Sunday, February 3, 2013

They call this training?

Logging some big weeks here, but somehow having more fun than ever (please remind me I wrote this later this afternoon when everyone is watching the Super Bowl and I'm dragging my sorry arse to the pool...but i'll be out in time for the halftime show [balance!])

I feel so incredibly freaking lucky to be in this little North County San Diego bubble where the endurance lifestyle is considered "fun" and my social activities and training blend so seamlessly. Don't get me wrong, there is some serious hard work going on. Strava suffer scores in the "Extreme" range all over the place, lots of yards in the pools and building up my running volume & intensity.

But somehow, half my workouts end up feeling like a cocktail party or special occasion. May help that I know a gazillion people born around this time of year (including me!) so we're doing lots of "birthday workouts"...Which for my birthday on Jan 30th included a 99 mile ride w/ 7500ft of climbing and a hilly 5 mile transition run with some of my closest (crazy) friends..No big deal. All in the name of fun, right? Then, the next day was Keith's birthday so one of the workouts included his favorite #secrettrackworkout and our first real speed session of the year.

I do have a bit of non-endurance fun too and had a happy birthday hour at Beachside bar...Of course it was full of all of my endurance friends- which means party started before 6 and ended by 9...perfect for 8hrs sleep & up in time for 6am swim before work.
 me & katie. not in lycra! 

Legend Mike Rouse, Skinny Pirate, Me, "Birthday Banana" from Jené because she knows how I like my bananas (no green, not too much brown)

Yesterday, The weather was beautiful, so after my morning swim, Courtney & I punched a one-way ticket and rode bikes out east to watch our friends at the Boulevard road race: 7000ft of climbing into a bit of a headwind, big ringing the climbs, 3x10 min TT efforts on the flats...And in between? Girl talk. Ended up in the middle of nowhere with trashed legs, ringing cowbell & hooting and hollering for our bad ass friends.
me, Courtney, Jess...evidently SoCal winter endurance chic = Hat, puffy jacket, sunglasses & leggings (Shout out to Jess who was 3rd in the Pro 1/2 race!) 

Today, I decided to sandwich the local Cardiff Kook 10k in the middle of my Ironman training long run..The plan was for 20 miles total, but we ran into Andy Baldwin's birthday run after the race (36 miles for 36 years, I told you people around here are crazy and no, I did not run 36 miles) so I ended up logging a few bonus miles with their crew along the coast. whoops. But hey, throw a 10k PR of 37:30 in there and I'm a happy camper.

Me, Katie, Katya post- 10k pre- bonus miles

The Dr. Andy Baldwin birthday crew. He was raising money for Got Your Back Network (helps families of fallen soldiers).

So, yeah. I'm training. Training hard. But it seems to be at the intersection of fun & friends. I'll take it.
from ride to Boulevard w/ courtney..the cutout part of the hill is the start of  Mt. Laguna climb.

This post is apt as I just ADD'd out on twitter and saw Katya posted this, "With friends like   , I dunno if I need enemies. No more birthday workouts, please!!;)" . 


Alison said...

I love birthday workouts! said...

Yep, San Diego is crazy. Sounds like you're going to be pretty fast this year though (and enjoying it)

Ben Munguia said...

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one that thought the best way to celebrate a birthday was with some swim, bike, run (mine was the 30th, too). Happy belated birthday!

ajann0924 said...

Totally jealous you guys are in tanks and shorts I February while in Philly 2tisghts, several shirts and hats and gloves. I hate the cold!! Best of luck In All ur races, Philly style!!!

GoBigGreen said...

Way more fun that the 110 x 100 that most people do for their birthdays, that is so last year:) keep having fun!

GoBigGreen said...

oops that was 100 x 100:)

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Great girls, great times and that intersection sign has a special place in my heart.Have fun!

Tracey Locher said...

... was wondering if you could share a bit of advice... I see everyone wearing compression socks during the races. I don't know anything about them and was wondering... why (except that some of them are very cute)... and would you put them on under your wetsuit or after the swim... pulling on a looooooong sock after the swim seems like it would take forever! Oh... and you totally rock... I've posted that many times before... and quote you to several of my tri buddies! :-) Thanks, Beth!

beth said...

Tracy! I love compression socks for running, they compress your muscles and I think keep the blood from pooling in your legs. They help me feel more fresh. I only wear them on long training runs and in running races as I don't want to take the time to put them on in triathlons. I also wear them under boots to work almost every day to speed recovery!

Tracey Locher said...

Thanks, Beth! I'm doing the Desert International in a few weeks (my longest race of the year) and during my training bricks, my legs are so wobbly (I know that is normal, but I didn't know if compression socks would help with that.) Putting those socks on after the swim would take a ton of time, so I'll keep pushing through. :-)