Thursday, December 22, 2011

James! Get my bottles ready!

More often than not, James prepares my water bottles when we go riding. Before you go hating on me for being a princess, make sure to watch the video below, where clearly I get creamed for such diva behavior.
Lately, I have been requesting , "one bottle with Hydration Factor & one bottle with fruit punch Nuun". Neither contain calories (I like to eat granola bars on long winter rides), but both contain all the electrolytes you need.

Hydration Factor is new to me and a totally new concept in hydration products from MRM.
I like it because:
* It's all natural
* It's in that convenient little sleeve you can take anywhere
* It's very tasty. Tastes kind of like a weak lemonade.
I SHOULD like it because:
*There are some herbs in there that promote hydration at the "intracellular level". Apparently, you are supposed to get extra hydrated when you drink this stuff. I think it would be excellent not only in training & racing, but also in the weeks prior to a hot event where you want to go into it being as hydrated as possible. I'm not the scientist here, but I do know that Hydration Factor was developed by scientists & MRM has some serious standards for all of their products. So, I believe.

Okay, now you can watch this video James made if you want to see how he views life around here. (He already  put it on Facebook & twitter last week so you may have seen it). Unfortunately, I can't dispute his arguments too much. Except when he says, "this is not an egg and spoon race.." Hey now.

Champion Factory: Episode 2
by: jdubcx

And because he made fun of me...Here's James getting all intense on the Hunger Games..."Hurry, Haymitch! Katniss needs a gift NOW!"


Sarah Jarvis said...

Phew! I am glad I am not the only one. Yesterday I texted Karl from the trainer in the garage because I needed my bottles refilled and could not possibly get off and do it myself! Good times! And yay for nice husbands!

Born To Endure said...

Bwahahaha...OMG that was funny, thanks!

Jamie said...

I'm sorta afraid to ask, but how exactly does one "warm a bike seat."?

Beth said...

hahaha, that is not even fair. It takes me 3 extra minutes to get out of the house (regardless of the amount of time given)because there's always one last task that I remember as I'm walking out the door.

Matt said...

that isnt James on an iPad is it...??

GoBigGreen said...

HAHA I love that watermelon renew or whatever its called so maybe i need to try some super hydration. Winter long rides, what is that?

MissFancyPants said...

That's hilarious! I need to start training Mike to do this for me!