Sunday, April 28, 2013

f1 Fearless pro triathlon - race report

I'm not even sure how I ended up on the start line on a Wednesday night after work lined up w/ a bunch of ITU chicks, (and supposedly 8 Olympians but I didn't fact check this) doing a draft legal double super sprint for a 10k prize purse. Wha wha you say? I KNOW. Seriously, how do I get myself into these things? Quite the venue for my first ever draft legal race, but you know....

And I got to race my Cannondale Women's Supersix Evo (I mean- check it out, SRAM Red, Zipp 404s and light as can be..i'm totally obsessed with this bike & its stealthiness & I ride it every chance I get!)

I'll call that race my #YOLO moment of the month and well, I'm stoked I did it. All in all (spoiler alert!), I got in a great fast workout, I made a little bit of money for working out, I competed in a small field with arguably some of the best endurance athletes in the world, and I only had about 5 to 10 moments where I wanted to go all ostrich-style and hide my head in the sand.

The race was Swim 400m, Bike 6k, Run 1.5k...and then  hop back in the drink and do it again...Double your pleasure double your fun.
women & men swim start #sopro (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)
i'm in the middle in the black zoot kit (Photo: Triathlete Magazine)

Here's how it played out: I was 30 seconds or so back from the pack on the 1st swim and that gap widened. I biked alone (which is not very exciting in a draft legal race I tell you!) and then made up a little time on the run.
Ostrich moments I can recall offhand: 1) going out of T4 on my bike and mounting WITH NO HELMET and being sent back after riding away to get my helmet. d'oh! 2) getting lapped on the bike (I blame this on the helmet sitch...right?), well, that and the fact that  each lap of the bike was only 1k so there is not much leeway when you aren't a swimmer with gills too.. I wasn't the only one to get lapped though so it's cool...or not... 

I am not near this beautiful lil pack. But they are demonstrating very well how this should be done.( Photo: Triathlete Magazine)
The leaders... (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)

Repeat that whole swim/bike/run x2. I eventually passed 2 girls and squeezed into 10th place for the last paycheck.
Speaking of ostrich moments...Here's me diving back in for Round 2...
graceful, eh? (Photo: Kevin@TriLounge)

 Oh wait, that's not me....THIS is me. haaaaaaa!

note to self. learn to dive off a dock?(Photo: Kevin @TriLounge)

Gwen Jorgensen & Andrew Hewitt running for 2nd place (Sara Groff was 1st) (Photo: Triahlete magazine)

And...that's proof I was there...Thanks Kevin @TriLounge for the photo

Thank you so much to Lars and USA Triathlon who made the Fearless F1 Pro possible- This format of racing is FUN! For more pics and full results, Check out Jay Prashun's LAVA article.
Thank you to all of my sponsors.....Very excited to be tuning up for the big races to come!


GoBigGreen said...

That sounds super fun but super hard. Im sure everything has to clocked down SO fast. Good for you for hopping in. GJ is from St Paul, so gotta be happy for her:)

Molly said...

Great job! That sounds totally hard but fun.

David Jewell said...

Nice to see the ali'i on those fast feet. said...

Hah, I did a draft-legal race once (and it wasn't even with Olympians). Rough shit.

Nice job staying in it.

Jennifer Ward Barber said...

Way to show those short-course girls your versatility!

rr said...

Is that girl's name really Andrew?

I loved the diving picture. OMG. You made me laugh so hard.

Nice job!

Axel Kussmann said...

A double tri sounds super (double?) fun! I wonder if I'd ever find one for age-groupers... What's the run/swim (T3?) transition like? We wouldn't get a lot of practice for that one under normal training!

Alison said...

That is awesome! I'd love to try that format (not with the super pros though, just regular peeps of course).

Elle and Webb said...

A) We want to do one of those races - damn you AG status!, and B)your bike looks super tasty.

JC said...

Omg. You are BRAVE for that race. Wow just the thought of riding remotely close to others scares theS:?t out of me. And that it! Congrats on the mag cover and article. So awesome

Eleuterio Ignacio said...

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Jhon Key said...

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