Saturday, January 19, 2013

The first two weeks...

Ringing in the new year with Courtney
The first two weeks of the year have been busier than I imagined. I like to picture myself taking the new year on "by storm" and other confident metaphors. Organized and collected, but with zeal!
Well, "by storm" didn't happen so much, but there was most certainly a lot going on and just trying to stay afloat until I reached calmer seas seems the most appropriate water-faring metaphor.
The first week, I was still on vacation from work and managed a 30-hour training week which often feels just as busy as a 20-hour training week plus work.
Jen & Keith Doin' work at the bakery in Santa Ysabel. 50 miles into a 100-miler
 When I'm not working, I try to fit in all of the things I put off at other times of the year and run to appointment to appointment when not training.

Some of the best few hours spent were at Sudeo DNA, where we fit my new  Women's Supersix Evo SRAM Red & checking out my position on the new Slice RS with the Retul system. Nestor always impresses me with his critical thinking, and I think we have an optimal plan for my race position underway.
Nestor dialing in the Women's Evo...this bike is freaking amazing! 
Gettin' fit on the short-lived Slice RS

I also had fun launching my coaching business Rêve Endurance and have been loving spending my free time coaching some super motivated athletes. Here's Katie's take on it all so far: First Full Week of 2013 Training. Thanks to everyone's support in getting this started and for all of the interest- learning about different athletes around the world has been so interesting...

The week off of work felt great, but left me with a lot of deadlines back at the desk. Mid-week, my bike got stolen from my car. The bike is unique and the police are looking for it, but if you hear of a Cannondale Slice RS SRAM Red (white/black/red) with an SRM powermeter (with a light blue powercontrol 7) and FSA wheels....please let me know. Something tells me there are oh, maybe zero of this exact bike around.
One of the only pics I have of exact bike

Other than that, I spent time with friends, brunching it,
catching up with the girls.... Love me some Kirsten - not a triathlete - and keeps me in check like a good friend can. 
and attended an #afternuunrehydration event at Stone Brewery, and a bunch of other random stuff. the Nuun event was awesome and was to launch their new flavors- Cherry Limeade, Watermelon (my fave!), and Lemonade. A huge "magic bus" picked up lots of running & triathlon media, atheletes, and bloggers. We made our way on a beer tour of San Diego and ended with a big dinner party. It was an awesome way to get to know Nuun better and a sure bet for fun. Thanks to SMACK! Media for starting the event early so we could all (barely) make our early bedtimes.

The Nuun magic bus, hanging with Jen & Skinny Runner, and beer tour at Sone Brewery

As I sit here and write with what feels like my first free hour of the new year, I am T minus 2-hours from pushing off from the Golden Gate Bridge  (We drove to San Francisco yesterday) with a bunch of other cyclists to ride 400 miles down to Santa Barbara over 3 days... So....better get going! I'll keep you posted of the adventures of me & the EVO this weekend.

5 comments: said...

I can't believe I'm the only person in the world not going on the Coast Ride. Good luck getting your bike back!

JC said...

Have a blast on the Coast ride. So sorry about you bike, I hope they find it for you. Your 2013 will be AMAZING!

MissFancyPants said...

I hate thieves of any sort! I hope you get your bike back / have fun on the ride!

Alison said...

Gasp - sorry to hear about the bike!

sunshinekir said...

How am I just seeing this post now? Jees, love me my Beth time and can't wait for more of it soon xoxo mwah!