Friday, October 21, 2011

Ackronyms of the injured: ART & PT

Since we all know the blog is like The Secret (if you say it, throw it out there, make it real on the will happen!) I didn't talk about what was going on with my hip before Kona. First, I didn't want any excuses. Second, you know if you write about an injury then it really comes true. Well, turns out you can not write about it and it will come true too!

I'm going to insert gratuitous non-relevant photos here to keep you reading. This is James at our hotel in Kona with a coconut. Nature's Gatorade! 

Getting serious for my pre-race meal in Kona: Grilled Ahi, Brown rice, green beans...and a "side"salad.with lots of hot sauce on everything yes please.  

Back up a month or so with me now....About 3 weeks before Kona I was in a semi-serious bike crash. I didn't want to dramatize it, so I never wrote about it. Basically, I got very lucky. We were coming down a busy highway at 20+ miles per hour and the girl in front of me went down hitting one of those road reflectors. James and I were behind and I had nowhere to go but over her. Luckily, I landed on my right side on my bike, which broke the fall enough so that I only had some bloody gashes, bruises, and what turned out to be a super stiff neck. The other girl had some more serious stuff (concussion and a long hospital visit) so I felt pretty lucky and just moved on. I couldn't flip turn in the pool for about a week because my neck was so stiff. When I tried to do a plank, I realized I couldn't support any weight on my shoulder. Basically my right side was messed up, but I just moved along. Well, let's never forget the chain reaction masterpiece that our bodies are. The week before Kona, all of a sudden, my left hip flexor was screaming when I ran. It was bad enough that I didn't run for the whole week until a short test the day before (test did not go well!). I knew I could run the race with it, and thought it may not impact me too much. But I was pretty sure things would be not-so-great post race.
Lava Java Rendezvous with the one and only Rachel Ross. I know this blog entry isn't witty or funny, but nice pictures, eh?
I was right! So, guess what? I haven't run since Kona and won't be running for the next couple of weeks. Let's be honest, this is great timing for an injury! Who needs to run now? Not me! Well, I admit, I DID want to jump into Ironman Arizona, but I guess that is most certainly not going to happen. I'm pretty sure this is the same illiopsoas tendinitis that I had in 2009 following the La Jolla Half Marathon.

So, the GREAT news? The team is on it. I always talk about Dan (ART mantothestars ) and  Bryan (rehab united sports performance master) because they help James & I prevent injuries on a daily and weekly basis. And yes, I've been injury free for two years!! BUT, this is one they couldn't have avoided because of that darn crash. Boooo!

Beginning of the Ironman Hawaii run= Happy on Ali'i drive.. 
Late in the run: Not so happy heel-strikin mo' fo' on the Queen K. 
Anyhow, Dan has been squeezing me in for extra/targeted ART sessions. Usually we just do full-body "tune-ups" which keep the wheels greased and all the parts in working order. But now, I'm going in JUST for hip work.

With Bryan, in "non-injured times", we hit the gym for functional strength 2 times per week all year long. Bryan knows my body and how it works when it's healthy. Which makes it super seamless and easy for me to head in there for targeted physical therapy (the other side of the sports performance center is all PT & rehab) and quickly get on the fast track to returning to the other side of the gym. I can't explain how great it is to go to physical therapy without having to reinvent the wheel and explain your life story to the PT. We don't miss a beat and its awesome to know that at RU, my healthy body care can flow into triage when needed.
Don't stop reading now! The moral of the story is coming! 
So why am I writing this? Sure, to say "thank you" to Dan  & Bryan, but mostly to encourage any endurance athlete to find a team that supports their body. Having a professional that *knows* how your body works and what you've been through can be priceless. Trusting them is also important. Don't be diagnosis hopper- going from expert to expert waiting to hear what you want to hear. Build a relationship with a couple of good people. I remember having major anxiety the last time I was injured because you don't know what to do or where to start. Now, there is no anxiety because I know I'm on the right track.
I still need to be patient (which I'm not), but I'm confident I'll get there.


Beth said...

I agree, it is so great to have a key person or two that really knows you and takes care of your body! I'm sure you will heal quick because of it!

And sorry to hear about the crash in the first place. :( Darn bikes!

Running Bums said...

Great post Beth! Bummer you can't run but it sounds like you have the right attitude and are doing all the right things! I'm in total agreement in finding a team you trust and sticking with them thorugh good times and bad. Sergio and I have built a relationship with our PT over 6 years and the consistency pays off! Glad to hear other people feel the same way! Get well soon so we can go run!

Christi said...

I am sorry about your injury and I hope you and your friend are healing well.

I do have a great team and you are right they are critical. I am not a pro but they sure treat me like one!

Ryan Denner said...

Amen. I definitely learned all of these lessons the hard way.

Glad you are getting it figured out!

rr said...

Owwww. Sorry, Skipper... heal fast!!! I might need you in LV.

Loved the pics!


Beth said...

I just started seeing a PT for the first time a month ago for an injury that has haunted me my entire life. I honestly believe that he is fixing me for the rest of my life, best thing I have ever done! Here’s hoping recovery is fast. Sometime forced off seasons are a blessing in disguise.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Heal fast - you will!
This made me laugh bc I totally use denial when it comes to injuries.

GoBigGreen said...

Yup yup will be fine. I didnt run last fall after BOUS from OCT-DEC, and look i actually turned in some badA$$ runs this spring and summer. And i am like twice your age:) ha:)
Glad you have a great team to support you and remember while your head is thinking you are messed, your body is thanking you! Wish i could send you some cold weather, it makes it easier to sit still!

Jill Costantino said...

Great point made on this blog. So sorry to hear about the crash but glad you are okay and on the mend. And that makes your performance even more spectacular in kona. Wouzers you really did crush it.
Again what a great post and awesome photos too!

Wassdoc said...

Great suggestion! I have a massage therapist who knows my body and knows me better than I do. She'll often say, "don't you remember the last time this happened?", and can often piece together where my issues are. If you have someone who knows you that well, that's what matters. If you don't, then find them!
On a side note, wow!!! I thought you did a great job in Kona to begin with, now your race will take on almost legendary proportions:). I'm not near as fast as you, but I always say that all that really matters is that you gave it your all. Sounds like you did, and maybe more! Enjoy your recovery.

idropboys said...

Aahhhh sucks, sucks, sucks.....but good timing! I guess. Hang in there...... get strong and you will be back kicking ass soon.

Amy said...

Love how real you are in your blog, Beth. Thanks for 'fessing up and allowing all of us to learn from your experiences (and live vicariously). I just know you'll be back tearing it up in no time.

MissFancyPants said...

Sorry to hear about your bike accident and your injury! Get better soon, relax a bit - you worked so hard this year!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

heal fast... glad you got a good ART provider and PT :) PTs are the best!