Monday, November 21, 2011

Bringin' out the big guns

FIRST.. I am an auntie x2! My sister had 2 little muffins on Wednesday the 16th and everyone is happy and healthy. I can't wait to squeeze them! Thanks sis, for having 2 and appeasing the grandparents- I'm off the hook for a while!

Ellie & Luke on the way home from the hospital.

On Friday, James and I hit the road to go spectate at Ironman Arizona. We had lots of friends racing and can always use a good excuse to head to the dez to ride our bikes in some new places..
Friday afternoon James, me , and his Mo hit the road..
I call him "Jimmy Mo-Lester"

We made it to our friend Tom's house by sunset & were up bright and early for some bike riding. I met up with Jordan and we cruised a loop through Beeline hwy & bush hwy. We had so much fun catching up that I almost stopped complaining that we had a headwind in every direction
Pit stop with Jordan at Saguaro lake:

Jordan all smiles before we realize the wind has changed direction...

After the ride, we headed to the ironman expo to see friends and help out. James chilled with the Skinfit crew

While I headed to a photo shoot for 3GO magazine with the awesome Larry Rosa for an article on "Going Pro".. Lucky for me, I got to pose-down with one of my favorite competitors, Jess Smith, who just turned pro (and crushed it- 9:33 at IMAZ- holy crap).

While hanging out for photos, i also got to spend some time with the lovely Sue Hutter- she brings happy with her everywhere & I love it!
After some quality expo time with the Zoot crew & our neighbor Justin, we cruised to an early dinner/bedtime

Sunday we got up dark and early for a couple hours on our road bikes before hitting Ironman Arizona

We got to IMAZ in time to watch the second half of the bike. Having our bikes at the race was a huge bonus and we were able to get ALL over the course to cheer on the racers.

What can I say about the racing other than.. WOW. My friends at SOAS said it best with this cute tee they designed for IMAZ..

There was some insane talent out there and I had such a fun time watching the women's pro race. Seeing my friends (and heroes!) Linsey & Meredith go 9hrs and BELOW was inspiring, motivating, and showed me what is possible in this sport (and how far I have to go!)...
Fast and full of class :) 
 Beyond that it was great to see Jess smash her first pro race & Charisa made it into a new zip code pulling out a 9:22. And that was just the was so awesome tiring my voice out and getting to witness the fitness of all of the racers.
Serious spectating:

Today we're headed back to San Diego but we squeezed in some singletrack before leaving. It's been probably 8 months since I've been on my mountain bike and
It was super fun (and scary in a good way)..

Now I'm in the car and napping intermittently while my chauffeur (hey, I can call him whatever I want until he shaves that thing!) finishes this weekend adventure off..
And I can't stop thinking how lucky I am..
To be an auntie,

To have three sports & many more friends who inspire me

To have a husband who supports me, waits at the top of the hills, and is a best friend who likes to do all this crap with me...and let's blog on my iPhone while he drives across the desert back to the coast

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toast to 2011

It was a fantastic year to be a part of the Nytro Women's racing team. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I've been given as an amateur in this sport. To compete and smile with this group of ladies has been more than what I could have hoped for when I started triathlon. Special thanks to Kristin , Skip at Nytro, and Zoot for making the team come to life. 

 I'm not going to do a whole 2011 "Season review" this year because.....hmmm.....well,  you are probably sick of hearing about how awesome I am.

Okay, well maybe a  three-bullet mini season review for me, myself, and my mom. After all, this is my blog and I started it to remember this all... Thanks to love and support from all around, 2011 brought me:
* 3 overall amateur champion titles at Ironman Texas, California 70.3, and Timberman 70.3
* My first sub-10 Ironman finish (9:53 in Texas)
* PR times At the Ironman World Championships and Ironman 70.3 World Championships (the inaugural one is always a PR, eh?)
A HUGE thank you to Dirk, my amazing coach who made my dreams a reality.
I like to think I'm special, but actually, I just wasn't at that race where they took that running photo :) 

And now, it's on to the next chapter for me. Yep, I'm going pro in 2012. It's now or never and I'm not one to allow space in my life for woulda-coulda-shoulda's. I can't wait to document the next chapter on my blog. Thank you all for sharing with me and motivating me (often more than myself) on a daily basis.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

twitter me this

I may be slacking on the blog front, but I'm always tweeting from @IMBethwalsh about....something, nothing, and whatever gets in my way in fewer than 140 characters.

some of this week's twittery:

ok, time to strap on my big girl boots for the wednesday ride with the sweet pea posse.

So proud!  convinced one of my co-workers to do 30 runs in 30 days.. Today- she finished!

Oops.Just looked at photo of the running certificate I made.& promptly went to M's mailbox 2 fix my spelling mistake!

Never could get "comfortable" on my road bike.Now that's going to change- blingin' new  .Diggin' the white.

my co-worker has an interesting snack...can you guess what it is? 


rainy night, steamy ciopinno, bottle of red 

#conversationoptional #toosmashedtotalk
Pit stop at Circle R....mandatary phone check of course   

Heading to Costco with my husband & my husband's husband.

Are you a twitter fan? If not, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Facebook is so 2010. 
Follow me here and let me know your twitter name in the comments so we can follow you too! 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work your body

Halloween was no excuse for us to skip our Monday lift sesh at RU Sports performance center.
But it WAS an excuse to lift in costume (or as much costume as allows lifting 60+lb barbells.)

I went with Hawaiian style

Katya made the 80s proud

Lesley dressed up as Xterra World Champion...oh wait....
So now it's NO-vember. Not that I believe in being negasaurus rex or anything, but I did A LOT of "just say YES" in October (to donuts, cake, martinis, etc) so I'm pulling in the reigns just a little bit so I don't have a disaster on my hands on January 1st. Nothing big, no counting calories, no "diet" per se, just saying NO to gluten & NO to sugar. The exception (always an exception!) is one piece hunk of dark chocolate after dinner.Maybe a piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving too :)

How's your November going? Did you know 11.02.2011 is a palindrome? Or, as I saw on twitter...a calendrome.. I like it!

p.s. my hip is not better! It may be NO-running-vember as well...c'est la vie!