Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas was a little different this year with my sister's newborn twins in the family. We usually congregate in Philadelphia, but relocated to Chicago where the twins live.
James on the blue line train. We ain't in California anymore! 

It was amazing to see my parents as "grandparents" and to see my sister as a mommy.

Other than daily visits to the gym, we did pretty close to nothing. Infant twins, if you were wondering, are not particularly mobile. Packing them up for a simple outing practically requires a U-Haul. So, we did much more sitting around than my fam is accustomed to, but it was a good excuse to NOT have to stand outside in the chill of the windy city all day, so I was pleased.

Luke has a christmas yawn! 

DOUBLE FISTING! (good birth control?)

James + Me at some famous reflective bean scultpure downtown Chicago. 
We arrived back in San Diego last night. I'm looking forward to putting in a few miles on the bike in the next 5 days before I return to work.My second attempt at The Coast Ride (375 miles from San Francisco to Santa Barbara) is in just 3 weeks and that should be motivation to get me out the door. Well, that or the 75 degree sunshine. Tomorrow I'm off to tackle Mt. Palomar with Katya. The last time I climbed Palomar with Katya, well, let's just say I hope I make it to the top this time...
Back in Cali, Business as usual


Kelly said...

I would like to clarify it is not "some famous reflective bean statue." It is The Bean.

Christi said...

Good luck with your climb! I can't wait to read about it!

beth said...

Touche Kelly! Thanks for clarifying. But, it is actually called "Cloud Gate" not The Bean. Was just keeping it simple. It is an amazing piece of public art! Sorry!
More on Cloud Gate & sculptor Anish Kapoor

Rose said...

I had to click back to the Palomar post to read about it and I almost spit out my tea. I had a similar experience on Glendora Mtn Road up to Baldy. Minus the banana-chucking, but damn close. I felt less alone in the suffer-fest while reading. I've been looking to tackle Palomar, it's a touch climb! Good luck :) You'll get it this time for sure.

Kate said...

I'm from Chicago and didn't even know it was called Cloud Gate. Did you run on the lakefront path? Although cold, it is a beautiful view of the city.

Isn't it so nice to return to San Diego? I'm so glad I moved out here.

ajann0924 said...

You guys should do Chicago marathon, it's now my favorite, better than Boston and Philly is nothing compared to Chicago. Course is beyond flat, and Chicago is now my 2nd favorite city, behind Philly.

KALeigh said...

That picture is just wrong for those of us stuck indoors on the East Coast!

KALeigh said...

That picture is just wrong for those of us stuck indoors on the East Coast!

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