Friday, May 17, 2013

G'day Mate!

My original race schedule had me heading to Ironman Texas this weekend in the Woodlands....I have a nice little spot in my heart for IMTexas as it was my first sub-10 Ironman finish and overall amateur title. I'd love to go back and race it as a pro, but I decided to take a different direction. Maybe next year?

With a little magical thinking and dreaming (okay and a little planning too) a couple of weeks ago, I decided to change my spring Ironman to Ironman Cairns in Queensland, Australia. In just about 2 weeks, I'll be on a jet plane headed down under.

Back in Cardiff, CA  I've recovered well from St. George and am trying to pour every extra ounce of energy and time into training for Cairns. I'm trying to leave no stone unturned in what I can do in preparation and am trying to plow through the next two weeks. I've even been working on embracing ocean swimming in La Jolla cove, making it a weekly priority to get out in my wetsuit and put in a few miles.
cloudy day at the cove- the white stuff is bird poop. smells delicious! 
I've also been doing some of my own technique sessions in the pool. This gets tough when I'm working during the day 

at my other job.... #workselfie
and then after work I try to fight the little grommets for a lane in the pool (they always win since they've technically rented the pool for swim team...)
No lanes at the pool afternoon. All dressed up and no place to go. 
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to ride the entire Stage 1 of the AMGEN Tour of California the day before the pro riders )....104 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing... A fully catered and "fun" smashing training day. And my lovely friend Katya is finally back on the bike after an injury hiatus (we're not going to talk about how maybe she had to practically drag me the last 20 miles of this ride despite no training for 8 weeks...) 
The first ToC climb up to Ramona

Big ToC ride....Done & Done! (me & Katya)

Other than that, I'm loving the longer days and early morning and evening light that's keeping me motivated for some longer workouts after work... Now I can get in up to 3 hours with daylight after work and enjoy the 6am and 6pm magic hour in San Diego...Check it....

6:30 am..... on my Slice

And with that.....I'm off to work. Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy the weekend!
xx, B

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Nikee said...

Hey Beth! While you be checking out other parts of OZ while down unda? Let me know if you will be in the Sydney area. You are welcome to crash with me! Good luck! -Nikee