Sunday, November 6, 2011

twitter me this

I may be slacking on the blog front, but I'm always tweeting from @IMBethwalsh about....something, nothing, and whatever gets in my way in fewer than 140 characters.

some of this week's twittery:

ok, time to strap on my big girl boots for the wednesday ride with the sweet pea posse.

So proud!  convinced one of my co-workers to do 30 runs in 30 days.. Today- she finished!

Oops.Just looked at photo of the running certificate I made.& promptly went to M's mailbox 2 fix my spelling mistake!

Never could get "comfortable" on my road bike.Now that's going to change- blingin' new  .Diggin' the white.

my co-worker has an interesting snack...can you guess what it is? 


rainy night, steamy ciopinno, bottle of red 

#conversationoptional #toosmashedtotalk
Pit stop at Circle R....mandatary phone check of course   

Heading to Costco with my husband & my husband's husband.

Are you a twitter fan? If not, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Facebook is so 2010. 
Follow me here and let me know your twitter name in the comments so we can follow you too! 



Matt said...

Cheetos sandwich, that could be good! Looks like your enjoying the fall

Beth said...

I just started on twitter and it is SO much fun. I started following you and James so I can try to be a kick ass Ironamn too. My handle is @beth140point6

jane ;) said...

hey beth
love your blog and twittering!
COngrats on @janequeenstown

keep up the good work :)

boston2berkeley said...

Hey Beth!

I do follow you on twitter. I follow a bunch of you crazy triathletes in the hopes that someday I'm that awesome :) for now, just lots of running. I'm @Boston2Berkeley

jendoestri said...

Love Twitter! Deactivated my FB almost 2 years ago and don't miss it at all. @jenschaf1 Oh, can't believe that woman is eating Cheetos and jelly. Gross!