Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The extra mile...

training grounds
After a torrid couple weeks of #decisionparalysis , I have finally nailed down what I think will be the best training and racing plan for the next couple of months. I realized that it's time I put in a solid training block while I am off of school (4 more weeks!) to regain some of the deep base fitness I seem to have misplaced since June.

I have set my sights on Ironman Wisconsin on September 9th and even went so far as to purchase a non-refundable plane ticket, so it's ON! Time to go to the wisco disco and I'm quite excited that my pal Hillary will be making a stop there on her multi-ironman tour as well.

In the meantime, since I will not be racing Vegas 70.3 (also on September 9th), I realized the best thing for me to do is not race at Boulder 70.3 as it's a race at altitude would be pretty hard on me training, racing, and recovery-wise. 
However, I'm still seriously considering a road trip out to Colorado to play with friends, train hard, and breathe the mountain air. I've never been to Boulder, or Colorado in the summer and this seems a great opportunity. AND, truth be told, I heard Kerrie is having a rager after the 70.3 and I have too much FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to miss it.  Let me know if anyone is keen for a road trip or needs a training partner in Colorado!

If I go, I'll come down from altitude in plenty of time to race Timberman 70.3 in New Hampshire on 8/19. Now that Boulder 70.3 is off the table, Timberman is perfect as it allows me a solid 4 week block right of focused training camp right now and of course I can't miss my Mom's first 70.3 in the 60-65 age group!
2011 Timberman mother/daughter race weekend ;)

So, until 8/19, it's all about going the extra mile. I have a couple bigger bike weeks planned....

That's my serious-i-mean-business training face

And I'm going "all in" at masters to get my edge back in the pool...which this morning involved quite the set. The main set includes a broken timed mile (in a 25 yard pool):

Warm up: 300 swim, 200 kick, 300 swim
Drill set: 4x200 drill/swim by 50s
Rev the engines: 8x100 on your base interval (1:20 for me...squeaked by)
The extra mile: 
Swim 11 lengths, 10 lengths, 9 lengths, 8 lengths, 7 lengths, etc down to 1 length. Rest exactly 6 seconds between each segment. Swim each segment at a race pace, getting faster on the shorter segments. When finished, subtract 1 minute from your total time and you have the mile time for this set.
My time (after subtracting the minute) was 21:10.... Solid for me, but it was HARD work and I was thankful for John & Alan's bubbles ;).
cool down: ok, I only did 50 yards and got out ;)
TOTAL: 4100 yds.

So that's what I've got. How are you going the extra mile  this week? (If you don't know, maybe you should try this swim set!)


Beth said...

Oh awesome swim workout! Have to give that one a try...although might have to round up some "help" to swim with. :)

Sounds like a great race schedule for the fall!

Dolly said...

Good luck at the Wisco Disco. I am bummed that you will not be in Vegas. I was looking forward to cheering for you out on the run course (I'm a local). I guess I will have to settle for tracking you on line.

SixTwoThree said...

Oh, I'll be cheering for your mom! That's awesome that she's aging up in style. The "Extra Mile" for me this week will be another attempt at flip turn lessons from my coach tonight, interval TM session this a.m., and two crossfit classes.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I will be spectating like crazy at IMWI - as always - So be ready for me yelling at you!!! :)

Psst, I will be in pink.

zhaine robenson said...

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GoBigGreen said...

AndJH WILL YELL at you, loudly, i think she is the only one i heard. Other than my hubby yelling at me on STate street " We're streaking the quad..." as loud as he could. Get your hill legs ready for The Wisco disco, Co sounds great for that!

Alyssa Duhe said...

Just found your blog. I am pretty excited to try this swim set thanks for sharing!