Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home for the Holidays

The holidays this year have been different. Flying home for Christmas without James wasn't easy. Although we are both moving on, it still feels a little empty and I guess just really different. And hard. You always hope in life that when you change your course, you get it right... or at least point your boat in the right direction, to get it right next time. But sometimes I guess you have to sail on a bit to find out.
Philadelphia Christmas
Coming "home" to Philadelphia for Christmas always reminds me how lucky I am to have such and amazing family and its also a good reminder that it is not really all that cold in San Diego this time of year. I got to spend time with my sister Erica's 1 yr old twin babies and just lay around with the family. Emphasis on lay around especially with the "surprise" flu that Santa brought me. Christmas day morning, I felt a little off. I struggled through a run and was thankful I had no GPS with me to document my lagging. I went to an afternoon matinee of Les Miserables with the entire family and 5 minutes in, made a mad dash for the bathroom. Poor Dad had to leave the movie and drive me home. Where I proceeded to sleep for oh, about the next 20 hours.

Headed to the movies w/ sister Jen..This may also be where I transferred the evil flu to her

Me & Ellie

Luke & Ellie
Today is my last day in Philadelphia and I head back to Cali tomorrow. With one more week off before I head back to school, I'm excited to get in a big week of training and have a mellow start to 2013, hopefully well-organized and well-rested. Hope you had a wonderful holiday across the world and spent time with the ones you love.....

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas is coming....

Here's my list of things I'm wishing for as well as tried and true faves that keep me going in this swim, bike & run day after day. Hope you find this helpful when shopping for that crazy sporty girl in your life!

I really want this print...but can't remember where I found it.... Let me know if you know!

First, I had to start out with one "dream" gift. Just one. Because it's nice to dream big, right? Cannondale Women's SuperSix EVO. Equipped with new SRAM Red, of course. This bike was ridden by six awesome women this summer who completed the Rêve Tour and rode all the stages of the Tour de France one day before the boys. It's on my personal wish list. I'll have to be extra nice and not so naughty to get this one! (And don't forget to include a Retul fit at Studeo DNA or another highly qualified fitter. A bike this nice deserves a perfect fit. Oh yeah, and an ISM Saddle  boys, you will thank me!) 


Zoot Sports Ultra Kane 3.0 These are my go-to pair of Zoot training shoes. Much more substantial than the race models and fit for long miles and trails. Whenever I want a cush ride and head out the door on a long run, these are my choice.
Betty Designs Graffiti Trucker hat . Maybe no coincidence that it matches my Zoot Ultra Kane 3.0s, but I tend to grab this hat before all my long runs and clip my ipod shuffle onto the brim. Everyone else out there givin' it to 'emselves is in a visor, so be a little different and go with the trucker. makes me feel tough.
truck yeah
Trying to motivate for some winter riding adventures together? Every girl (or boy!) needs a pair of Zoot Sports Thermomegaheat Arm + Knee warmers . I wore mine today and they're super furry and plush. I also like how the knee warmers have a snug yet "forgiving" band around the thigh so you don't get double butt sausage leg.

Peanut Butter 'n Jelly High Protein Bonk Breakers . Party in your mouth with a protein punch to boot. I like to take 'em on long slow winter rides where a balanced nutritional profile (15g of protein!) is good because I'm burning fat and not all my glycogen. They're also a nice recovery snack if I have to run to my desk at work or am anywhere on the go. Stuff 'em in stockings or buy a case!

The ipod shuffle...For endurance sporty types, there is no substitute. I have a fancier nano now, but nothing compares to the ease of this lil guy. Clip n' go....

musical rainbow 

 Give the gift of a race! Sure, may be nice to jet off to Ironman Brazil, but you can always stay local and give the gift of a neighborhood race. Round here, the  San Diego Petco 5k9 is perfect for dog lovers or anyone looking to start the year off right. If you can't make it to San Diego, think about giving your favorite triathlete a "gift certificate" for a race registration (maybe in a tropical destination if you want to earn sherpa of the year!) If you do decide to do the Petco 5K9 on January 13th (I'll be there! Come!) Use the code DMGERDES when you register for $5 off. Nice way to kick off 2013.

Bustin' out the cobwebs in on 1/13/13

Oooh...I forgot one fave. I got this for my dad (also a cyclist) last year and I use one myself..The BC Speed Fold. Perfect for holding your phone and money and junk when you go riding so they don't get all sweaty. Because the Ziploc baggie is SO 2012

Happy shopping! And be creative! For me, the ultimate gift (besides that Cannondale EVO of course) would be a weekend adventure on bikes. Maybe pick a hotel in a cute town 80-90 miles away. Ride out there (FedEx a change of clothes to hotel desk), book a massage & dinner, then ride home the next day. Anyone else have any great ideas? 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hard to believe it's been just 10 days since Ironman Cozumel ....I've quickly replaced this type of situation:
IM Cozumel- photo Jay Prasuhn .. yes that is a water bottle down my shirt

With this type of situation:

11am brunch with the girls.  Me + Kirsten and a Manmosa (Manmosa= big jar of champagne & OJ sidecar)

True to my word (to myself as I don't think I wrote words about it here), I haven't taken a swim stroke or step of running since the Ironman. I believe in a full two weeks off of anything you may need a mental or physical break from. Last year, I (involuntarily) took 12 weeks off running over the winter due to injury, and I actually think that the time off helped me rather than hurt me so I'm not scccrd of a lil time off the hoofs. I told myself I'd take a few weeks completely run-free after Cozumel to let my body recover from the 10 months of running 4-5 days per week it just did. Thank you, body!
Swimming, well, I may not physically require two weeks completely chlorine-free, but mentally, I know this is the best move for me.  I need to be ready to hit 2013 fully committed to my swim program and I know that the time off is now or never. I began to feel a touch burnt out these last couple of months on the swim front and I'm just looking to get that itch back. I've already had a couple "maybe I should go dunk n float for 30 minutes" moments, and then realized that...well, just NO.

Overall, I've been super happy just doing a bit of lifting, yoga and the occasional spin with friends as long as it ends at the coffee shop. I've been focusing on work (and there is a lot of it right now) and cherishing every morning I can sleep in until 6:30, because starting in a week or two, they will be few and far between again.

I hope everybody out there does something this time of year to treat their body good. Sure, it might result in an extra pound or two, but that's just insulation and motivation to dive in the cold pool at 6am or get on the bike when its 50 degrees out in January, right?