Saturday, October 6, 2012

Superfrog Triathlon 2012 race report

Ok, let's make this quick....
Sand running at high tide. loads of fun. 
It was a half iron distance. Lance showed up and raced in a speedo and broke the course record. I forgot to get a winners pic of us together. The run is abnormally hard, and I almost drowned in the swim. That 'bout sums it up!

For the longer version- check out an interview they did with me at Slowtwitch:

I cut and pasted the race recap portion below but the full interview gives a lot more insight into my mindset, my fear or the ocean, and other things going on this season & next:

ST: Take us through your race if you could.

Beth: Honestly, it felt like a very uncomfortable training day as I was still feeling some heavy legs from Wisconsin. The swim was harsh with some pretty big surf, and with 2 loops, you had to make it out past the overhead waves 2 times. Not my fave, but I kept reminding myself to be professional and do my job. I must admit, I went into survival mode trying to navigate the waves and the current. The bike is flat and pretty fast. So flat that I ran a Zipp disc (which I hardly ever do) on my Slice. I didn’t have too much sparkle but I tried to keep my feet on the gas and make it to the run. The run is one of the hardest 13.1 miles I’ve ever done and the times reflect that. About 6 miles of the Superfrog run was in soft sand along the beach at high tide. It was not normal! I knew during the run that I was the lead woman and I didn’t see any girls chasing me down. I ran comfortably hard and told myself that if anyone happened to run up, I would take ‘em on. It was nice to be able to cheer on the service men out there representing our Armed forces and thank the volunteers. 

Look at that sweet winners paddle! 

I can't thank my sponsors enough for everything they do to get and keep me race ready. A huge special shoutout to Sonja from Zipp for getting me a disc last minute so I could get all whomp whomp on the Silver Strand.

Thanks to all below who made this happen- a no excuses setup for sure. 

Thank you to 
Zoot for taking on the local girl and supplying the best gear & shoes out there. My Ultra TT 5.0s carried me to another fastest ladies run split- couldn't do it without the shoes. seriosuly. 
Cannondale- my Slice is the perfect ride decked in SRAM, & Race Day Wheels  and my SRM powermeter.. Thanks to Nytro for keeping it all in working, blinging' order and Studeo DNA for my bike fit & so much more. 
*Thank you to  Dan SelstadRehab United, & MRM for helping me build my chassis, recover quickly and stay healthy-.I use so many MRM products, but I couldn't function without my Hydration Factor & Reload. Rehab United- functional strength 2x/ week, ART with Selstad every other week...the secret sauce! 
*Many gracias also to ISM saddlesBetty Designs, & Beaker Concepts  for making sure I'm comfortable, stylish & fast. I never race without my Adamo racing 2, my betty designs wrist band or my Beaker Concepts Blaze. 


Kristin said...

Congrats on your race!

Molly said...

Congratulations on the win!!!

Christi said...

Congrats on your win!

Katie said...

Kick Ass! Congrats on an awesome performance; I'm very excited to stalk you at IM Coz :)

JC said...

Nice on the "W" you are such a ROCKSTAR!

GoBigGreen said...

Arent disc's the best thing ever?:)
Good job Girl. Your first pro season just keeps getting more and more fun!

Joseph said...

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