Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home for the Holidays

The holidays this year have been different. Flying home for Christmas without James wasn't easy. Although we are both moving on, it still feels a little empty and I guess just really different. And hard. You always hope in life that when you change your course, you get it right... or at least point your boat in the right direction, to get it right next time. But sometimes I guess you have to sail on a bit to find out.
Philadelphia Christmas
Coming "home" to Philadelphia for Christmas always reminds me how lucky I am to have such and amazing family and its also a good reminder that it is not really all that cold in San Diego this time of year. I got to spend time with my sister Erica's 1 yr old twin babies and just lay around with the family. Emphasis on lay around especially with the "surprise" flu that Santa brought me. Christmas day morning, I felt a little off. I struggled through a run and was thankful I had no GPS with me to document my lagging. I went to an afternoon matinee of Les Miserables with the entire family and 5 minutes in, made a mad dash for the bathroom. Poor Dad had to leave the movie and drive me home. Where I proceeded to sleep for oh, about the next 20 hours.

Headed to the movies w/ sister Jen..This may also be where I transferred the evil flu to her

Me & Ellie

Luke & Ellie
Today is my last day in Philadelphia and I head back to Cali tomorrow. With one more week off before I head back to school, I'm excited to get in a big week of training and have a mellow start to 2013, hopefully well-organized and well-rested. Hope you had a wonderful holiday across the world and spent time with the ones you love.....


GoBigGreen said...

I hear ya Beth, different circumstances but ya, just hard, different. Keep on sailing that is what i tell myself.
Happy New Year and YUCKSTER on the flu!

Katie said...

hope you are feeling better, friend! happy new year :)

Shawn and Tracy said...

Going home makes everything better:-) Sorry about the flu....I was gifted with the X-mas cold and it's still hanging on :-(