Monday, September 24, 2012

a little off topic...

i'm writing this as i am procrastinating doing my laundry. 

maple syrup
when Pandora plays an old favorite I haven't heard in years
reading (too much!) before bed
the Big Island
guys with shaved legs
orange squashes (pumpkin, butternut, etc)
clean bicycles
lotion with a teensy tiny touch of shimmer
quiet alone time
beach hair

hot shower after a cold swim
Sauvignon Blanc
sitting on an airplane with nothing to do but relax
running places
carrot cake

modern beach cottage

long, gradual climbs
arriving "just in time"
the sound of Zipp hubs
going to Target
matching cycle kits
the front desk lady at the y who is sweet to me every morning at 5:45 am.
that cheesy Demi Lovato song
cyclists and joggers who wave
finish lines
getting in bed before 9
people with opinions
good coffee

expensive wheelsets, somponents, powermeters, etc...
taking control of your life

expensive logoed handbags
bad coffee
leaving chapstick in my Jersey and washing it
dowloading training data or logging workouts
café legs (that feeling in your legswhen you stop during and bike ride to refill, etc and then get moving again)
bicycle maintenance
chicken wings (ew chicken skin)
people who flake on training plans
walking places
cleaning anything
my ability to lose anything and everything
steep descents
hairy legs
being too early anywhere
going to the mall
black shorts / colored cycle jersey combo
people who squak at race volunteers or don't say "thank you"
blaming others or circumstances instead of looking inside
people who try to push their opinions on others
how quickly time flies between waking up and diving in the pool
when they run out of tofu at the Whole Foods salad bar

got any to add?


jane ;) said...

that totally tired smiled on your face feeling after a bike ride
the smell of sweat on warm sun scorched skin after a bike ride
the cold plunge into a pool (i know we say we hate it but really it wakes us up to being alive!)

dislikes: working when i want to be out on my bike
a massive plate of food after long training day
chocolote milk when you're thirsty as hell :)

lovely list beth

jane ;) said...

shit the dislikes were likes....(apart from the working!) i got too carried away! love choc milk ha ha

matt said...

Have you tried the carrot cake at Tin Leaf? If not, go get some today. While you're there get some bbq tri tip to go with.
Awesome job in Madison, I was worried about you when you were salmoning upstream right before the swim start. ;-)

JC said...

Your blog along with all the other super fun ladies blogs - so much inspiration from you ladies, my Midget and my man and Life!

people that don't use manners

P.S. I AM one of your fashion disaster "dislikes" black cycling shorts and different top LOL!

Ben Munguia said...

Likes: Cereal, Almond Butter, ok this could just be food

Dislikes: Smelling like chlorine and goggle eyes at work

Stephen said...

Likes: Training my kids
Velvet Elvis Paintings
Inspiring, honest blogs

Dislikes: Poor customer service
East Coast attitudes
Pools that are too warm

Katie said...

dislike: burning my grilled cheese!!! (that was my morning)

like: all of these likes. <3

MissFancyPants said...


Platform shoes that can be comfortable and make you look super tall and skinny on a fat day...

STRONG DISLIKE - (emphasize strong)

Cords and khakis...

Julie said...

hot yoga
sweaty runs
race medals
baby giggles

over cooked pasta
baby tears
people that throw trash on the street

Colleen Walseth said...

red wine
my skinny jeans
baby belly laughs
beach (esp low tide)

water stuck in my ears
people who are agro at races
poopy diapers

GoBigGreen said...

Dang we sure do need to hang out. Preferably climbing lemmon ( i consider that pretty long and gradual) just wait for me at the top and the coffee isnt toogood up there, soo......

Unknown said...

I respectfully disagree with the black shorts/jersey combo. Its a classic combo! Simple and clean. As long as the jersey is appropriate.

For instance:

JB said...

bumble and bumble surf spray is awesome for helping create *beach hair*!

Kiet said...

Too funny, I've been looking for a recommendation for a good Sauvignon Blanc from Napa/California that I can send to my friends in Vienna. I know nothing about wine. Got a recommendation Beth?

The Suffer Seeker said...

Laundry is like meditation, only better because something good happens in the physical world simultaneously.