Saturday, May 19, 2012

How'd that happen?

Whoa.....Not quite sure how time is flying so quickly and it's been nearly two weeks since my last post. The good news is that its been two very packed weeks with lots of fun happenings...

FIRST, there is a new pony in the stable and I can't believe I get to ride it.
My very first ever custom painted bicycle...This Women's Hi-Mod Cannondale Slice is one of a kind and designed by me.

Sparkly pearly gray, bright turquoise (my Zoot Aruba color),  and blingin' white...
Mmmmmm....Cannondale + SRAM Red + ISM Betty Designs  saddle + Beaker Concepts Blaze + 3T Mistral bars + Zipp 101s = So much in LOVE
Ready to go...
I took the Slice right over to Studeo DNA to dial in the position and make a couple tweaks (improvments!) from my last position as I got a different stem that gives me a bit more reach. Nes got me dialed in quickly.

On my first real ride, I took 'er out to the hills of east county to show Sarah Piampiano what we got down here and entice her to come back and play with me this summer. We had a great ride and the words spoken to pedal strokes taken was probably 1:1 . Win-Win.

Sarah P (6th at IM Texas today!) & me

After the ride, we headed down to watch the International Triathlon Union World Championship Series (ITU WCS for us tri-geeks) in Mission Bay, San Diego. This event was a huge opportunity for our town and tri community and it was amazing to spectate and watch how the real triathletes do it. The guys were running 30-minute flat 10ks off the bike...Insanity. My former cycling buddies Mary & Bethany were in town and we spent some quality time in the STONE beer garden cat-calling cheering for the sexy speedy men in the Elite race.  (The beer garden was right by the finish line- great thinking ITU!)

Mary & Bethany, USA Olympic qualifier Manny Huerta, & ITU finish line

And now, James is helping me prep for tomorrow's Orange County International Triathlon. I think my wake-up call will be in the late 3 o'clock hour (I need to drive an hour to the start) so I gotta get my act together by a decent hour tonight...I was so inspired by all the Ironman racing today at Lanzarote and Texas. Tomorrow will be easy motivation as I remind myself I'm doing only a quarter of what those guys did today! phew.


Katie said...

I think your bike is sexy (is that rude?)!

MissFancyPants said...

I am lusting over that cute and love the turquoise!!

Rosa Michelle said...

The bike looks so cool. You want to exchange it with mine, mines is kinda way too boring compared to this :)