:

bex said...

you're out there kicking ass as usual :) KEEP IT UP!!

Cotter Crunch said...

congrats on a great race lady!

Yasi said...

I'm a little late to the commenting game, but nevertheless, congrats on a great race! I love your suit too, is it TYR? You look fantastic, keep it up!

tahir said...

Damn I love elevation profiles. Particularly when you create it with muscle and sweat and your heart. It sounds cheesy, but it's true. 11359 feet of climbing today, but that is Garmin climbing so it's most likely a few thousand feet less. Study the profile. Learn it. Know it. Very soon I'll be doing a give-away contest where you have to guess my elevation. Well, you don't HAVE to.
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tahir said...

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