Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BoCo road trip!

Well, I made it happen. Colorado road trip slash training camp is officially underway! After a Sunday long run and swim in San Diego, I popped on my compression socks and hit the road for Colorado. By Sunday night, I was halfway through Utah. Monday, I popped by Aspen for a swim with a friend and took the back roads from there to Boulder that night. 
Road trip: Utah, sunset, Leadville at night
Summertime in Aspen, CO
The trip out was probably close to 17 hours of driving and it all seemed like a good idea until I realized I have to drive this all again on the way home in a week or 2? Brilliant Beth. I think I'll poke my eyes out, but until then, I'm happy to be in a new town with new training buddies, enjoying life (and sucking wind) a mile up at altitude.

I am happily settled in with my adopted family and Kerrie is taking much too good care of me. She has already brought me to a masters swim at Flatirons Athletic Club and track workout coached by Dave Scott. She is also setting me up on lots of play dates with athletes in the area. All that AND she is one of the most highly entertaining people I've ever met. Basically, she is going to need to kick me out because I'm not leaving!
Riding the flats outside of Boulder
My first trail run- made a new friend. Ummmm...excuse me sir, can I get by?

I even have a new BFF, Kerrie's daughter Lucie.
I gave her a bunch of old lip glosses and crusty jewelry from under my car seats to earn her admiration and now we're inseparable. We have been playing dress up with the dog, and I think today she might even dye my hair pink.

So....can't complain! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


Asia said...

I miss Boulder! I spent a few of my younger years growing up around there. Check out Pearl Street for bars & shopping if you ever have time.

SixTwoThree said...

Why not? Pink hair to match those gorgeous pink sunsets! Enjoy!

JC said...

What a great pic of Kerrie and her little mini! Enjoy the training!