Monday, April 22, 2013

Why not?

Me again...Just checking in...Why not?
This weekend took me on a  bike ride to Lake Wohlford with Bella & Donna, two of my favorite training partners that haven't been around since last summer...
Donna cruising up Del Dios (2 hip surgeries later!)

Was just like old times with the girls & Stingray (that's me...b/c coach Pete used to say I was like a Stingray... always floating off the back. And Bella also had a special friend named Stingray growing up but that's a different story for a different day. )

After a long brick session and some speedy packing, I set off to San Francisco to do some more training and see my best friend from high school with her 5 month old baby archer.
visiting baby A

The weekend has included a couple fun dinners, a "3 hour tour Gilligan's Island" type trail run around Mt. Tamalpais, a long continuous swim session and catching up with the Blancos &  AIMP Coach Hauth.
long swim....5000 straight w/ some backstroke mixed in there...

Somehow I happened upon San Francisco when the temps were in the 80s and there was no fog to be found. #myluckyday

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Teresa said...

What a great weekend!!!! So much fun!

tn said...

Trail runs on Mt. Tam are the best. And, yes, it has been stupid hot here (or at least at my house).