Sunday, February 17, 2013

They call this training? Part 2.

Been thinking on this one lately, Thanks for sharing, Kir! 

It's been a busy couple weeks as I'm in the final push for Ironman Los Cabos (4 weeks to go!), but again, I find myself saying, "They call this training?" I seem to be head down, working hard (on the trainer, at work, in the pool, etc) during the week...not much room to breathe, but making space for some epic weekends.
In the pool, I've been aiming to make each masters session count. On Friday at 6am, I had half of one of these funfetti cupcakes pre-swim and enjoyed one of my speediest, strongest sessions ever... I may be on to some kind of fueling secret...
magic cupcakes?
After the head down/get it done jam packed weeks, I've been enjoying "traincations" each weekend. Last weekend I ended up in Palm Springs with my advisor Mitch, his lovely wife Courtney, and a bunch of their friends who made a trip out from Chicago (Thank you to the Chicago crew for the amazing hospitality!).
You know you're close to Palm Springs when....
We hit long rides both days out there and I'm spending lots of time in the aero bars, something I've kind of slacked on in the past. Joshua Tree national park has perfect roads for this.

Joshua Trees!

Box Canyon ride
From Palm Springs I went seemingly straight to the office to get the other kind of work done all week so that I could enjoy another traincation the following weekend.
So, Friday afternoon (of this current weekend), I headed out to Tucson, AZ to see a bunch of friends who live here to put in another solid 3-day punch for IMLos Cabos. I'm lucky enough to be shacking up chez Samatha McGlone where the good times flow and the espresso never runs dry..

Solo road trip calls for some #selfies, no?

Saturday, Jordan and I joined her coach, Chris Hauth, and his "campers" for a long brick to Patagonia. 100mile ride and a 10k t-run (where I just maybe almost kinda sorta cracked in the last mile). Very windy conditions, but a flawless training day thanks to Chris & SAG Monkey Nick (This SAG Monkey situation is AH-mazing...A professional soigneur for any old Joe ;) . Nick takes care of the bikes, supplies food/water, bakes delicious ride snacks and even has a cooler of beer and comfy chairs at the end. First class support all the way- check him out if you ever need training support)
Riding in style
Riding in style again- on Hauth's wheel ALL DAY. Wind, what wind?

Now, it's only Sunday and I still have 2.5 full days to make the most of this traincation..Will keep you posted...Of for a family run long on the trails of the dirty T!


kb said...

So fun!! Give Hillary a hug for me!!

idropboys said...

after watching you kill it in the pool Friday...I need the recipe for the cupcakes :)

Alison said...

Awesome! I love love love Box Canyon - one of my fave rides!

MissFancyPants said...

Funfetti cupcakes...would have never known...must try!