Monday, February 27, 2012

Ranch, Dude!

When in Rome....Or at the Ranch! 
I need a vacation from my vacation!
You know those getaways that are so relaxing yet so not relaxing at the same time? Yeah...well, check! We cruised out to Palm Springs, CA on Friday after noon tanning sesh swim and settled into the Smoke Tree Ranch for a weekend of festivities celebrating the wedding of Molly & Scott. Molly & Scott are triathlete friends who share love & sweat just like James & I. 
The gate to the Ranch. You'd never know you're downtown Palm Springs
Upon arrival, we checked out the grounds of the Smoke Tree, with a 7 mile run, of course. The place was awesome- it reeks of dude ranch slash exclusive country club and you can totally tell its where billionaires come to "rough it".
The Ranch House
The Ranch has lots of funky traditions and I loved seeing guests in cowboy attire and out lawn bowling (yes, really). Property owners at the Ranch are called "colonists" and the rest of us plebs are "guests". You need to carry your bar code ID everywhere or you'll be kicked to the curb. It is a funny, yet totally awesome place. Our cottage had a HUGE bed with fluffy white linens and was completely rustic luxe. When I buy my dream home, I am officially requesting "rustic luxe". Anywho...I know you're not here for the HGTV...moving on. 

Post run, we made a quick change and met up with local friends Ben & Becky for an awesome dinner at The Amigo Room - a speakeasy type bar at the Ace Hotel. Such a good chill spot with a great beer selection which pleased James immensely. Loved the Ace as well, much more kitschy mid-century modern...

Pool at ACE
Post-dinner, we cozied up to the fire back at the ranch for some S'mores and cocktails. I definitely had more than one (of each!) 

the later it gets, the worse the ihpone photos! 

Julia, Garrett, Steph by the fire
Me & my hot date
After the bonfire, we tucked ourselves in to get some good sleep before a marathon Saturday. Saturday was basically a race to fit in the workouts in time to prep for the 3pm wedding. James & I met up with Ben, Becky, & The Jessup brothers for a serious ride out to Pioneertown.
Ready to ride....Ben says headed "that way"
When I asked Ben if we pass through any cool spots on the way to Pioneertown he responded, "Yeah! If you like meth..." Gotcha... Anyway, I was too focused on the wheels in front of me as we climbed and climbed out there that it was all the same to me.
Heading out to climb...Windmills!
Pioneertown, CA ....Beyond Yucca Valley somewhere in Morongo Basin
80 miles and 5000+ ft of climbing later, it was time for my hour t-run back at the Ranch. I had to giddy up because it was getting late (and hot and windy) and I REALLY wanted to lay on the bed like this since I was so smashed: 
But alas, only one of us soiled the sheets with sweaty chamois. I had bigger fish to fry...myself! 

So, I bucked up &  knocked out a super solid run 8+ miles and showered up in time for the raison d'etre in the dez this weekend. The wedding! For once, I was glad to be a lady, sitting in the 90 degree sunshine in my little dress while james cooked & dripped sweat in his suit. 

It was one of those weddings that was the perfect day. The perfect couple, the perfect weather, the perfect amount/combo of guests (plenty to get a crowd on the dancefloor, but not so many it lost the intimacy). All in all, we declared this the best wedding we've been to in a long time!
Sunshine, golf course, mountains, palm trees, and LOVE in the air
First dance
Considering I went straight from a nearly 6 hour training day to the wedding, I'm sure you're not surprised my first drink packed a punch. FUN BOBBY!!!!!
Kerri, me, & my first okay second bev
I settled down a bit after eating my dinner and one, two, three slices of cake (They were small! I swear!) and hit the dance floor. My best athletic feat of the day was balancing (successfully!) on 4 inch heels into the evening. 

After our partying was done, James & I headed back to our cottage and settled onto the floor with a picnic of snacks (go 4th meal!) and passed out hardcore.

Sunday, I had to get back to San Diego for an important event, so I kissed James goodbye and wished him luck at his bike races (2 criteriums in Ontario, CA). I hitched a ride back to San Diego (after an awesome long trail run up the Lyken Trail) with Becky, Christine, and Mario (well, we didn't run "with" Mario as he is gunning for a sub 2:28 at the LA Marathon in 3 weeks)

We showered, brunched, and hit the road back to San Diego before hearing about this: 

Worse than it looks... And his butt cheeks are the WORST part, but that's NSFW

Poor James crashed in the crit, but Mr. determined-to-upgrade-from-Cat-5 hopped back on and finished the race. He's all banged up and got 4 stitches in his lip, but he's okay and already excited about next weekend's races - you can read his take on the day here..

Today it was back to school, back to school. Work is crazy busy these days, so I'll catch you this weekend! Oh, did I mention it's RACE WEEK? Palm Springs International triathlon on 3/4 so guess what...Back to the dez next weekend! 


Katie said...

this makes me want to a) buy cowboy boots b) move to california c) go ride my bike. all at once!

Steve said...


Steve said...
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GoBigGreen said...

Ouch glad his collarbone is ok. And heels,um...throw those away! Evil word!

Rosa Michelle said...

OMG i am so jealous.. you had so much fun.. of course minus some part, but glad that you enjoyed it all.

Darren Lanphere said...

Whoa, a bonfire! You deserve better pics than that. And how about the marathon event and the wedding? I’m sure those activities kept you guys busy all throughout! I'm sure you enjoyed those days though. It is great when you have the time to take a break and do some activities you want. So the lesson? Always take a break! :)