Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dialing it in: Ironman nutrition & gear

So I wrote this post the day before Ironman Cairns, hoping to post it that day, but then got a little sidetracked with some last minute scavenging for race thingies....Go figure, since this post is all about all the little things you need for that little race called Ironman.
Rainbow over T1 the day before the race

For those of you who've done an Ironman distance event, you know that half the battle is just making it to the start line a) healthy and b) with all the food and knick-knacks and equipment and other randomness that you need to swim-bike-run for anywhere from 8 to 17 hours....

This is a little post on all the stuff I'm using used for Ironman Cairns...You feel a bit like a hunter-gatherer in the days leading up making sure you have all the odds and ends you could possibly need to race with and to fuel yourself all day long.....

Things I'll use the whole day:
Custom Zoot race kit
Garmin 910XT

Bonk Breaker to munch on (PB Chocolate chip flavor)
Bottle of Gu Brew w/  MRM Hydration factor to sip on
Ipod shuffle for a couple pre-race pump it up faves during my warm up job
Warm up clothes (Zoot windbreaker and compression tights and Zoot Tempo running shoes)

Pre-race & some swim stuff...
Zoot Prophet wetsuit
Aquasphere small Kayenne goggles
Swim cap

Cannondale's womens custom Hi-Mod Slice with:
hot rig

Oakley women's white Radarlock sunglasses
Giro Selector Aero Helmet & Giro women's tri shoes
2 waterbottles with Gu Brew (200 calories)
8 Gu gels (peanut butter, Jet Blackberry, & Tangerine) (800calories)
2 Bonk Breakers (cut up in baggies) (500 calories)
2 packets Gu Chomps (Watermelon & Peach Tea) (360 calories)
salt tabs, motivators ;), maybe a Snickers bar.
some bike stuff
 Zoot Ultra Tempo 5.0s (my forever love shoe- cush & fast in one) 
Betty Designs wristband to wipe the sweat
Custom Zoot Sports Visor
Oakley Women's yellow Radars (to bring out the yellow flecks in my shoes ;)
5 Gu gels, 2 packets Gu Chomps (and then I'll drink coke on course)
Nytro race number belt
Run gear starring the The trusty Zoot Tempo 5.0s

MRM Reload mixed with water
....and then probably a Mojto and some Salt 'N Vinegar potato chips ;)   
[Edit: ended up with a beer and cheeseburger instead]

So clearly, lots of gear and "stuff" for just one day. Goes without saying that I couldn't do it without all the amazing sponsors and supporters who supply me with all of the best stuff to make it happen. I hope to do you all proud tomorrow! [Edit: I ended up 5th place at Ironman Cairns and ran my best race on that day. My race report is here]

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Mon Amour said...

I love seeing all the gear that the pros use. Sometimes I feel like they try to keep it so secret for some reason.