Sunday, December 4, 2011

And just like that...

And just like that....It's December. The last week has been one of those blurs where I was moving too fast to take care of some of life's essentials like: Stop, breathe, blog. You know, the important stuff.

First, and most importantly, "MoVember" is over! So, creepy creeperson is gone and clean shaven James is back.
End of the Mo

Since Thanksgiving, it's been all "Go" with a high volume week at work :) and some fun winter racing.
A quick recap in Photos:

Thanksgiving day we headed up to "Tom's Farm" for a 9 mile time trial. Seriously. 9 miles? Isn't that like the warm up? Anyhow. It was fun and hard and I placed well, but I need to work on my "hard". I averaged just over .5 mph faster than my Ironman bike split. Yes, I know, "one gear Greta" over here.

Boys warming up for time trial...VERY SERIOUS!  Nobody would talk to me as they all tried to get "in the zone". Boys are weird

The weekend brought sunny skies and  more riding and more racing.I took a go at the District Champs for Cyclocross (my first 'cross race this year) and was proud of the effort. The win went to Allison Mann (as usual!) and I used my "fly over the handlebars", "roll on the ground" and "drop my chain all over the place" moves to secure 10th in the women's A race. [Yes, there were only like 14 girls]. Might help to ride a cross bike more than twice to improve my skillllz.
Pete & me....pre race. (Post race, there was more spit, more hacking "red-line" cough, etc)

James and his best 'cross face

Back in the swing at work, I made time to head to Studeo DNA for a retul fit on my current road bike. Now that triathlon is officially going to be my "second job", I need to really work on the DETAILS. The little things that will add up to make a difference. 

We wanted to work on my current position (I was WAY too far forward) and also look at my dimensions to pick the perfect sized road bike for next year using this cool Retul bike finder thing (more on next year's ride soon!) . Nestor (Mr. DNA) fixed some big things as well as all the little things I usually ignore...
Before this little adjustment- my cleats were a few CENTIMETERS off (not symmetrical) , so I had been pedaling totally different with each leg...oops. 
Yesterday we went on a coffee ride down to Pacific Beach. Yes, December around here is not so bad! 

Other than that, just cruising along. Today we're going to set up the Christmas tree and get in the spirit! I'm also finalizing some things for my new website so I have lots of exciting things to share in the next couple of weeks!
I hope you all take time to stop, breathe, enjoy these next few weeks amidst the holiday mayhem. I know I need to take this advice myself.  How do you relax around the holidays? Any good tips?


runninggunner said...

Nice work on the fun racing. Cross is the most fun.

Definitely jealous of the SoCal weather.

Chloe said...

I'm so happy that Big J is not able to grow creepy facial hair! Creep-o.

GoBigGreen said...

So I relax by going out and getting slushed to death by drivers as i try to find a path to run after our snowfall last night:) Then i stay home and eat and drink all day and refuse to go out till i have to. Ok kidding, sorta at least its not subzero yet.
I am excited for your new plans/new bike/riding symetric ( that is quite a good thing girl) and the fun you have ahead! woohoo!

Born To Endure said...

I guess we don't get all caught up in the gift giving and all of that stuff, so it seems less stressful.
Have a good one regardless.

Matt said...

sounds like a great winter thus far!

Cathleen Knutson said...

I hear ya on “one gear Greta.” Out of all my races this year from sprint to Ironman, my average speed was all pretty much the same. Mega cute picture of you and Pete post-race. Happy Holidays!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

soo glad movember is over too.... luckily my husband's only lasted a week.... nasty....